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The Russians Have Already Shot Down Numerous US Drones Violating Crimean Airspace (Video)

And one of them, the mother of all drones, the massive Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk, was apparently commandeered by Russian electronic warfare and landed in Simferopol

Fred Johs:
US / EU citizens As a reminder on what's going on.
Please open your mind and start think - the time is running out
Tue, Jun 14, 2016
A Global Hawk was commandeered and landed in Simferopol
The war you don’t hear about: numerous American military aircraft (albeit of the unmanned variety, though with the possibility of being armed and dangerous) have apparently been violating Russian airspace, leading to the Russians shooting - yes, shooting - them down following the refusal of the Americans to acknowledge Russian diplomatic notes of protest.

The military violation of the territory, including the airspace, of a sovereign state is ordinarily taken to be a casus belli - an act of war.

But to be fair to the Americans, they may justify their belligerent behavior, flagrantly refusing to respect Russia’s sovereignty, on the basis that they do not recognize Crimea to be a part of Russia. Therefore, they do not recognize any violation of the airspace of Russia as having taken place. Rather, they would contend that the American aircraft in question were flying within the sovereign territory of Ukraine, with the permission of the government with the only legitimate authority to grant or refuse such permission, namely the government of Ukraine.

Nevertheless the Russians have made it clear that they consider Crimea to be a sovereign part of Russia. The Russians have made diplomatic protests over what they see as violation of their territory. The Americans have ignored them. The Russians have therefore shot down - and in one case commandeered and landed - these aircraft making incursions into their sovereign territory.

An act of war has been committed by America against Russia; and if you accept the American position, an act of war has been committed by Russia against both the Ukraine and the United States. Shots have been fired, and the Americans have lost materiel.

Note that these are not exchanges of fire through proxies, as happened throughout the Cold War and is happening now through Syria and in the east of Ukraine. No, these are two nuclear-armed powers already in the process of shooting at each other!

Are we already in the opening stages of World War III? How many minutes to midnight is the nuclear clock? May God help us all.

Ukraine Cross Procession Could Trigger the Overthrow of Poroshenko (Video)

Petro Poroshenko is hated by the people because of their falling living standards, by the Nazis because he is a tycoon and the son of a Jew, and by his oligarch colleagues because he is the one who controls the country’s dwindling financial resources
Originally appeared at RIA Novosti. Translated by Olga Beskrovnova
The author is President of the Center for Systems Analysis and Forecasting. Formerly a prominent Ukrainian diplomat and political analyst, he was forced into emigration by the Maidan putsch

Preparations for the overthrow of Petro Poroshenko are in full swing in Kiev. The listless political campaign that made no headway around the theme of early parliamentary elections for the last six months, has congealed into “Azov” Nazi demonstrations, while trade unions are unhappy with the sudden fall in living standards.

The explosion of Alyona Pritula’s car, killing journalist Pavel Sheremet, triggered a media campaign reporting that the police were “illegally watching” him….

The attack on the Cross Procession for Peace, organized by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, could provoke Nazi-led street riots. Two sections of the Cross Procession are headed to Kiev from different directions - from the Svyatogorsky Monastery in the East and the Pochaevsky Monastery from the West.

Opponents of the Kiev government believe the Cross Procession could gather up to 1,5 million on the streets of Kiev. Even if this figure is exaggerated, dozens or even hundreds of thousands of Orthodox anti-fasсists agitating against war are the legal political alternative to the regime that tried to avoid its appearance by prohibiting the tame Communist Party of Ukraine, shutting down the opposition mass media and expanding repression against active anti-fascists.

Poroshenko still can try to use the Orthodox card by supporting peace initiatives, using the Cross Procession as a cover against the radicals and trying to oppose them to the rest of society. But the nationalist radicals can’t allow their organized alternative to appear in the official political space.

Attempts to protect the Cross Procession with the help of national security will lead to a split, since many police supported the Nazis previously, and after two years of purges have become a majority. Moreover, clashes between the Nazis and national security (possibly with the use of weapons) will weaken the regime. It doesn’t matter who wins in this confrontation, the regime will lose because it needs both sides.

Finally, it is possible that Poroshenko’s attempt to defend the “Moscow popes” from the “patriots” will be used as proof of his “treason”. After that, the anti-Orthodox anger of the Nazi street will be easy to channel towards the President.

