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Yatsenyuk announced the sale of 1 million hectares of Ukrainian land

 Fred Johs:
We did know it for long time, and now it's here - you can see it for yourself... Selling out the rest of the country bit by bit, just as planned - It has been a long term work for control. 
It started with the wife of Viktor Yushchenko. US planned for years, it's started long before 1993 with his "wife" of (President Viktor Yushchenko) that come direct from her education -CIA school in with the diploma: "How to make Ukraine more US friendly":


It's time for the Ukrainian population to understand what's going on.

There will be no peace in Ukraine before the land is sold out and made private /as commercial goods in private hands of oligarchs wherever they are - read US.

US see this country as the chamber of food for Europe - that means; GMO - Monsanto - George Soros .

They want it, - in top of Crimea with there's marine bases and successful agriculture production is funktion.

They want the control of these resources no matter what. 
Fred Johs
DONi News Agency
The Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced the need to sell 1 million hectares of state-owned land as a part of the land reform.
He announced it in the program “10 minutes with the Prime Minister” on February 28, reports The Politnavigator.
‘It is necessary to continue the land reform. I consider it necessary to sell 1 million hectares of state-owned land, which is now in the shadow and corrupt turnover, at an open and transparent auction,’ he said.
Recently the US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette has suggested that Ukraine does not need a developed industry. According to him, Ukraine needs to rely on agriculture to become "the greatest agricultural power’.
DONi News Agency
Freedom Fighter, Bonner Bentley
reports from Novorossiya:
German antifascists visit Donetsk People's Republic (Video)

In February 2016, German antifascists Lothar and Fränzi Konrad came to visit the DPR on a humanitarian mission to help the innocent victims of the US backed war in Donbass. 

The main purpose of their visit was to help children in a war zone. For children in the frontline city of Gorlovka, German antifascists collected money that was donated by concerned citizens of Germany and other European countries through Facebook Group “Spendenaktionen fuer Novorossia” (English: “Fundraising for Novorossiya”). These donations was distributed by Lothar and Fraenzi, “Essence of Time” unit and Russell Bonner Bentley.

Part of the money raised was also transferred to "Khan" battalion, which has a long record of humanitarian work in the DNR, dispensing food and school supplies to several schools and kindergartens. The funds will also be spent on support of wounded soldiers and their families.

In a short interview about their impression of Donetsk and Donetsk People’s Republic, German antifascists said that they have seen clear evidences that Ukrainian army conducts shelling Donetsk on daily basis. Germans raised a question: “What does OSCE actually do?” and gave the answers themselves that OSCE behaved as "hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil".

What also surprised Lotar and Fraenzi was the friendliness of people of Donbass. Germans admired the strength and courage of the Donbass people and their striving to fight against fascism in their Motherland. Describing Donetsk, German antifascists said that they felt totally secure in the city: people went to the work, there were good bars and cafes, so people were living absolutely normal lives there. 

Talking about politics of Republic of Germany towards Ukraine, Fraenzi said that Angela Merkel instead of promoting the peaceful resolution of the situation has recently given ca. half a billion Euro to the Kiev junta as a gift. In fact, by providing this money to Poroshenko, German Chancellor has supported the fascist battalions and thus the murders have continued.

German antifascists also wished that more people from Europe, especially young people, would come to Donetsk People’s Republic to see on their own what is in reality happening there. 
 Fred Johs
There is a possibility to support the people in Donbass. Just go here for donate:

Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 29.02.2016

The situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic remains tense.

Over the week the Ukrainian side violated the ceasefire a hundred sixty-four times and shelled the territory of the Republic six hundred sixty-eight times, including three hundred forty-three shellings from heavy weapons.

The most intensive shellings, including from the heavy weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreements, were applied to the localities Zaytsevo, Spartak, Staromilhailovka, Zhabunky, Dokuchaevsk, Vesyoloye, the area of the airport and the Volvo Centre, as well as the Petrovsky and Kuibyshevsky districts of the city of Donetsk.

Over the past day the Ukrainian military shelled the territory of the Republic two hundred seventy-three times in twenty-five violations of the ceasefire. In the shellings the enemy used 120mm mortars fourteen times, 82mm mortars a hundred forty-three times, including a hundred twenty-two mines launched at the locality of Kominternovo. The enemy also used infantry fighting vehicles eighty-six times, as well as different types grenade launchers, anti-aircraft systems and small arms.

According to the OSCE mission, in the sites of the Ukrainian weapons and equipment storage the observers documented the absence of four 220mm “Uragan” MLRS, twelve 122mm “Grad” MLRS BM-21, seven 152mm MSTA-B howitzers, forty-four tanks, four mortars and one 85mm D-44 anti-tank cannon. It is not for the first time that there was also noted the presence of the weapons and equipment undocumented before. The OSCE observers also reported the systemic seizure of localities and transportation of weapons and military equipment by the Ukrainian military in the buffer zone.

All the violations documented by the OSCE mission in the sites of the Ukrainian weapons and military equipment storage are overlooked and, as we can see from the OSCE reports, no decision is taken on them. In other words, the military and political authorities of Ukraine have withdrawn from the implementation of the reached agreements and promotion of the situation towards the peaceful resolution of the conflict. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the aggravation of the military and political situation in Donbass usually takes place on the eve of a meeting of the Norman format foreign ministers.

It is civilians that always suffer from such a policy and the failure to implement the agreements. The bloody contest between the commanders of the divisions shelling peaceful localities has already brought its results. Over the past week there were killed four military of the DPR Armed Forces and one wounded. Among civilians three persons were wounded and two children got concussion as a result of explosion of Ukrainian shells and mortar bombs.

