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Donetsk Asks OSCE, ICRC to Inspect Alleged Cases of Prisoner Abuse by Kiev

© REUTERS/ Igor Tkachenko
(updated 14:11 27.12.2014)
According to the Donetsk People's Republic's official, some of the prisoners released by Kiev stated that they had been tortured and had signs confirming it on their bodies.
© REUTERS/ Mikhail Palinchak/Ukrainian Presidential Press Service
MOSCOW, December 27 (Sputnik) — The self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) sent a request to the OSCE and to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to investigate the alleged cases of prisoner abuse by Kiev, DPR's envoy at the Minsk peace talks said Saturday.
"We have proposed to the OSCE and to the Red Cross experts to participate in the medical examination of the released prisoners," Denis Pushilin told Donetsk News Agency in Minsk, adding that this could be the first step toward a large-scale inspection of prisoner abuse committed by the Ukrainian military.
© Sputnik/ Vitaliy Belousov
DPR Envoy Says Did Not Get Invitation to 
Next Round of Minsk Talks
 According to Pushilin, some of the prisoners released by Kiev stated that they had been tortured and had signs confirming it on their bodies.

On November 26, the independence supporters swapped 145 people detained by them in exchange for 222 prisoners held by the Ukrainian military. The prisoner swap took place approximately 22 miles north of Donetsk.

The "all-for-all" prisoner exchange was agreed on between Kiev and east Ukrainian militias during a Contact Group meeting mediated by Russia and the Organization for Security and Co-operation (OSCE) in Minsk on September 19. Since then, the conflicting sides have conducted several rounds of prisoner exchanges.
The Ukrainian Oligarch Igor Kolomoysky denies the accusation for the Boeing MH17 crash, considering the incident itself "a trifle"

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 ‎Ukraine‬: FEMEN‬ leader Inna Schevchenko‬ marches with the Nazis‬. But so does the liberal and "social-democratic" West.

Putin Decides to Donate 50,000 Tons of Russia’s Coal Daily to Ukraine for Heat

Fort Russ 

Winter Kiev
By Eric Zuesse

On Saturday, December 27th, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided that though Ukraine cannot now pay for coal and will soon go bankrupt, so that any ‘sale’ of coal to Ukraine will be a donation, Russia will nonetheless supply 50,000 tons of coal per day to Ukraine in order to help them through the winter. The official announcement said that “this is a demonstration of good will of President Vladimir Putin to provide real support for the Ukrainian people.”

In a bill that had passed both houses of the U.S. Congress, with more than 98% support from members of both houses, and which U.S. President Barack Obama then signed into law on December 18th, the United States has made available to the Ukrainian Government the possibility of up to $450 million to aid its war against the residents in Ukraine’s far-eastern region, Donbass. The Ukrainian Government iskilling the residents there because the vast majority of them don’t recognize the legitimacy of the U.S. coup on 22 February 2014 that overthrew Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, for whom the people in that now-rebelling region had voted 90%. Obama has said that this military aid will not immediately be supplied, and that he will hold this expense and threat in abeyance for the time being.

So, the Ukrainian Government either is, or will be, receiving donations, or possible donations, from the taxpayers in both the United States and Russia.

An earlier announcement from Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Kozak, said that Russia would supply Ukraine with “up to a total of 1 million tons of coal per month, … to remove energy problems that arise in that country.” President Putin has decided instead on 1.5 million tons per month. He did this despite Russia’s own economic hardships from the Obama-imposed economic sanctions against Russia, and from the Saudis’ agreement with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in September to flood the global markets with oil in order to drive down oil prices enough to hurt Russia, which both the U.S. and Saudi aristocracies want to destroy. Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S. are all major exporters of oil and gas. The Saudi and American aristocracies want to control the aristocrats in Russia, who are currently controlled by Russia’s President Putin, whom U.S. and Saudi aristocrats want to replace.

Putin seems to be saying that the Americans and the Saudis will not dictate his policies, and that he is more interested in ameliorating the extreme hardships that are being suffered by the victims of Obama’s February coup in Ukraine. Perhaps this response from Putin will anger Obama even more, but what can Obama do about it?