Petro Poroshenko is hated by the people because their living standards are falling, by the Nazis because he is a tycoon and the son of a Jew, by his oligarch colleagues because he still controls what is left of the country’s financial resources.

Just two years after “presidential elections” his rating oscillates between two and five percent.  The next Ukrainian president may not be elected, not to mention that Ukraine will not be able to count on international legitimization of the next “people’s hero”, who removes the “bloody tyrant”.

The overthrow of Poroshenko will signal the transfer of Ukraine’s collapse from the latent phase, when Ukraine’s regions are trying to ignore Kiev, to the active one.

P.S. At the time of publishing it became known that the Interior Ministry had blocked the Cross Procession from entering Kiev.

Ukraine's people's deputy promises mass executions of Donbass residents after victory

The former Right Sector activist Boleslav Bereza openly threatens residents of Donbass with fast punishment. According to him, the return of Donbass to Ukraine is fraught with executions and punishments of those who dared not to recognize the Maidan and its new "heroes".
It is time for Donbass residents to take care of themselves and their children. Time will come for all those to blame to pay off for Donbass, and it will be not a revenge, but punishment. Sooner or later, but we will return control over the whole Donbass. Donbass belongs to Ukraine.
The fascist reminded the inhabitants of the ”occupied territories” that it is time for them to take care of their future as well.
Russia doesn't need you. Your future is clear and unpleasant.
Believe that Ukraine will overtake control over Donbass soon. It's not easy and not cheap, but these territoties will be returned. And then the pay-off time will come for all the residents. It will be not a revenge, but punishment. So think of the future.
At that, the Right Sector activist intends to revenge only ordinary inhabitants of the region, who do not want to live in the same country with Banderovites and fascists.
DONi News Agency

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US-Backed Syrian Terorist's Face ‘Total Collapse’ in Aleppo (US like to call them "rebels")

FSA Division 'On Standby' After Commander Resigns

by Jason Ditz, July 25, 2016 
While al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front has done much of the heavy lifting in the fight over the northern city of Aleppo, they haven’t been alone, teaming with a series of rebel allies, including the 16th Division of the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA), which holds a pair of districts within Aleppo itself.
Or at least, they are positioned in those districts. 

The FSA forces aren’t holding anything right now, as reports of the resignation of division commander and every single one of his assistants has left the group without any official orders, stuck on standby.
The commanders resigned citing non-specific “medical reasons,” and while what’s left of the brigade is waiting for new orders and a new command structure, with the forces in surrounded districts in Aleppo it’s also highly possible that the FSA will just disband Division 16 outright.
The fate of the commanders is also unclear, with a lot of speculation that ahead of their resignation they managed to make a run for the Turkish border, leaving their forces behind in a losing situation after suffering losses to Syrian mechanized infantry surrounding their districts.

CIA styrer mediene.



Denne artikkelen er hentet fra nettstedet Midt i Fleisen. Den er bare unik i den forstand at den forteller en historie som lenge har vært kjent for de som er informert, men ikke for det vanlige publikum. Folk tror det ikke - for gjør de det, faller bunnen ut av en del av deres virkelighetsoppfatning. 

Men den bekreftes fra mange hold f.eks. i nyere tid fra den tidligere redaktøren av den tyske storavien Frankfurter Allgemeine, Udo Ulfcotte. Intervjuet av han kan leses her. 

Også andre har vist at dette har vært en langsiktig politikk fra USAs myndigheter - faktisk helt tilbake til 1. verdenskrig. 

At denne artikkelen først og fremst omhandler Østerrike betyr ikke at lignende forhold ikke har funnet sted i andre land. Det er all mulig grunn til å anta at dette har vært tilfellet over hele vesten, også i Norge. 

Det er f.eks. påfallende at regionalvisen på vestlandet, Bergens Tidende, i dag bare leverer utenriksstoff fra den danske Politikken. Stoffet er så ukritisk til det som skjer - og ofte helt på etterkudd - at det gir grunn til å tenke at dette er masseprodusert. Enhver får tenke sitt.