Activities of special forces units of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine to identify and arrest the DPR informers near the contact line resulted in two persons missing, a man and a woman in the area of the locality of Zhovanka.

Our intelligence continue to register constant movement of the AFU equipment in the Gorlovka, Donetsk and Mariupol directions both to the localities in the ATO zone and along the contact line. Having analysed the transportation of personnel and military equipment, we can conclude that the Ukrainian military and political authorities, under the guise of their rotation, try to hide the true location of units on the contact line and the presence of prohibited weapons there; in other words, a violation of the Minsk agreements on the withdrawal of weapons, and, most likely, the preparations for an offensive onto the DPR.

At the same time, taking such measures, the Ukrainian authorities give false information about an increase in the number of attacks on the part of the DPR Armed Forces and mislead representatives of the OSCE mission, accusing the DPR of non-compliance with the Minsk Agreements. The representatives of the Ukrainian side to the JCCC fully contribute to this. They continue to provide false information about what is happening in the conflict zone, showing, in particular, video and photo reports of alleged shellings from the territory of the DPR. I would like to remind you that in the city of Donetsk and Gorlovka there are no representatives of the Ukrainian side of the JCCC. As far as we know, the Ukrainian side doesn’t want them in those areas in order to continue to cynically lie and invent various excuses for its actions aimed at disrupting the Minsk Agreements.

According to radio intercept, the Ukrainian commandment continue to show cynical attitude to their troops. In particular, a representative of the personnel bodies of the AFU Defense Ministry arrived to the 28th separate mechanised brigade and brought more than a hundred medals “For courage in captivity”. This caused a mixed reaction from the brigade commander who beat the mentioned representative. This fact indicates that the Ukrainian commandment openly mock their soldiers and does not shun anything, including cynical forms of encouraging personnel, as captivity is a disgrace for any soldier and nothing else.

Recently there has become more frequent stove piping from the Ukrainian side about alleged seizure of the localities Zaytsevo and Shirokino, even with some evidence presented. I would like to remind you that the DPR Armed Forces left the locality of Shirokino unilaterally in order to relieve the tension in the south direction. Alexander Hug gave his word that in that locality there would be created a demilitarised zone where only civilians could stay. The military authorities of Ukraine try to hide the orgy going on in the AFU units. 

There are open clashes between nationalist battalions and the AFU units occurring on the grounds of poor financial provision and redistribution of spheres of influence in localities and at checkpoints in the ATO zone and along the contact line. I believe that by announcing fictitious victories the military authorities try to raise the prestige of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and hide all the chaos going on in the units.

Until the Ukrainian side begins to fulfill the Minsk agreement, peace on the land of Donbass is out of question.

Vice-Commander Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency

Yatsenyuk: government is under pressure from those seeking to get to power

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk says his government has to deal with pressure from those domestic forces that are "seeking to get to power."
The current government has done more over one year than all the previous governments in 20 years," he said in a traditional weekly televised address. "But the cabinet is under never-ending attack from certain forces in the country which seek to get to power.
He admitted that the country was facing an economic slump and impoverishment of people. "But no one but us can solve these problems," Yatsenyuk said and called on the president and his political force in the Verkhovna Rada (parliament), the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, for "coordinated actions.", TASS reports

He once again gave to understand that he was not going to resign despite the fact that the parliament had recognized his government’s activities as unsatisfactory.
The government has elaborated a plan of actions for 2016 and is ready to implement it, Yatsenyuk said
DONi News Agency

Fred Johs:
"The current government has done more over one year than all the previous governments in 20 years," he said in a traditional weekly televised address.
Yes, i guess hi is right-- Just in wrong direction that he obviously didn't mention.. 

They did destroy the country totally in less than a year... and that is a very hard job to manage in that short time. - Just a little "not that important" detail they forgot to tell....

Russian Federation granted electronic textbooks for LPR pupils

The Russian Federation granted to the LPR the software with electronic versions of textbooks for pupils from 1st till 11th grades - the LPR minister of Science and Education Valentinа Tkachenko.

She noted that this software was rather expensive.There was made a decision to designate one school in each district of the Republic that has an Internet connection and to install the program.

According to her, in future these schools will distribute the program to other schools. Each pupil will get a certain code by which everyone can enter the program and download textbooks.
DONi News Agency

‘Syria’s Crime Is That It Is Independent’ – Renowned Journalist John Pilger
Western media constantly beats the drums of war, while western governments continue the support for Islamic terror they started in Afghanistan in the 1980s.
Afshin Rattansi goes underground with John Pilger. Award winning journalist and author, John Pilger talks to Russia Insider about how Washington, London and Paris giving birth to ISIS-Daesh and on Syria, illegal arms trading and Israel.
I have a mission to bring a voice to, and put a face on, the reality of the suffering of the citizens of the Middle East. Not what you see on The Mainstream Media, or what is heralded by Western Governments, but reality as reported by journalists who live and see this deadly injustice daily. Tune in for Middle East Rising live broadcasting via The Liberty Beacon Radio network, brought to you by The Liberty Beacon project. The truth must be told! Follow me at Twitter: @wbgazafree & @mideastrising

London Mayor Supports Brexit – Expect the EU to Go Rogue Again

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) :  
Boris Johnson, the Mayor of the United Kingdom’s capital London, announced on Sunday that he will back the call for Britain to leave the European Union in a national referendum on the UK’s EU membership. A leaked report from 2013 documenting how the EU planned to use all tricks in and off the books to sway the outcome of EU elections, and evidence of intimidation of EU critics should suffice to demonstrate that Johnson and Brexit supporters can be assured that the EU will go rogue, again.