Probably, things are not playing out in the way that things had been gamed out inside the U.S. White House at the time when the Ukrainian coup was being planned by President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, CIA Director John Brennan, and the other Obama advisors. However, only future historians will be able to write about that; no reporter today can.
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French ELLE Publishes Photographs of Ukrainian Nazi Girl

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Alexander Gontar - Facebook

French magazine Elle published photographs of Vita Zaverukha is a Ukrainian Nazi, a member of the Aidar punitive battalion. She publicly called for genocide to be committed to the people of the Donbass. She participated in torture and killings of prisoners and peaceful inhabitants. The editors of ELLE could not have not known that she is an adherent of National Socialism and an advocate of mass murder. Therefore one can conclude that ELLE is engaged in Nazi propaganda. Is the Western community (and especially the French) prepared to tolerate the attempts to rehabilitate Nazism in Europe?

J. Hawk commentary:

This is very much a real person whose name frequently pops up in Ukrainian news reports, usually in conjunction with intimidation attempts of the local population, and not only on the Donbass. Most recently she was seen in Vinnitsa, which is quite far from the war zone. The fact that the ideological affiliation of such Ukrainian "patriots" is being studiously ignored by European media is troubling in the extreme, especially given that one does not to search very far to discover the true nature of Ukrainian nationalism--the photos above came from Zaverukha's own facebook page, which disappeared only a few days ago. To cite just one example, recently the foremost Polish newsweekly Polityka carried a lengthy article on Ukrainian "activist" Tatyana Chornovol who, among other things, is affiliated with the Azov Battalion whose symbol is the Neo-Nazi Wolfsangel (banned in most European countries). Yet Polityka, even though mentioning Azov, failed to inform its readership of the unit's symbology or ideological bent. One is left with the impression that today's Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are being tolerated for the same reason "civilized West" tolerated Hitler in the 1930s. In both cases, their primary declared target was Russia. Europe found out to its chagrin the high cost of coddling National Socialists in their midst, and it is liable to repeat that lesson in the 21st century. After all, the West is still paying a hefty price for sponsoring Islamic Fundamentalism as a weapon to be used against USSR in the 1980s during the war in Afghanistan. If anything, the sponsorship of Neo-Nazis as an anti-Russian weapon is liable to backfire even more spectacularly, given EU's economic troubles, high levels of youth unemployment, in combination with traditional European xenophobia now being increasingly directed at immigrants and Muslims. And who will save Europe from its folly this time?
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NATO in Ukraine Means Asking for War with Russia

This can't be allowed to happen. The risks for the planet are too great

By Michael Levitis

December 28, 2014 "
ICH" - "RI" -  Ukraine's ambitions to become a NATO protected state became apparent on Tuesday as its Parliament renounced the country's neutral status, a first step in requesting to join NATO. In response, Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov has called this a precarious development - "The very idea of Ukraine's efforts to join NATO are dangerous, not only for Ukrainian people, because there is no unity over that issue, it is dangerous for European security".