Knut Lindtner

Sjefredaktører og CIA: en historie fra den kalde krigens dager

Fra Swisspropaganda

Det hemmelige samarbeidet mellom vestlige etterretningsorganisasjoner og media, tankesmier og frivillige organisasjoner, har lenge vært kjent og godt dokumentert. Otto Schulmeister et godt eksempel på hvor tett og omfattende samarbeidet var med ledende tyskspråklige journalister. Schulmeister var i mange år sjefredaktør for die Presse, en av de største og mest tradisjonsrike avisene i Østerrike. I 2009, ble hans CIA-mappe fra tidsperioden under den kalde krigen offentliggjort – med hårreisende detaljer om et hemmelig samarbeid.

Den østerrikske nyhetsmagasinet Profil rapporterte som følger:

«Dokumentasjonen beviser et problematisk, strengt tatt forbudt, forhold mellom en journalist og CIA, som mente han utførte et oppdrag: Schulmeister (alias GRCAMERA) skrev lederartikler der han utformet argumentene sine i henhold til ønskene til CIA; han skjulte historier når de skadet USAs posisjon; oppfordret sine redaktører til å ha kontakter med representanter for amerikanske myndigheter i Wien – middags-sammenkomster, den såkalte Herrenrunde – og ga dem informasjon fra bakgrunnssamtaler med østerrikske politikere og ambassadører fra sovjetblokken.»

Rekrutteringen begynte med de vanlige spørsmålene via tredjeparter og leting etter biografiske sårbarheter som kunne brukes hvis det trengtes mot vedkommende.

Fra da av gikk de nødvendige instruksjonene fra CIA direkte til sjefredaktørens kontor, for eksempel hvordan man burde bedømme den ene eller den andre politiske situasjonen. Hvis det hastet og ikke var tid til et personlig møte, ble papirene levert til Schulmeister med ilbud.

Den 29 Oktober 1962, rapporterte CIA «Overleverte materiale. En lederartikkel ble publisert etter våre instruksjoner.»

Den 28. desember 1962 sto det: «Middagen [der Herrenabend] lønnet seg. Den politiske linja i die Presse kunne knapt ha vært bedre fra vårt synspunkt. () Vi kan få publisert artikler. Etter å ha mottatt instruksjoner fra hovedkvarteret var dette ønskelig om Cubakrisen. () Jeg møtte GRCAMERA samme dag og ga ham materiale hovedkvarteret ønsket publisert. Historien dukket opp i på forsiden av søndagsutgaven, i form av en lederartikkel skrevet av ham. () GRCAMERA har bedt om hjelp, slik at sønnen kan få et Kvekerstipendium , () det  ser det ikke ut som om han ble godtatt, men også dette er nyttige midler for å konsolidere forbindelsen.»

Den 17. desember 1962, rapporterte CIA, at man var bekymret over en artikkel som Washington-korrespondenten for die Presse ønsket å offentliggjøre. Den handlet om hemmelig amerikansk støtte for den østerrikske hæren. «Historien er sann, (), men bør ikke bli kjent for offentligheten på det nåværende tidspunkt, for å unngå uroligheter angående Østerrikes nøytralitet. () Jeg overbeviste GRCAMERA om at dette bare ville være til nytte for Sovjet. GRCAMERA var enig i at historien ikke burde komme ut () GRCAMERA er fornøyd med at han vil være den første journalisten som vil bli mottatt av den nye amerikanske ambassadøren til Wien. () For ham er dette et skup.»

19. September 1963, ønsket CIA å forhindre rapportering om en pinlig spionasjehistorie i innenriksministeriet »GRCAMERA () lovet ikke å publisere noe om denne saken».

Den 3 april 1964, fikk han igjen ros for orienteringen av innholdet i avisen, Det «etterlater lite å ønske». Ofte forutser Schulmeister instruksene fra hovedkvarteret («sentralen»). Bare avisens USA-korrespondent forårsaket lettere irritasjon. «Det betyr ikke at Schulmeister er vår agent. (), Men vi kan lede ham, akkurat som om han var vår agent ().»

Den 19. januar 1965 ble Schulmeister gitt materiale angående Kongokrisen. »GRCAMERA sa han ikke trengte bli overbevist av at [det fantes] amerikanske interesser i Kongo, men () New York Times publiserte nylig en rapport fra den kongolesiske regjeringen angående en massakre av opprørere der, som også fikk pressedekning i Østerrike. Dette bringer hans avis i den ubehagelige situasjonen at han publiserer historier som er i strid med versjonen i New York Times. () GRCAMERA sa vi burde bringe New York Times på linje.»

I løpet av 1965, får CIA enda en fortrolig mann i avisen, som Schulmeister ikke vet noe om, står det å lese i rapporten fra 12. oktober 1965.