Boris Johnson’s announcement carries weight. He is not only the Mayor of the UK’s capital. He is a heavyweight within the conservative party, an eloquent speaker and he enjoys solid support from his voter base; an important factor in a UK and western democracies in general, where approval ratings of elected officials after elections often dwindle to some 15%.

Johnson’s announcement came one day after the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron said that Britain would hold a referendum on June 23 to decide whether to stay or leave the European Union. The London Mayor’s announcement that he would support Britain’s exit (Brexit) from the EU opposes Cameron’s call for voters to choose remaining inside the EU. Cameron had negotiated a “deal” with the EU that would endow the UK with a “special status” within the European Union.
Boris Johnson_London_UK_PD
Boris Johnson

David Cameron had sought strongly for Johnson’s support. Johnson, however, told the press that he came to his decision after “a great deal of heartache” and that he “wanted a better deal for the people of his country”. He praised the Prime Minister for having done fantastically well to reach an agreement with the EU leaders. However, he added, “no one could realistically claim that this is a fundamental reform for the EU”. Johnson told the press unequivocally:
“I will be advocating Vote Leave … because I want a better deal for the people of this country to save them money and to take back control.”
Prime Minister David Cameron is scheduled to speak in the British Parliament (House of Commons) on Monday to launch the campaigns for the referendum. Opinion polls show that the UK’s population is almost evenly divided between opponents and supporters of a Brexit.
Expect the EU to Go Rogue – Again
One of the wildcards that may sway the outcome of the referendum in favor of the Union is that the EU has a well-documented track record of using every trick in the book (and off the books) when it comes to a referendum of EU elections. A report, leaked in 2013 is but one of many possible examples that can explain the point.
Seeing the Dark Side.
Seeing the Dark Side.

In March 2013, a leaked, secret EU report revealed that the European Commission planned to use millions of euro on a massive manipulation campaign up to the 2014 elections. The document revealed that the manipulation plans included the fining of media for “incorrect” reporting, forcing media to publish retractions or corrections, and denying EU critical journalists and media access.
Other measures, which the un-elected EU Commissioners planned to include, were the monitoring of EU critical voices in social media and infiltration of social media by “trolls”. The report was largely ignored by other media than The Telegraph and nsnbc international. UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttell criticized the EU Commission, saying:
“The campaign would violate the neutrality of the EU’s civil service by turning officials into a “troll patrol”,  stalking the internet to make unwanted and provocative political contributions in social media debates. … Spending over a million pounds for EU public servants to become Twitter trolls in office hours is wasteful and truly ridiculous “.
Morten Messerschmidt
Morten Messerschmidt

Morten Messerschmidt, an MEP for the Danish Peoples’ Party, denounced the campaign as undemocratic and dangerous, quoting especially Article 25 of the report which reads:
“25) At present the right approach is to engage with and stimulate online content by being part of the ongoing online ‘conversation’. Social media are not just web tools or websites- they are dynamic social systems. The classic broadcast paradigm has shifted from a one-to-many approach (sender to receiver) to a many-to-many model (peer-to-peer). Building on the groundbreaking results achieved during and since the electoral communication campaign (including Facebook and MySpace profiles, blog monitoring, Flikr, Twitter and Parliament’s EUTube channel), the Media Directorate will continue to inform users of social communities and engage them in discussion about the EP’s priorities, paving the way for a genuine online debate among MEP’s, European political groups and parties and voters.”
In an e-mail to nsnbc, Morten Messerschmidt documented that the EU Commission’s initiative would not stop at targeting media, journalists and social media, but that it would directly monitor and target MEPs.
In his e-mail from March 26, 2013, Messerschmidt wrote to nsnbc:
“Just last month I received a letter from the Danish EU-representative in Copenhagen noting 50 blogs I had been posting about EU fraud and waste. The office declared that the blogs were accurate, but that it was inappropriate to write about it, as all the projects had been conducted in accordance with EU-legislation! This is a clear example of the monitoring.”
The leaked report and the example of Messerschmidt suffice to show that London Mayor Boris Johnson, the electorate in the UK, media and journalists, and not least proponents of a Brexit can expect that the EU will go rogue, again. No trick in the book excluded, no expenses spared.
CH/L – nsnbc 22.02.2016

'All Sectors Hit': Italy Counts Cost of Painful Anti-Russian Sanctions

 Italian flags
© Flickr/ Elliott Brown

Italian exports to Russia in 2015 were worth $3.7 billion less than before sanctions, Italian newspaper Repubblica reported.

Italian exports to Russia declined by 24 percent in January compared to the previous year, their lowest level for ten years, Italy's Coldiretti trade association announced on Sunday.
 "Sanctions have fueled a long commercial war that has hit all sectors of Italian production, from food to fashion to cars," said Coldiretti, Italian newspaper Repubblica reported.

"Italian exports to Russia in 2015 were worth 7.1 billion euros ($7.7 billion), a decrease of 3.7 billion euros ($4 billion) compared to 2013, the year before sanctions were introduced," said Coldiretti, citing figures from the Italian National Institute of Statistics.

The greatest decline was in car exports, down 60 percent, followed by exports of textiles, clothing and accessories (31 percent), and furniture (27 percent).

The food industry lost 240 million euros ($261 million) in exports to Russia, an effect compounded by the resulting oversupply of food products on the European market and consequent decrease in prices, Coldiretti said.

In December the European Council prolonged sanctions against some Russian companies and individuals for another six months, until July 31 2016.
 It first imposed them in March 2014 after residents of Crimea voted to join the Russian Federation in the aftermath of the Maidan coup in February 2014 that overthrew Ukraine's elected government.