I would like to take this a step further and argue that Ukraine joining NATO would be a threat not just to the region but to the very existence of life on Earth. Any such efforts and even talk of same must be squashed in their infancy by the clearheaded politicians in USA and Europe.
NATO was created after World War II as an organization with a very specific purpose in mind, to defend the Western countries against the threat of Soviet expansion to their territories. That was its stated goal and mission then. Although Ukraine is now an independent country from Russia, it is not in the Western territories that were designated for protection under the NATO charter, it is in the historical and traditional Russian sphere of influence. Bringing Ukraine into NATO now violates the whole spirit of NATO dogmas with which it was created. Since then however, NATO has evolved into an offensive instrument as well, as it battled in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya and other countries. All of whom were a punching bag for NATO, with no means to retaliate or to strike back at the mainland of NATO country members.
Ukraine would like to have the protection of NATO in its quagmire with Russia and Russia-backed separatists in Eastern Ukraine. The thought is that once Ukraine is protected by NATO, Russia will back off or will not even have any desire to encroach on Ukrainian proper. They may be right in that respect; however, if they are wrong about Russia's intentions towards the NATO member, the consequences will be dire for us all. The risk to allow any kind of direct confrontation between NATO and Russian Federation Armed Forces is just too great.
Georgia likewise was begging NATO for its protection in the aftermath of its brief war with Russia in 2008. NATO then had the foresight not to allow Georgian membership in its organization even when the "hot" conflict with Russia was over. Currently there is a very active and deadly, even if not explicit, conflict with Russia in Ukraine. To bring NATO forces into it now would be almost suicidal for the Alliance and would be asking for a confrontation with Russia.
In my view even supplying Ukraine with American or Europeans arms is a dangerous provocation. Imagine the magnitude of the risk of an all out war if NATO human personnel is deployed in Ukraine.
Ukraine could be just bluffing in its bid to join the NATO to force a favorable settlement with Russia in its current conflict, or more precariously it may genuinely seek NATO protection as a guarantee against any future potential Russian land grabs. However, the very fact that Ukraine is asking for foreign, NATO troops on its soil is so offensive to Putin that he will dig in deeper and will be even more fierce and open in his support for the separatists. The very thought of physical presence of NATO soldiers in such a proximity to Russia must be very disturbing to its President. Although NATO is already stationed in the Baltics, near the Russian border, having NATO in Ukraine is much more offensive to the Russian psyche since Ukraine and Russia were historically Slav brothers, with Kievan Rus as the cradle of Russian civilization. Ukraine's request for NATO membership may derail any peace talks and only exacerbate the conflict on its Eastern proper.
Without the intention of sowing panic, but to be an alarmist- in the event Ukraine does become a NATO member, a potential Armageddon between two of world's superpowers may ensue and bring a calamity of prior unseen proportions to the world.
All it takes is one errant shot, one provocation of any kind and a war between USA, Western Europe and Russia may follow. Let's learn from the history of the catalyst of WWI, where one bullet into the heart of Franz Ferdinand caused millions of deaths in the war that followed. NATO may be drawn into war with Russia accidentally or by someone's design and intentional goading. NATO soldiers can never be in proximity to Russian ones where there could be any risk of them encountering each other, even by accident.
Russia is not like any of other nations that NATO has ever fought. Although not as mighty as Soviet Red Army once was, it is nevertheless formidable and large. NATO forces are also not in the same shape as during the Cold War due to many budget cuts and various commitments in the Middle East. Most terrifying is the prospect of a Nuclear showdown as that is the ultimate weapon of last resort that Russia and NATO possesses.
Let's ask ourselves and our leaders worldwide- is it worth it to potentially face the risk of Nuclear Winter over conflict about land in Eastern Ukraine, a land that is anyway inhabited by mostly Russian speakers who are not opposed to the idea of them being annexed by Russia? Even if the worst case scenario of the Ukrainian conflict is that separatist held area becomes Russian or becomes self-ruled, and even if that would be a gross violation of international law and Ukraine's sovereignty, are we ready for the risk of annihilation of human life on Earth over it? This is not the case of Hitler conquering lands and subjugating and annihilating its residents. Any attempt to draw moral equivalency to that must be ignored.
Michael Levitis born in Moscow, USSR has been in New York for over 25 years. Educated by the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and having practiced jurisprudence for over 10 years, Michael digests news relating to current events, local and Russian news.

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Russian FM: US, Ukraine will have to answer questions about MH17 crash

December 25, 19:29 UTC+3
Sergey Lavrov mentioned data from US satellites and planes, testimonies by Dnipropetrovsk air traffic controllers and a logbook of that day's sorties of Ukrainian combat planes
PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, December 25. /TASS/. The United States and Ukraine will sooner or later have to answer questions within the framework of the investigation into the crash of the Malaysian Boeing over Ukraine near Donetsk last summer, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.
He was speaking in an evening talk-show on the Rossiya-1 television news channel on Thursday.
“”We still have no replies to the questions: Where are the data from the US satellites that monitored the area on that day? Where are the data from US planes that were flying over that area? Where are the testimonies by Dnipropetrovsk air traffic controllers who were responsible for keeping track of flights in that part of Ukraine’s airspace? We have long requested a logbook of all sorties Ukrainian combat planes based on that area flew on that day,” Lavrov said, adding that nothing had been done.
“We only hear accusations that Russia is to blame for everything, that the militias are to blame for everything, and that our questions are being asked for the sole purpose of misleading the investigation,” Lavrov said.
He is certain, though, that truth will make its way to the surface in the long run.
“It is impossible to pretend ignorant on and on when very specific questions are asked again and again. We have opened a criminal case. It will be impossible to ignore this process. The questions will have to be answered,” he said.

New evidence in the case

Earlier this week, Russian Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said investigators have received evidence of involvement of a Ukrainian military aircraft in the Malaysian Boeing’s crash.
Russian investigators on Tuesday evening questioned a Ukrainian serviceman who earlier gave an interview to the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper on the Boeing crash. In line with his testimony, the Boeing 777 could have been shot down by a Su-25 of Ukraine’s Air Force flown by Ukraine Air Force pilot surnamed Voloshin.
However, the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) said Voloshin had not flown on the day when the Boeing crashed in the Donetsk Region.
Markin said that “as the witness may be endangered, the investigation is considering granting him state protection under a witness protection program.” He said that if “representatives of the international commission investigating the air crash are interested in establishing the truth and turn to us, we are ready to provide [them with] all available materials.”