I de påfølgende årene, havnet mange CIA -dokumenter om krigen i Vietnam og andre områder angående USAs politikk på pulten til sjefredaktøren. Schulmeister spurte også ofte av eget initiativ om passende analyser. I 1968 ble Schulmeister invitert til USA som en del av et VIP-program, på det røde teppet.

Da det tidlig på syttitallet var tegn på avspenning mellom blokkene, begynte det å knake i forholdet mellom Schulmeister og CIA. () Han oppførte seg som en «rømt fugl». CIA hadde allerede på dette tidspunktet en ny, angivelig «mindre unnvikende» fortrolig person, som i papirene kaltes IDENTITY. Ifølge beskrivelsen – innenrikspolitisk redaktør, studier i USA, feriehus i Niederösterreich – kan det ha dreid seg om den fremtidige sjefredaktør i die Presse, Thomas Chorherr.

Thomas Chorherr sa dette til tidskriftet Profil: «Jeg hadde sannsynligvis ofte samkvem med folk fra den amerikanske ambassaden, men at CIA var involvert, visste jeg ikke. Jeg hadde ingen mistanke, og jeg har god samvittighet.» Han kunne ikke tro at Schulmeister hadde opprettholdt kontakt med CIA. «Jeg burde ha innsett det», sier Chorherr.

Ifølge den offisielle framstillingen på hjemmesiden til die Presse, gjorde Schulmeister på sekstitallet avisen til et «reservat for uavhengige tanker».

I Schulmeister-filene er det også funnet bevis for at CIA hadde fortrolige i andre kjente medier i Østerrike, som i statsfjernsynet ORF, de store avisene Kurier og Salzburger Nachrichten.


Men det er ikke bare i Østerrike, men i andre europeiske land, at det tette samarbeidet mellom respektere medier og de hemmelige tjenestene er godt dokumentert:

«Faktum er at også vestlige medier var involvert i den kalde krigen etterretnings-strategier og handlinger. Tallrike journalistiske fagbøker og selvbiografier gir detaljert innsikt i hvor tett sammenvevd etterretningsorganisasjoner og enkelte massemedier og flere journalister i Vesten var. 

I flere tiår forsket den australske etterretningseksperten Phillip Knightley på etterretningstjenestene i Storbritannia. Hans konklusjon: De dominerende elitejournalistene – fra BBC og hele spekteret høyre-venstre, fra høyreavisene The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail og The Sunday Times til venstreorienterte Guardian – ble i stor grad infiltrert under den kalde krigen av de britiske etterretningstjenestene MI5 og MI6. ()

Etterretningstjenestene var tilsynelatende like travelt opptatt i Vest-Tyskland om hva som ble publisert. Erich Schmidt-Eenbooms bok «Undercover. Hvordan BND [vesttysk etterretning] kontrollerer tyske media (1999)«er delvis basert på dokumenter fra tjenestene selv. Boken har en liste over 230 navn på fremtredende journalister som skal ha samarbeidet med BND i perioden under den kalde krigen»

Jeg lurer på hva konstituert sjefredaktører i [andre aviser] – der kontaktene med forskjellige etterretningstjenester er like vel dokumentert – har å si?
July 25, 2016
Sandra Hajda
Julian Assange has made an incredible statement in an interview with ITV. Assange says that Wikileaks, the infamous whistle-blowing website, will soon be publishing documents that contain “enough evidence” for the Department of Justice to indict Hillary Clinton, the expected Democratic nominee.

This comes after the Wikileaks site published 30,322 emails from Clinton’s private email server, with dates ranging from June 30, 2010 to August 12, 2014.

The first of the DNC leaks hit two days ago and more are expected.

It will be weeks before the import of the leaks is fully understood. However, the leaks have already claimed their first victim: Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Schultz has pledged to step down as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

The DNC is the body responsible for selecting the next Democratic presidential candidate. The disgrace and resignation of Debbie Schultz vindicates Bernie Sanders, who has always taken the stance that, under Schultz, the DNC was an arm of the Clinton campaign.