In response to the sanctions imposed by the US, Canada, Japan EU, and some other European countries, Russia announced counter-sanctions, which include a ban on the import of European food and textiles that was first put in place in August 2014.

Erdoğan says he 'does not respect, will not obey’ top court ruling on arrested journalists


AA photo
AA photo
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has harshly criticized the recent Constitutional Court ruling that paved the way for the release of two journalists arrested on terror and espionage charges, saying he “does not accept or respect” the decision and vowing not to “obey” it.

“I’m not in a position to agree with this decision. I’m saying this very clearly: I don’t concur with the decision and I have no respect for it,” Erdoğan said on Feb. 28 regarding the top court’s ruling on Cumhuriyet editor-in-chief Can Dündar and Ankara bureau chief Erdem Gül.

Dündar and Gül were released early on Feb. 26 after 92 days in jail on terrorism and espionage charges, hours after the country’s top court ruled that their pre-trial arrest violated their rights. Following the decision, the Istanbul 14th Court of Serious Crimes ordered their release but subjected them to an overseas travel ban.

“The media cannot have limitless freedom ... These stories have included all kinds of attacks against this country’s president,” Erdoğan told reporters at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport before leaving on a trip to Africa.
“I need to repeat that this case is not linked to freedom of expression whatsoever. This is an espionage case,” he added.  

Dündar and Gül are accused of “espionage threatening state security” and “supporting an armed terrorist organization” over stories published in Cumhuriyet about National Intelligence Agency (MİT) trucks allegedly sending weapons to unknown groups in Syria.

The two men were arrested by an Istanbul court on Nov. 26 last year, triggering reactions from press organizations, NGOs and many Western countries.

The indictment, which was completed on Jan. 27, demands the penalty of life in prison for both Dündar and Gül.

President Erdoğan also stressed that the trial, which is scheduled to start on March 26, is not over yet.
“This is not a decision of acquittal, this is a release order,” he said.  

Erdoğan filed an individual criminal complaint against Dündar and Cumhuriyet on June 2, 2015, claiming that their reports “included footage and information that is not factual.”

The plaintiff accused Dündar of “trying to manipulate justice” with fabricated material and “violating confidentiality” by publishing the story.

The legal complaint came soon after Erdoğan had said the journalists would pay a “heavy price.”

“This slander and illegitimate operation against the MİT are, in a way, an act of espionage. This newspaper [Cumhuriyet] is involved in this espionage activity too … The person who wrote this as an exclusive report will pay a heavy price for this,” he said during an interview with public broadcaster TRT late on May 31, 2015.


Two years have passed since Yanukovich was deposed and, as it turns out, another ruthless clan of oligarchs has taken power. No wonder then that Ukraine is heading for a new wave of violence and chaos. Oligarchs are fighting each other, the IMF is pulling out of the country, officials issue laws and regulations only to see them repealed within a day or two by others, and raided European companies are leaving the country after being robbed by the so-called pro-Brussels oligarchic elite. It was evident from the beginning that the US and NATO-sponsored power transition was doomed to fail. Prime Minister Yatsenyuk made no secret on his personal website about his principal partners, NATO and Victor Pinchuk’s foundation. Victor Pinchuk is a link between the Ukraine corrupt oligarchic establishment and the Western political elite. In 2005, the BBC depicted him as a paragon of Ukraine’s kleptocracy:

“Ukraine’s largest steel mill has been bought by Mittal Steel for $4.8bn (£2.7bn) after an earlier sale was annulled amid corruption allegations. The Kryvorizhstal mill was originally sold to the son-in-law (Mr. Pinchuck) of former President Leonid Kuchma for $800m. It was one of the scandals that sparked the Orange Revolution and propelled President Viktor Yushchenko into power.”)
untitled (38)
Directly after the power transition, European leaders understood that the situation in the Ukraine was unmanageable, which we know from a confidential telephone conversation between Minister Paet (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia) and Mrs. Ashton (High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy) that became public. Both politicians understood that the Maidan protesters had no trust in the politicians who formed the new coalition. Mr Paet said, “there is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind snipers it was not Yanukovich, but it was somebody from the new coalition.” Their conversation makes it clear that both European politicians understood that, contrary to the official statements coming from Brussels, Europe has no solution for Ukraine’s problems and no trust in its new leaders.

Petro Poroshenko, one of the oligarchs, became the fifth president. In line with his predecessors, he had amassed an astonishing personal wealth by mixing politics and business on behalf of the Ukraine population. He started his career under the notorious President Kuchma and served as a minister under deposed President Victor Yanukovich. One can hardly imagine a more troubled new president for a country that has to reform itself and get rid of corruption.

In 2014 Brian Bonner, the Kyivpost chief editor, wrote: “Allowing prosecution of Kuchma (concerning the murder of a journalist) is acid test for whether Poroshenko will put national interests above his own.”. Asking Poroshenko to “kill” his close friend and crony, former President Kuchma and the father-in-law of the powerful Pinchuk is a dramatic plea by the chief editor aimed at forcing President Poroshenko to show whose side he takes. Poroshenko’s answer came quickly: he rewarded Kuchma with a top position in the Minsk negation team.

Within months after the power transition, investigative journalist Tetiana Chornovol, who lead an anti-graft body, quit, calling her time in the government “useless” because there was no political will to conduct “a full-scale war” on corruption. In the two years that followed rumour of ongoing corruption has not ceased. For Poroshenko and his fellow oligarchs, the biggest threat is not Putin and the separatists in the East, but the pro-Ukraine militia that only on paper were merged with the Ukraine army.