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Meet The Pilot Who Shot Down Malaysian Boeing MH-17 - Vladislav Voloshin: "The Plane Was In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time" Fort Russ

Captain Voloshin Vladislav Valerjevych 
Vladimir Sungorkin, Dmitry Steshin, Nikolay Varsegov for Komsomolskaya Pravda (kp.ru)

In the "case of Malaysian Boeing" a "secret witness" stepped forward whose testimony remove all charges from the militia and Russia. And explain the mysterious behavior of Western experts. 

This man came to the editorial office of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" by himself. We checked his papers - he is not an actor and not a fake person. We can not yet reveal his personal information - he still has relatives in Ukraine and is afraid of revenge and blackmail. Judging by what Alexander (let's name him that) told us, the fear is substantiated. We provide a transcript of our conversation virtually uncut:


- Where were you on July 17, 2014, the day Malaysian Boeing was shot down?

- I was on the territory of Ukraine, in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, the village Aviatorskoye. It is a regular airport. There at this time were based fighter jets and helicopters. Planes regularly flew on bombing missions, Su-25 attack aircraft bombed Donetsk, Lugansk. This lasted a long time.

- The aircraft flew every day?

- Daily.

- Why did you assume that these airplanes could be related to the downing of the "Boeing"?

- A few reasons. Out of the eight airplanes, which were based there, only two had "air-to-air" missiles. They were suspended.

- Why? Were there any aircraft battles in the air?

- No, the aircraft was fitted with missiles to cover themselves in the air. Just in case. Mostly they had air-to-ground ammunition. NURS, bombs.

-Tell us about July 17.

- Airplanes flew regularly. All day since the morning. In the afternoon, about an hour before the downing of the "Boeing", three attack fighters were raised into the air. I don't remember the exact time. One of the airplanes was equipped with such missiles. It was a Su-25.

- Have you personally seen it?

- Yes.

- Where was your vantage point?

- On site. Cannot tell you exactly.

- Did you have an opportunity to see specifically what the pylons of the aircraft where fitted with? Could you confuse "air-to-air" and "air-to-ground" missiles?

- No, I couldn't confuse it. They vary in size, plumage, coloration. With a guidance head. Very easy to recognize. Anyway, after a short time, only one airplane returned, two were shot down. Somewhere in the East of Ukraine, I was told. The airplane that came back, was the one with those suspended missiles.

- It returned without the missiles?

- Without the missiles. That pilot was very scared.

- Do you know this pilot, have you seen him?

- Yes.

- Can you tell us his name?

- Last name Voloshin.

- Was he alone in the airplane?

- Yes. The airplane is designed for one person.

- Do you know his name?

- Vladislav, I think. Don't remember exactly. Captain.

- Captain Voloshin came back. What happened next?

- Came back with blank ammunition.

- No missiles left?

- Yes.


- Could you tell us, Alexander, the airplane came back from the mission, you still do not know about the loss of the "Boeing", but you were somehow surprised by the absence of "air-to-air" missiles. Why?

- These "air-to-air" missiles are not included in the basic ammunition package.

They are used only with a special order. Typically, the aircraft with such rockets were not to allowed into the air. Because this missiles should not be frequently transported in the air.

In all two such missiles can fit on this plane. Never before they had been applied. They were written off previously. But literally on the eve, a week before this incident (the loss of "Boeing" - Ed.) the use of these missiles was urgently renewed. And they put again into service. They have not been used for many years.

- Why?

- They were expired. Made back in the Soviet years. But by the urgent order their expiration date was extended.

- And on this day they were put on the plane?

 - They always stood with these missiles.

- But didn't fly?

- Tried to let them in the air less frequently - every flight depletes the resource. But on this day, the plane flew.

- And came back without them?

- Yes. Knowing this pilot a little bit... (quite possibly, when the other two airplanes were shot down in front of him), he just had a frightened reaction, inadequate. Could out of fright or in revenge launch the missiles into a Boeing. Maybe he took it for some other combat aircraft.

- Are these missiles with self-guiding heads?

- Yes.

- When he launched them, they began to look for a target?

- No. The pilot himself finds the target. Then launches the missile, and it flies at the target.

- Could the pilot use these missiles against ground targets?

- It's pointless.

- What else do you remember this day? What did the pilot say?