Sanders first made that claim publicly back in May, reports Telesur TV.
“Sanders’ campaign has long been critical of Wasserman Shultz’s performance as head of the committee, claiming that the DNC has favored his presidential primary challenger, Hillary Clinton.”
Sanders argues that it would be a disaster to hold a presidential election with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump facing off, because both candidates are so deeply disliked.
“We need a campaign, an election, coming up which does not have two candidates who are really very, very strongly disliked. I don’t want to see the American people voting for the lesser of two evils.”

Bernie Sanders’ campaign has long been critical of Wasserman Shultz’s performance as head of the committee, claiming that the DNC has favored his presidential primary challenger, Hillary Clinton.
One of the most disturbing, but not illegal, revelations in the Assange leak is the DNC’s baiting of the candidate’s religion.

In one of the leaked emails, Sanders’ atheism was discussed as a point that Hillary could use to attack him, reports The Intercept.
“It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.”
Many fans of Sanders had been celebrating the fact that — as far as they could see — the practice of carefully scrutinizing a candidate’s religious affiliations was going out of fashion in American politics. Hardly anyone had made strong statements either way about Bernie Sanders possibly becoming the first secular Jewish candidate for a major political party.
“[It is] unclear why the Democratic National Committee, which isn’t supposed to favor one Democratic candidate over another until they receive a nomination, would have attempted to subvert the Sanders campaign on the grounds that ‘he is an atheist.'”
No less disturbing, and possibly illegal, is what looks like the sale of political offices in exchange for donations to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Ken Boehm, the chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center, a government watchdog group, called the practice “unethical, if not illegal,” reports Daily Caller.
“The disclosed DNC emails sure look like the potential Clinton Administration has intertwined the appointments to federal government boards and commissions with the political and fund raising operations of the Democratic Party. That is unethical, if not illegal.”
In perhaps an equally damaging move, Clinton has announced that the disgraced Debbie Schultz will be heading her campaign for president after the convention, according to Fortune.
“Hillary Clinton is thanking her “longtime friend” Debbie Wasserman Schultz after the Florida congresswoman’s decision to step down as chair of the Democratic National Committee.
Clinton says that Wasserman Schultz will serve as honorary chair of her campaign’s 50-state program to help elect Democrats around the country.”
Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, has said that Hillary Clinton should follow her friend Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s lead and drop out of the race.

Manafort said that Clinton’s actions are far worse than Schultz’s. Trump’s man stated that Schultz’s emails only put the Democratic Party at risk, “but Hillary Clinton’s emails put all of America at risk.”

Take it tomorrow night. Or Join let's win this thing.

[Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images]

Finnish observer: We record shelling of Donetsk by Ukraine every night

Instead of implementing the Minsk Agreements, Ukraine continues daily bombardments of Donetsk, said at a press conference Johan Bäckman, a political analyst and human rights activist from Finland, who arrived in the DPR to observe the preparations for the pre-voting (primaries).
‘Our entire delegation stays in a hotel. Every night we hear shelling by the Ukrainian artillery, every night we hear the APU bombarding objects and peaceful residential areas of your republic. That’s Ukraine’s attitude to democracy and the will of the people,’ he said.
‘I am convinced that the DPR today is the freest country in the world. I have seen with my own eyes that here live peaceful and friendly people who want to determine their own destiny. To this end, the DPR authorities have organized a platform to realize the desires of citizens, the primaries.
As a political scientist, I can say that your primaries are unique. They are open and transparent. Meanwhile, in many Western countries the electoral processes are almost entirely secret. There is no transparency there, political parties in the West just realize the interests of their sponsors.
But in the DPR, there are no political parties, no classical banking system. There is the people and the people's will. And a platform for its implementation,’ says Bäckman.
DONi News Agency

Former NATO commander ‘behind failed coup against Erdogan’ – Turkish daily

Recipe for Disaster: Neo-Nazis to attack Procession for Peace, repeat Euromaidan scenario

Fort Russ
July 25, 2016 - 
By Eduard Popov for Fort Russ
Translated by J. Arnoldski
Large-scale provocations and new bloodshed could rock Ukraine in the coming days. Ukrainian neo-Nazis have announced a mobilization of their ranks and the role of their enemy has been assigned to the Christian pilgrims and participants of the Holy Procession.