The militia regards the Western-backed oligarchs as the second biggest threat to the Ukrainian nation. We believe the oligarchs are the primary cause of the rot in Ukraine’s government. Meanwhile, the Brussels elite is trying to sell the Ukraine 2014 power grab and the resultant association treaty as a way to help Ukraine to overcome its political corruption.

The Dutch government wrote in its communique to its citizens: “This cooperation gives Ukraine a chance for a better future. The country wants to become a genuine democracy, without corruption and with a wealthy population. The European association treaty is the foundation for the national reforms.” Maybe this is the intention of many naive European politicians, it is not the intention of the Ukrainian elite who under Poroshenko consolidate their power. The Swiss-based company Swissport, a leading airport service company, and its French investors learned this the hard way.

In 2012 the UK-based logistic website the “theloadstar” wrote: “Swissport, the Swiss ground handler stands to lose some $8m in assets in the Ukraine while other foreign investors could shun Ukraine, following an attempt to forcibly strip the company of its majority stake in Swissport Ukraine.

In a move alleged to be ‘corporate raiding’, an increasingly common phenomenon in the country, 30% shareholder of Swissport Ukraine, Ukraine International Airlines (UIA), has claimed that Swissport International (SPI) violated its minority rights – a “baseless” allegation, according to the handler. 

During interim court proceedings the judges were changed twice – at the very last minute – before the hearings.”

During the reign of Yanukovich, Kolomoisky (Poroshenko ally) try to strip Swissport from it assets. It did so by forcing the company to sell its multi-million majority stake for 400.000 Euro, using the corrupt Ukraine administration and the justice system. We cannot blame the company that it believed its problem was solved in 2014. The Washington and Brussels elite presented the new Kiev government as a tool in the fight against inherited Ukrainian corruption. During 2014 Swissport seems to have fought a successful battle against injustice. But at the end of 2014, the highest judicial body in Ukraine ruled that the company had to sell its multi-million investment to Kolomoisky for 400.000 dollars. The company said that it never received the 400.000 Euro from Mr. Kolomysky.

Ihor Kolomoiskyi is the oligarch President Poroshenko installed as governor of Dnepropetrovsk. That Kolomoisky enjoyed the full protection of Poroshenko became apparent as he was not prosecuted after he had orchestrated an armed raid on UkrTransNafta Ukraine state-owned oil firm. To spare President Poroshenko the embarrassment, Kolomoyskyi offered his resignation.

Ihor Kolomoiskyi is the founder of the Brussels-based European Jewish Parliament that served to increase his influence in Brussels. A worrisome sign that Ukraine’s political rot is spreading into the European Union.

Swissport raid and forceful eviction from Ukraine was an embarrassment for those who try to uphold the illusion Ukraine was in the process of becoming a genuine democracy free of corruption . It could hardly be a surprise that a year after Kyivpost publication that Swissport had left Ukraine, Aivaras Abromavi?ius, Minister of Economics in Poroshenko’s cabinet and one of Washington’s principal allies in Kiev resigned.

After Abromavicius it was Deputy Prosecutor General that resigns due to unstoppable corruption. 15 February Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy Kasko wrote in his resignation letter:

“…This desire is based on the fact that the current leadership of the prosecutor’s office has once and for all turned it into a body where corruption dominates, and corrupt schemes are covered up. Any attempts to change this situation at the prosecutor’s office are immediately and demonstratively persecuted.

Lawlessness, not the law, rules here…..”

A day later General Prosecutor Victor Shokin, who analysts say, is an ally of President Poroshenko, has to quit. Viktor Shokin agrees to step down after President Poroshenko asked him to leave office Western leaders and reform-minded Ukrainian officials have long been calling for Shokin’s resignation.
At the same time, Ukraine headed for a standoff between its two most powerful politicians after Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk had defied President Petro Poroshenko’s call for his resignation and defeated a no-confidence motion in parliament.

The current chaos in Kiev makes it for the IMF extremely hard to keep Ukraine funded. Brazil’s IMF Director already in 2014 urged not to bend rules for Ukraine. Ukraine had failed the IMF twice before. There is now a sense of panic in Kiev, and so Ukraine leaders start to issue opposite orders. The Central Bank Governor’s ban on money exchange was repealed immediately by Yatsenyuk.

The situation of the population deteriorates rapidly as Ukraine’s currency devalues fast and bond yields spike. Companies start to understand that direct investment can disappear overnight as raided foreign companies are forced to leave the country. Protesters take over Hotels in Kyiv and return to Maidan to demand the resignation of the Ukraine rulers who came to power with the support of Washington and Brussels. Yatsenyuk now becomes a liability for its partner NATO.

It is a just matter of time before the Ukraine nationalistic militias will take power, resulting in a definite split of the country. Poroshenko can postpone the people final verdict by reviving the war in the east, but in the end, he can not escape the day of reckoning.
Zero Hedge
The bestiality of Israeli soldiers are without limits ... How long will the world tolerate this?

See what he's doing the zionists, killing a Palestine girl... 

Please publish the atrocities of the idf, the Israeli... 

With all the sites and all languages to expose the zionists and they
Myriam Wardei

Ukrainian agony - The concealed war (full English version by Mark Bartalmai) 

Published on Dec 21, 2015
Since mid-July 2014, our war correspondent team is still on site in the southeast of Ukraine – in the Donbass. We shot countless videos and scored over a thousand photos. The team of “Keep a close eye on by Mark Bartalmai” was the ONLY western and German team of journalists with the highest level of accreditation and therefore had access to many critical points in this civil war. Our materials are now being used in a documentary.