- He said a phrase, when he was lead out of the airplane: "It was not the right plane." And in the evening there was a phrase to a question from one pilot to him, to Voloshin: "What's up with the plane?" To which he replied: "The plane was in the wrong place at the wrong time."


- Did this pilot serve there for a long time? How old is he?

- Voloshin is about 30 years old. His base is in Nikolaev. They were transferred to Dnepropetrovsk. Before they were sent to Chuguev near Kharkov. And all this time they bombed Donetsk and Lugansk. And, according to one of the officers of the Nikolaev base, they still continue to do so.

- Did the pilots have good combat experience?

- Those who were there, had experience. Nikolaev base was even one year, in my opinion, 2013, the best base in Ukraine.

- Was the story about the "Boeing" discussed among the pilots?

- All attempts to discuss were immediately stopped. And the pilots mostly talked among themselves only, they are so... stuck-up...

 - After everyone learned about this "Boeing" what happened to this pilot, captain Voloshin?

- After all of this flights continued. And the pilots did not rotate. The same faces.


- Let's try to recap the events. How could it develop? Three airplanes left on a combat mission. They were roughly in the same area, as Boeing. Two airplanes were shot down. This captain Voloshin was nervous, got scared, and possibly he mistook the Boeing for combat aircraft?

- Possible. The distance was long, he may have not seen specifically what kind of aircraft.

- What distance do these missiles need?

- At 3-5 kilometers they can find the target.

- And what is the speed difference between combat aircraft and the Boeing?

- No difference: the rockets have pretty good speed. Very fast rocket.

- Will catch up anyway? And height?

- It may easily at its maximum altitude - to 7 thousand meters - quite easily focus on the target.

- To reach it higher?

- Yes. The aircraft can simply lift the nose up, and can find the target with no problems and launch the rocket. The range of this missile is more than 10 kilometers.

- At what distance from the target does this rocket explodes? Does it hit the fuselage and explodes?

- Depending on the modification. Literally could when it hits the body or at a distance of 500 meters.

- We worked at the crash site and noticed that the fragments were trapped in the hull of the aircraft very closely. It seemed like it exploded literally two feet away from the Boeing.

- There is such a missile. The principle of fragments - it breaks, and the fragments hit. And then hits the main warhead of the rocket.

- Ukraine announced that on this day they had no combat flights. We checked different aggregate sources on the downed airplanes, Ukraine denied everywhere that its military aircraft flew on this day.

- I know about this. Ukraine also announced that two of these airplanes were shot down on the 16th, and not the 17th. And many times the date was changed. But actually, the flights were on a daily basis. I saw it myself. Even during the ceasefire there were flights, although, less frequent.


- What ammunition was on the aircraft at your airfield? Were phosphorus bombs used, incendiary devices? Ukrainian artillery used it very actively on the ground.

- I didn't see phosphorus bombs. But space-detonating bombs were used.

- Are they prohibited?

- Yes. This bomb was intended for Afghanistan. It was prohibited and was not used until lately. It was prohibited by some Convention, I do not remember, can't say. This bomb is inhumane, burns everything. Burns absolutely everything.

- They were attached and used during hostilities?

- Yes. And there were also banned cluster bombs. Aircraft cluster bomb - depending on size can hit a very ambitious target. One bomb covers a stadium. Entirely, the whole entire area - two hectares.

- Why did they use such weapons?

- They were following orders. And whose order is unclear.

- What's the point of such weapons - scare tactic?

- Maximum annihilation of manpower


- Why did you go to Russia, why decided to tell? Why, finally, no one learned this before? You're not the only witness!

- Everyone is intimidated by the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine. - Ed.) and the National Guard. People can be beaten for every careless word, jailed on any insignificant suspicion of sympathies towards Russia or the militia. I was initially against this "anti-terrorist operation". Did not agree with the policy of the Ukrainian state. The civil war is wrong. To kill your own people is not normal. And to take some part in it or not, but to be on the Ukrainian side and to be partially involved in this, I don't want to in the first place!

Please go to Komsomolskaya Pravda for the video recording of this conversation (in Russian) and more infographics

Translated by Kristina Rus for FortRuss.blogspot.com 

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1.7 million Ukrainian children suffering  

amid punitive operation in Donbass
More than 1.7 million children in conflict-torn areas of eastern Ukraine face an "extremely serious" situation, the U.N. children's agency has warned, with their suffering exacerbated by harsh winter weather.
Many families have been forced from their homes and lack access to safe water, sanitation and schooling.
"Children continue to bear the brunt of this conflict, with schooling disrupted and access to basic services limited," said Marie-Pierre Poirier, Unicef regional director for Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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Poroshenko Stands Up for Perpetrators of Volyn Massacre

SS Galicia marching to the battle!