The Holy Procession for Peace, Prayer, and Love in Ukraine as it is called began simultaneously in the East and West of the country. One part of the Holy Procession set off on July 3rd from the Svyatogorsk Lavra (the large and famous monastery) in Donetsk region and the second began on July 9th from the Pochaev Lavra in the West. The two processions are to meet on July 27th in Kiev where they will hold a prayer service in Ukraine’s main holy site, the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

The procession is taking place with the blessing of both Metropolitan Onufry, the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, as well as the Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP). Church and religious issues in Ukraine are extremely complex. Three state-recognized Orthodox churches operate, the only canonical one of which is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. The remaining “churches” are supported by the state for political purposes. The Galician part of Ukrainian neo-Nazis support the Greek Catholic Uniate Church, a former part of the Russian Orthodox Church which adopted the Roman Catholic creed in 1596 and became pledged subservience to the Roman Papacy of the Vatican. The Greek Catholic Uniate priests of Galicia were the main creators of the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism and Nazism. Stepan Bandera, the founder of the largest branch of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (the “Banderite” or “revolutionary” wing) was the son of a Uniate priest. Such nationalist Uniates are known for hating both the Orthodox and Roman Catholics, and it was they who perpetrated or at least led the massacre of the Polish population of Lvov on June 29th, 1941 and the Volyn massacre of Poles in February-July 1943. These were the loudest, but by no means the only actions perpetrated by the OUN.

The main enemy of the Uniate neo-Nazis from the non-canonical churches today is the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. In this confrontation, they are supported by the most radical part of Ukrainian neo-Nazism professing paganism. This group includes the “Patriot of Ukraine” and “White Hammer” organizations and others. The majority of such Ukrainian neo-Nazis fill the ranks of the Interior Ministry’s Azov regiment (whose founder and first commander is Andrey Biletsky) Immediately after the victory of the Euromaidan, Ukraine witnessed attacks on Orthodox churches and priests of the UOC-MP. The majority of believers in Ukraine belong to the parishes of the canonical church of the Moscow Patriarchate, hence why the state is compelled to somewhat smooth over such conflicts.

While this article was being written, both Holy Processions were not far from Kiev. The neo-Nazis’ forces have hastily assembled to meet them. Near Borispol, a camp of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists  headed by Nikolay Kokhanivsky (a Uniate by profession) has been set up. Kokhanivsky has stated that his fighters are ready to go to any measure to stop the Holy Procession. “The Moscow Patriarchate represents a threat to Ukrainian statehood, and the OUN has as one of its aims completely expelling it from the territory of Ukraine,” Kokhanivsky has announced. 

The OUN’s militants' operations are being ideologically supported by  the former head of Ukrainian Greco-Catholics, Lyubomir Guzar, who during the Euromaidan had called for the overthrow of the “gangster government” of President Yanukovych. Guzar has denounced the Holy Procession for Peace, Prayer, and Love in Ukraine: “These holy processions are such cynicism that it is difficult to even imagine something worse.” 

As Life TV channel has reported, the neo-Nazis have so far shied away from attacking the pilgrims since a special Berkut unit from the Ministry of Internal Affairs has arrived at Borispol and intimidated the assembled neo-Nazis.

As Berkut forces and neo-Nazis accumulate, the situation from the Euromaidan is being repeated.

The participants of the Holy Procession, including Orthodox pilgrims, priests, women, children, and the elderly, will meet the Uniate and pagan neo-Nazi militants tomorrow in Kiev. But Berkut will prevent a clash. President Poroshenko is not interested in mass clashes and bloodshed nor is he interested in a spiritual victory off the canonical church in the capital of post-Maidan Ukraine. The neo-Nazis, moreover, hate President Poroshenko no less than they hate President Putin. He has been charged with being a Jew and oligarch whose regime has been called an “internal occupation” by these neo-Nazis. 
It is the neo-Nazis who are interested in large-scale provocations. If this happens, such will be directed not only against the UOC-MP and Orthodox pilgrims, but also against President Poroshenko and the Ministry of Internal Affair’s special units (Berkut and others). Important and perhaps bloody events will take place tomorrow and the day after both in and near Kiev. In the worst case scenario, this could give impetus to a new bloody confrontation in Donbass as well as Ukraine.

Confirmed: Amidst sharpening crisis, Poroshenko and co. have left Ukraine

Fort Russ
July 25, 2016 - 
Oleg Chubaenko, PolitNavigator - 
Translated by J. Arnoldski
Everything is getting hotter in Ukraine. Alexander Turchynov is speaking of martial law. Pavel Sheremet was murdered in Kiev. The situation in Donbass has escalated. Meanwhile, Minister of Internal Affairs head Avakov has left on vacation. So has Kiev Mayor Klitchko. And not only them.