We made this documentary film from over 3 terabytes video that were filmed in several months on site.

It shows the different areas of the war in recounting episodes and individual stories – of civilians, soldiers and journalists. The focus is on the personal perspectives of each of the actors, supported by the recorded material, during and after the bombing of cities, battles and on people’s lives under war conditions in the middle of Europe.

The documentary is not an action movie. Rather, it lives from spoken word, by the voices of the people of the interviews and their impressions. Accompanied with sequences of events it draws a picture of the personal feelings of the participants – whether civilians, soldiers and journalists.

“Ukrainian Agony” is a silent film about the immense volume and violence of war. The propaganda has reached a new level of “quality”. Disinformation, concealment, half-truths up to outright lies are the “weapons” of certain Western media in this war – in an unprecedented degree.


Ukraine’s Lugansk Republic accuses Kiev forces of 7 ceasefire breaches over 24 hours

February 28
The Ukrainian military also opened fire twice on the area of the town of Pervomaisk from grenade launchers and a large-caliber machine-gun
© Nikolai Muraviev/TASS, archive

MOSCOW, February 28. /TASS/.
The Ukrainian army has shelled the positions of militia fighters in the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) seven times over the past twenty-four hours, the LPR Defense Ministry said on Sunday.

"The positions near the village of Kalinovka were shelled five times from the urban settlement of Luganskoye. The fire was delivered from infantry fighting vehicles, mounted anti-tank and automatic grenade launchers and small arms," the news agency LuganskInformCenter quoted the LPR Defense Ministry as saying.

The Ukrainian military also opened fire twice on the area of the town of Pervomaisk from grenade launchers and a large-caliber machine-gun, the LPR Defense Ministry said.

A meeting of the Contact Group on the settlement of the crisis in east Ukraine agreed on January 13 to introduce a ceasefire regime from 00:00 Moscow time on January 14. However, the Donetsk and Lugansk militia and the Ukrainian army continue accusing each other of breaching the truce.

Kiev: mine clearing in Donbass may last for 10-15 years

The mine clearing in Donbass can take 10-15 years and will be very expensive for Kiev, the representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the colonel Sergey Zubarevsky.
I think that the mine clearing of Donbass will cost one billion hryvnias.
DONi News Agency

Ukraine Civil War Censored in America

Published on Feb 27, 2016
"We see that behind the American Iron Curtain they have not been able to understand that Obama admitted the US "Brokered" a coup in Ukraine. The “uh” video was not enough even with US troops in Yavoriv, Ukraine. Kiev’s General Viktor Muzhenko’s statement was not made public. Regarding the fighting in Ukraine, Americans are not aware of the fact that Russian troops have never been and do not exist there. The OSCE confirms it but the sanctions continue against Russia even though they are trying to bring peace in the Ukraine crisis. In the tradition of Cato, the war rhetoric continues, “Russia must be destroyed!” The US government beats their war drums louder than before. 

“What else is new?” they ask. Everyone knows the US has the reputation of overthrowing governments for business reasons. Their media shrouds their people in dark ignorance. Past wars are burnt ashes but new ones exhibit flames burning higher and brighter so the evil is obvious to almost everyone in the world except most Americans. Obama’s confession still does not change the course of US policy. Like throwing wood onto a bonfire, Obama throws trillions into the US war machine. Burning bodies like a sacrificial satanic rite. Lucifer laughs as Obama’s government does his bidding. When is the anti-Christ coming?"
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"The Big bully syndrome from the US government causes it to lie every which way to stay in power over the world. Calling dictatorship a democracy and enslavement freedom. When asked why they fight they shout to spread democracy, liberty and freedom! American Peacemaker? Meanwhile, they spread death like a plague. They establish enemies in the media before attacking. The number one terrorist calls their next victim terrorists; painting a picture of the intended target as evil before the innocent are slain. “Now the gods were sitting with Jove in council upon the golden floor”. It is the same old business of conquest as in Caesar’s or Alexander’s day. The lust for money and power drives them on taking care of their family and forgetting the rest. Peace is unprofitable and the spoils of war are unceasing.
“My son, My son!”, she cried out from Horlivka, Ukraine. Her heart and world was destroyed. “How can I live through this?”, she asked. “Look blood is everywhere. Do you see? Her arm was ripped off. And she was trying to stop the bleeding by herself.” Do you see the blood America? It is on your hands. Even Israel when they disobeyed God was punished. The God given freedom America enjoyed at its birth and nurtured by the Founding Fathers has decayed into almost nothing. Muslims and Native Americans from Central and South America are invading it. The US is heavily in debt to China, Japan and Great Britain. The US is a police state with crime and unrest rising. 

The more illusions of righteousness they present on their televisions the more blood will be spilled on their own land. Americans have seen their country fall blaming communism, immorality, Hollywood or the government. Look again America. Do you see the blood? It cries to Heaven for vengeance! Blood on your hands from foreign lands. You may have not killed them but you voted for those who perpetuate wars or you stood by and did nothing! "
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Crisis News Update From Donetsk And Lugansk Republic, 11 Civilians Killed By The Ukraine Junta

Crisis News Update From Donetsk And Lugansk Republic, 11 Civilians Killed By The Ukraine Junta
Crisis News Update From Donetsk and Lugansk Republic’s, Gross violations, War Crimes as 11 were Killed, murdered by the Ukraine Nazi Regime, the indiscriminate bombings of civilian areas  Also, Nazi Svoboda members once again stop transit of Russian Trucks , another gross violation by the Kiev Junta Regime . Crime rate soars , the highest ever in the Ukraine Regime.  Also, The Ukraine Nazi regime to reinforce border with Ukraine and Crimea


Eleven people have been killed in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) due to indiscriminate shelling, bombing of civilian areas from Ukrainian Nazi troops over the past week, according to a spokesman for the office of the DPR human rights. “Eleven people murdered, of whom two were civilians and nine were DPR servicemen, killed by bombs , shelling of civilian areas during the ceasefire  period. 