The famous Polish Roman Catholic priest and social activist Tadeusz Isakovich-Zalessky accuses Peter Poroshenko of unwillingness to atone Bandera, who organized the genocide of poles and Jews in Volhynia. In his opinion, Poroshenko during a recent visit to Poland could take a step on the path of reconciliation and instead hid behind half-truths and euphemisms.

"The main problem in the Polish-Ukrainian relations is the genocide of poles, perpetrated by the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), troops of SS "Galicia" and other Ukrainian groups in the service of Hitler. It seemed that the visit of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, will be a step in addressing this important issue. Especially because Poland supports reforms in Ukraine. Unfortunately, Petro Poroshenko, speaking at Polish Sejm did not have the courage to call a terrible crime by its name. He only used a term "Volyn tragedy".

The priest added that the President did not dare to say who was guilty of this crime. The priest believes that Poroshenko's appeal for a search for historical truth was a sign of hypocrisy.

"The President's message at the Sejm contained words about historical truth, but what historical truth can we talk about, if the bones of the martyred haven't even been decently buried, and Ukrainian nationalists from UPA are now revered and honored in Ukraine".

Translated by Kristina Rus for FortRuss.blogspot.com 

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Ukraine’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ to deal with Mass Media that Criticize President Poroshenko

petro-poroshenko-209x300The media that express criticism of Ukrainian President Poroshenko will be automatically equated to “enemies of Ukraine” or “FSB agents,” with all ensuing consequences.
Speaking on December 9 at the Verkhovna Rada, the head of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko faction, Yuriy Lutsenko, said that intelligence agencies of Ukraine should deal with those mass media outlets that criticize the sitting Ukrainian authorities.
“Neo-imperialists take efforts to internally disorganize the Ukrainian state. We have recently seen that the deadly germs of separatism that have brought a third of the Ukrainian Donbass to a state of catastrophe start growing in other areas,” said Lutsenko.
He demanded the security forces of Ukraine should confront “anti-state elements and spies, as well as the fifth column of the Kremlin.”
“We also demand the Bacchanalia of anti-Ukrainian separatism should be stopped in certain media outlets that are fed from abroad and are freely distributed in Ukraine in millions of copies,” said the MP.
Noteworthy, Ukraine works to set up the “Ministry of Truth” that will deal with dissent of citizens. The new department is said to be headed by Poroshenko’s relative, Yuri Stets.

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Deleted BBC Report. “Ukrainian Fighter Jet Shot Down MHI7″, Donetsk Eyewitnesses

The Catastrophe of #MH17: #BBC in the Search of the “#BUK” – The Video Report Deleted by @BBC

What-the-media-won’t-report-about-Malaysia-Airlines-Flight-MH17 The original BBC Video Report was published by BBC Russian Service on July 23, 2014.

In a bitter irony, The BBC is censoring its own news 
Why did BBC delete this report by Olga Ivshina?

Is it because the BBC team was unable to find any evidence that a rocket was launched in the area that the Ukrainian Security Service (“SBU”) alleges to be the place from which the Novorossiya Militia launched a “BUK” missile?

Or is it because every eyewitness interviewed by the BBC team specifically indicated the presence of a Ukrainian military aircraft right beside the Malaysian Airlines Boeing MH17 at the time that it was shot down?

Or is it because of eyewitness accounts confirming that the Ukrainian air force regularly used civilian aircraft flying over Novorossiya as human shields to protect its military aircraft conducting strikes against the civilian population from the Militia’s anti-aircraft units? 

Highlights of Witness statements (see complete transcript below)

Eyewitness #1: There were two explosions in the air. And this is how it broke apart. And [the fragments] blew apart like this, to the sides. And when …

Eyewitness #2: … And there was another aircraft, a military one, beside it. Everybody saw it.

Eyewitness #1: Yes, yes. It was flying under it, because it could be seen. It was proceeding underneath, below the civilian one.

Eyewitness #3: There were sounds of an explosion. But they were in the sky. They came from the sky. Then this plane made a sharp turn-around like this. It changed its trajectory and headed in that direction [indicating the direction with her hands].

Video: The Catastrophe of #MH17: #BBC in the Search of the “#BUK”

Introductory Paragraphs to the BBC Video Report

by slavyangrad.wordpress.com

Intro of BBC Report (For Full Transcript see below)

The “black boxes” of the crashed Malaysian Boeing have finally been transferred into the hands of the experts. However, how much can they tell us?