From February 20 through 26,” gross violations, war crimes, 11 murdered by the Poroshenko Regime.
According to official statistics of the DPR human rights ombudsman’s office, as many as 3,971 people have been killed since the beginning of the armed conflict in Donbass. More than 6,200 people have been wounded.


Nazi Ukrainian radicals are blocking the transit of Russian trucks in four regions, so seven trucks have been stopped and forced to go back, the press service of the Ukrainian Nazi Svoboda nationalist party said.

“We are going ahead with the campaign to block the transit of Russian trucks,” a member of the party said. “By dinner we had seen no-one but later stopped seven (trucks) and told the drivers to go back.”  “Traffic has not been hampered, there are no conflicts,” he added.

By the time of reporting the radicals had been blocking the transit of Russian trucks in four regions – Chernovtsy, Volyn, Lvov and Transcarpathia. Earlier in the day, representatives of Ukraine’s Nazi radical party Svoboda said they were resuming road blockades for Russian transit trucks. Its leader Oleg Tyagnibok demanded “to ban the transit of Russian trucks across Ukraine and revoke the treacherous in its essence decision to restore Russian transit from February 25”.

On February 11, Nazi Ukrainian radicals in the Transcarpathian Region announced an unlimited campaign to block the transit of Russian trucks. Later they were joined by radically-minded activists in nine regions: Volyn, Rovno, Lvov, Transcarpathia, Ivano-Frankovsk, Zhitomir, Vinnitsa, Sumy and Chernovtsy.

In response, on February 14, Russia halted the transit of Ukrainian transport companies’ trucks through territory. On February 15, the Ukrainian government officially announced suspension of transit traffic of trucks registered in Ukraine. On February 24, the Ukrainian government decided to reopen the transit of Russian trucks and instructed the Interior Ministry and the customs service to ensure their safety.

Russia and Ukraine agreed to resume motor freight traffic between two countries from February 25.
Later in the day, Nazi Ukrainian radicals warned they might resume the campaign and would not allow Russian truck to pass via the country’s territory and called on the government to overhaul the decision. Apart from that, they asked Ukrainian truck drivers not to cross into Russia.


Unprofessional steps of the government and Interior Ministry have resulted in a rampage of crime Ukraine has not faced since turbulent 1990s, a member of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada parliament said on Friday.

“Ukraine has been cast back into the criminal 1990s,” said Vadim Rabinovich of the Opposition Bloc faction, chairman of the Rada subcommittee for human rights.

“The crime rate has doubled over the past two years and even the capital has turned into a city dangerous for life,” he said.

Citing the data released by Prosecutor General’s Office, Rabinovich said 13,000 especially grave crimes had been committed in 2013, while in 2015 — 21,500.
“The situation is quite common throughout the whole Ukraine,” the lawmaker said.
On Friday morning, a well-known businessman, Yury Dement, has been shot dead in the highly-industrial city of Kharkov in the country’s east.

“A few days ago a mayor was killed in the Lugansk region,” Rabinovich said.

“A rampage of crime, fear and panic stemming from lack of protection, a withdrawal of law enforcers into the sphere of ‘selfies’ and the dog and pony show instead of concrete measures are the results of the work of the government and the Interior Ministry,” he said in conclusion.


Ukrainian Coup Leader Petro Poroshenko has issued an instruction to the Nazi Defense Ministry and the General Staff of the Armed Forces to draft proposals on how to reinforce the border line separating Ukraine and the Crimean Federal District of Russia, a presidential statement said on Friday
“The Nazi Defense Ministry and the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been told to submit proposals on a considerable buildup of Ukraine’s defense capabilities in the Kherson region and along the entire Black Sea coast,” the presidential press service said in a press release.

This move is supposed to counteract the Russian Army’s growing capability in the republic

Syrian Peace Plan: US Seethes at Its Humiliation by Russia

Public comments confirm reports of furious rows and recriminations between US officials at the way Russia has outplayed US in Syria
John Kerry - taking the heat for his boss
A very well sourced article, which has recently appeared in The Wall Street Journal (attached below), shows the extent of the policy disarray in Washington following the US-Russian “cessation of hostilities” agreement.

It seems there has been a massive row.  

The heads of the US military and the CIA are clearly furious at the way in which they feel the US has been humiliated, and in a series of angry meetings in the White House they have made their feelings known.

Though they rationalise their anger with talk about how Russia cannot be trusted, and how US allies in the regions like the Turks and the Saudis feel betrayed, that is what it amounts to.

These recriminations have slipped into the open, as shown by the recent angry comments of Mark Toner, the US State Department’s deputy spokesman, who in exceptionally crude and undiplomatic language called on Russia in Syria “to put up or shut up”.  

These comments have provoked a stern rebuke from Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s formidable spokeswoman, whilst Alexey Pushkov, the Chairman of the State Duma’s committee for foreign affairs, has twisted the knife by Tweeting that 
"A deputy spokesman of the U.S. Department of State has broken down - frayed nerves.  In the United States lots of people regard the ceasefire in Syria as a defeat: the papers are indignant and the neoconservatives are shocked.”
The difficulty the US hardliners face is that for all the brave talk of a Plan B they have no realistic alternative to offer.