The recorders logged the coordinates and the heading of the aircraft at the time of the incident and may have recorded the sound of the explosion. However, they will not tell us what exactly caused the explosion.

The inhabitants of the nearby villages are certain that they saw military aircraft in the sky shortly prior to the catastrophe. According to them, it actually was the jet fighters that brought down the Boeing.

The Ukrainian government rejects this version of events. They believe that the Boeing was shot down using a missile from a “BUK” complex that came in from Russia.

The Ukrainian Security Service has published photographs and a video, which, in its opinion, prove that the Boeing was shot down with a “BUK” missile.

BBC reporter Olga Ivshina and producer Oksana Vozhdayeva decided to find the place from which the missile was allegedly launched.


Original BBC Video Report: Preserved by Google Web-cache
(the video is delitet from the net)

Transcript of the BBC Video Report

DPR Representative: Here it is.

Olga Ivshina, BBC: The black boxes from the crashed Boeing are finally being transferred into the hands of the experts. However, how much can they tell us?

The recorders logged the coordinates and the heading of the aircraft at the time of the incident and may have recorded the sound of the explosion. However, they will not tell us what exactly caused the explosion.

The inhabitants of the nearby villages are certain that they saw military aircraft in the sky shortly prior to the catastrophe. According to them, it actually was the jet fighters that brought down the Boeing.

Eyewitness #1: There were two explosions in the air. And this is how it broke apart. And [the fragments] blew apart like this, to the sides. And when …

Eyewitness #2: … And there was another aircraft, a military one, beside it. Everybody saw it.

Eyewitness #1: Yes, yes. It was flying under it, because it could be seen. It was proceeding underneath, below the civilian one.

Eyewitness #3: There were sounds of an explosion. But they were in the sky. They came from the sky. Then this plane made a sharp turn-around like this. It changed its trajectory and headed in that direction [indicating the direction with her hands].

Olga Ivshina, BBC: The Ukrainian government rejects this version of events. They believe that the Boeing was shot down using a missile from a “BUK” complex that came in from the direction of Russia.

Vitaliy Naida, Department of Counterintelligence of SBU [Ukrainian Security Service]: This was a BUK M1 system from which the aircraft was shot down. It came to Ukraine early in the morning on the 17th of July. It was delivered by a tow truck to the city of Donetsk. After that, it was redeployed from Donetsk, as part of a column of military equipment, to the area of the city of Torez, to the area of Snezhnoye, to the area of Pervomaisk.

Olga Ivshina, BBC: The Ukrainian Security Service has published photographs and a video, which, in its opinion, prove that the Boeing was shot down with a “BUK” missile. We attempted to verify these photographs and information at the location.

One of the photographs showed a landscape not far from the city of Torez, on which smoke could be seen coming from the presumed location of the missile’s launch. We attempted to find this location, and it appears that we were successful.

We are now on the outskirts of the city of Torez. Behind me, approximately five kilometres away, is the city of Snezhnoye. And the landscape here matches the landscape that we can see on the photograph published by the Ukrainian Security Service.

To find the place from which the smoke was allegedly coming from, we adopted as markers these three poplars and the group of trees. Presumably, this is the place that can be seen on the photograph published by the SBU. And here are our markers: the three solitary poplars and the small group of trees in the distance.

The smoke that can be seen on the photograph came from somewhere over there [pointing behind her], behind my back. The SBU believes that this is a trace coming from the launch of a “BUK” missile.

However, it must be noted that there are here, approximately in the same place, the Saur-Mogila memorial, near which the fighting continues almost unabated, and a coalmine. It turns out that the smoke with the same degree of probability could have been coming from any of these locations.

Having circled around the nearby fields, we were unable to find any traces of a missile launch. Nor did the local inhabitants that we encountered see any “BUK” either.

At the ruins of an apartment building in the city of Snezhnoye, the topic of the jet fighters that may have been escorting civilian aircraft comes up again. A bomb dropped from above took away the lives of eleven civilians here.

Sergey Godovanets, Commander of the Militia of the city of Snezhnoye
They use these civilian aircraft to hide behind them. It is only now that they stopped flying over us – but, usually, civilian aircraft would always fly above us. And they hide [behind them]. [The experience in] Slavyansk had demonstrated that they would fly out from behind a civilian aircraft, bomb away, and then hide, once again, behind the civilian aircraft and fly away.