The Wall Street Journal reports US officials saying that “neither (US Defence Secretary Ash) Carter nor Gen. Dunford had formally submitted recommendations to Mr. Obama” and the suggestions mentioned the article - stepping up arms supplies to the rebels, providing them with battlefield intelligence, or imposing further economic sanctions on Russia - hardly amount to practical recommendations Obama can use.

With much of Europe seething against the sanctions already in place, any idea of cranking the sanctions up further on the issue of Syria (of all things) is - as the article says US officials privately admit - a complete non-starter.

As for arms supplies to the rebels, Russian aircraft in Syria fly too high to be reached by the sort of man portable surface to air missiles (“MANPADS”) the article refers to, whilst the supply of heavier medium or long range surface to air missiles to the rebels that might actually cause problems for Russian aircraft, would be a massively controversial escalation and - for public opinion in the US and Europe - almost certainly an escalation too far.

This is quite apart from the fact that supply of weapons like MANPADS or Javelin anti-tank missiles to the rebels would guarantee they fell into the hands of jihadi terrorists and the Islamic State - something the Western public would never agree to if it found out about it - without - as the article again says US officials admit - necessarily altering the military situation in the rebels’ favour.

As for the suggestion the US provide the rebels with intelligence information, that would almost certainly lead to the Russians withdrawing from their information sharing agreement with the US military, since the Russians would not want to risk information they provided to the US military being shared by the US with the rebels.

Since the US relies on this agreement to co-ordinate its operations in Syria with the Russians, unless the US were prepared to risk a clash with the increasingly strong Russian force in Syria - risking World War III - it would have to cease its operations in Syria in order to avoid a clash with the Russians.

Since that is hardly what the US wants, the option of intelligence sharing with the rebels in any meaningful way is also simply a non-starter.

As the US hardliners undoubtedly know, the only thing that would be certain to change the situation in Syria in the rebels’ favour would be direct NATO military intervention on their behalf, which in order to be effective would have to involve the US itself.  

Since that would again risk provoking World War III over an issue where most of the Western public supports Russia, that too is a non-starter.

The one suggestion that has been floated as a possible Plan B - the partition of Syria on sectarian lines - which we will doubtless be hearing much about in the coming weeks - is in reality also completely impractical.

Not only do opinion polls show the overwhelming majority of Syrians - including Sunni Syrians - oppose it, but in the event the Syrian government succeeds in consolidating its control of the populated western coastal region of Syria - where all Syria’s big cities are located - the only territory left in Syria for a Sunni state would be the desert.

Whilst territorially speaking this is a very large area, it is one which is also sparsely populated, is not self-sustaining and which has no access to the sea.  A sectarian Sunni state established on this territory would be militarily undefendable and economically completely unviable.

The Syrian government would be determined to regain control of this territory once it had fully re-established and consolidated itself  - and it would have international law on its side. With far greater resources at its disposal, and with the backing of Iran and Russia, the Syrian government would have no difficulty reconquering this territory unless the US and NATO were prepared to send ground troops into this territory to defend it.

The idea of planting a permanent US or NATO garrison in western Syria to defend what would be an economically unviable militant jihadi micro pseudo state - in effect the Islamic State under a new name - is a fantasy - as is any idea the US and the West would be prepared to invest the huge sums needed to sustain it.   

The US and European public would never agree to such a thing, especially as it would be strongly opposed by Arab opinion, which would be horrified at the sight of the great Western powers once again carving up Arab lands as they did during the colonial era and when Israel was created.  

The fact the key regional powers Iran and Iraq would also vigorously oppose such a partition plan, as would the big non-Western powers like China, India and Russia, and that such a plan would almost certainly fail to attract the support of the wider international community or of the United Nations, all but settles the issue.

Though this plan will no doubt find its supporters in the Western media, in reality it does not belong within the world of practical politics.

The reality is the US has no real option but to work with the Russians in Syria, and this in fact is what very grudgingly - and for all the fire and thunder coming from the hardliners - it is doing.

There are however two further points to make about The Wall Street Journal article.

The first is a minor one, which with the US Presidential election pending is now of mainly historical interest.

It is that Obama has gone to ground.  

Though the article does not say so, it is clear from its contents that he was not physically present at the meetings in the White House where the hardliners made known their views.  

Instead of explaining - and defending - his policy in person to the hardliners, Obama has chosen to hide behind others - in this case his Secretary of State John Kerry, who has been left to take the heat for his boss.

Where Harry Truman famously said the buck stopped with him, Obama makes sure it stops with someone else.

The second point is more important, and it is about the future

It is that the anger the hardliners feel does not promise well, and is absolutely not a cause for rejoicing, and certainly not for gloating.  On the contrary, it is a cause for foreboding and for worry about the future.

Far from accepting their defeat, on past experience the hardliners will now be looking for ways to get even with Russia.  

The fact they cannot do it in Syria will not hold them back, any more than failure in Vietnam in the 1970s held an earlier generation of US hardliners back.

What happened then was that the hardliners “avenged” the US's defeat in Vietnam by setting Afghanistan on fire - with catastrophic consequences for the whole world including the US. 

The fact Afghanistan turned out a disaster will however hardly deter the hardliners of today from acting in the same way.  If there is one constant in US foreign policy it is that when it comes to disasters it is the wrong lessons that always get learnt.

Far from being a factor in improving relations between the US and Russia, the fact the US feels humiliated in Syria is going to make relations between the two countries even worse than they already are, and is storing up more problems for the future.

This article was first published by The Wall Street Journal