Olga Ivshina, BBC: The commander of the local militia emphasizes that they have no weaponry capable of shooting down a jet fighter [flying] at a significant height. However, he says that if such weaponry were to appear, they would have tried to.

Sergey Godovanets: If we know that it is not a civilian aircraft, but a military one, then – yes.

Olga Ivshina, BBC: So, could the Boeing have been shot down by the militias that had mistaken it for a military aircraft? There is as yet no unequivocal confirmation of either this or any other version [of what took place]. The international experts are just beginning their work with the information obtained from the crashed airliner. It now appears that it is difficult to overstate the importance of this investigation. Olga Ivshina, BBC.

Below is the BBC Russian Services video posted by an Alternative media site

fredag 19. desember 2014

Regime Change In Cuba — 

Paul Craig Roberts

Regime Change In Cuba

Normalization of relations with Cuba is not the result of a diplomatic breakthrough or a change of heart on the part of Washington. Normalization is a result of US corporations seeking profit opportunities in Cuba, such as developing broadband Internet markets in Cuba.
Before the American left and the Cuban government find happiness in the normalization, they should consider that with normalization comes American money and a US Embassy. The American money will take over the Cuban economy. The embassy will be a home for CIA operatives to subvert the Cuban government. The embassy will provide a base from which the US can establish NGOs whose gullible members can be called to street protest at the right time, as in Kiev, and the embassy will make it possible for Washington to groom a new set of political leaders.
In short, normalization of relations means regime change in Cuba. Soon Cuba will be another of Washington’s vassal states.
Conservatives and Republicans such as Peggy Noonan and Senator Marco Rubio, have made it clear that Castro is “a bad man who turned an almost-paradise into a floating prison” and that normalizing relations with Cuba will not “grant the Castro regime legitimacy.”
Noonan forgets about Guantanamo, Washington’s offshore torture prison in Cuba where hundreds of innocent people have been held and tortured for a large part of their lives by the exceptional Americans. The Cuban Revolution intended to free Cubans from foreign domination and from exploitation by foreign capitalists. Whatever the likelihood of success, a half century of Washington’s hostility has as much to do with Cuba’s economic problems as communist ideology.
The self-righteousness of Americans is extreme. Noonan is happy. American money is now going to defeat Castro’s life work. And if the money doesn’t do it, the CIA will. The agency has long been waiting to avenge the Bay of Pigs, and normalization of relations brings the opportunity.

В СБУ рассказали об элементах ракет в телах пассажиров «Боинга»

В телах пассажиров «Боинга-777», разбившегося под Донецком, были обнаружены элементы, которые, возможно, являются частями ракет. Об этом сообщил начальник Главного следственного управления Службы безопасности Украины (СБУ) Василий Вовк, передает «РБК-Украина».

«В телах пассажиров есть элементы, которые не являются элементами воздушного судна. Есть достаточные основания говорить, что это элементы из ракет», — рассказал Вовк. По его словам, в ведомстве не исключают, что малайзийский лайнер мог быть сбит с воздуха. Тем не менее, версия о том, что воздушное судно было сбито с земли, является в настоящий момент основной.
В СБУ надеются, что следствие по делу о падении самолета будет завершено в 2015 году.

torsdag 18. desember 2014

Roundup of Novorossia for December 16 - 17

Author: Ayre от 17.12.2014, 22:03

Voice of Sevastopol 

Roundup of Novorossia for December 16 - 17
1. Two cases of ceasefire violation by the Ukrainian army were recorded during the day.
2. About 120 local residents were arrested by SBU for helping militia and supporting the People's Republic of Donetsk.
3. MIA, SBU, intelligence and Border Guard Service use information from reports of caring Ukrainian citizens.
4. Ramzan Kadyrov is ready to leave the post of head of Chechnya to help Donbass militia.
5. Petro Poroshenko announced his readiness to take control of a part of Crimea.
6. Kemerovo region Governor Aman Tuleyev addressed to the owners of the Kuzbass coal companies asking them not to supply Ukraine with coal of those brands made in Donbass.
7. The Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Aivaras Abromavicius admitted that his country occupies the highest place of corruption in Europe.
8. US supply arms to Ukraine through intermediaries - Bulgarian commercial firm "Bulkommerce."
9. Ukrainians from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Poltava, Chernihiv and Ivano-Frankivsk rally in front of the National Bank of Ukraine.
10. General Staff of Ukraine is investigating the meeting of militia leader Motorola with the acting battalion commander of the 93rd Brigade of the Ukrainian army with the callsign Kupol in Donetsk airport.