As sources in the Ukrainian Ministry of Transport have relayed to PolitNavigator, on July 22nd in the late evening, a private Golfstream 200 plane (tail number T7-PRM) with President Poroshenko on board departed Kiev International Airport for Malaga, Spain. As Ukrainian media have repeatedly written, Poroshenko has a villa near Malaga.

The president’s departure and his absence in the capital have not been publicized. The President, however, is even issuing instructions from his Spanish estate. On Monday, for example, he instructed the Prime Minister and Mayor of Kiev to strengthen security measures for public safety. 

The question remains: why have Ukrainian leaders suddenly decided to leave Ukraine? So far, there has been no answer.

Pathetic Hillary Clinton Says Vladimir Putin Is To Blame For The Democratic Party Email Scandal

It does not get more pathetic than this. Blame Russia for the DNC's cheating.
When is doubt just blame Russia. Instead of the Democratic party and the Hillary Clinton campaign admitting their mistakes, they have resorted to the most obvious and most ridiculous excuse for their corrupt actions… ‘it was Russia’s fault.’

Honestly I am left absolutely speechless at the stupidity of the Clinton campaign.

The strategy is to drag out the spectre of Vladimir Putin in order to distract Clinton supporters from the issue that at hand…Hillary Clinton and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz conspired to rig the democratic primary elections in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

Clinton and the Democratic party cheated, period…And now they are going to dig a deeper hole with more lies and deception by playing the always convenient Russia card.

At least if you are going to lie, be a little more creative. This is just lazy.

Hillary’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, appeared on CNN and hinted that Russians are behind the DNC hacking.
“What is disturbing to us is that experts are telling us that Russians broke into the DNC, stole these emails and other experts are now saying that the Russians are now releasing these emails for the purpose of actually helping Donald Trump. I don’t think it’s coincidental that these emails were released on the eve of our convention here and that’s disturbing.”
Anyone who actually buys this is an idiot.
Zerohedge debunks the entire, embarrassing display put forth by Hillary’s campaign manager…
Ah yes, the old “Russians are helping Donald Trump” strawman, as confirmed by “experts.” The same Donald Trump who the media lambasted in November of last year that he had never actually met Vladimir Putin during a 60 Minutes episode, as he had previously claimed.
Oddly, Mook found nothing “disturbing” about the revelations that Hillary was the DNC’s chosen candidate from the start, or the allegations that there was unethical collusion with the media, or that the DNC may have broken fundraising rules to boost Hillary’s campaign.
Nothing disturbing about that. What is far more disturbing is that “the Russians” hacked the DNC’s server. Perhaps by that logic it is also disturbing that “the Russians” also hacked Hillary’s own email server.
Of course, they would never be able to hack a personal, home server with no outside protection; but instead it was child’s play to penetrate the official, firewalled server of the entire Democratic organization.
Except… there is a problem with this “disturbing“, if very amusing, tangent.
Let’s not forget that it was the Romanian hacker Guccifer 2.0 who initially got the leaked Clinton email scandal rolling…and who, following allegations that he was working for Russia, did the following interview with Motherboard where he expressed his hatred for Russia:

Turkish foreign minister thanks Putin for coup warning: "Russia provided Turkey with unconditional support"

July 25, 2016
Fort Russ
Translated from Russian by Kristina Kharlova

The head of Turkish Foreign Ministry Mevlut Cavusoglu thanked Russia for supporting Turkey during the military coup in the republic. In particular, the minister expressed gratitude to Russian president Vladimir Putin. Last week, rumors spread that Russia had warned Turkey about the planned rebellion a few hours before it began. However, the Kremlin did not confirm this information.

Cavusoglu announced on TV channel Haberturk that Russia provided "Turkey with unconditional support during the military coup". "We thank President Vladimir Putin and all Russian officials for their support," said Minister of foreign affairs of Turkey, quoted by "Interfax".

Last week information appeared in the press that supposedly Moscow warned Ankara about the impending coup a few hours before its start. This, in particular, was reported by Iranian news Agency FARS, with reference to several Arab media outlets, who learned about it from sources in diplomatic circles. It was noted that the Russian military had intercepted coded radio messages and critical information exchanged between the organizers of the rebellion. Then Moscow passed the evidence of the preparation of the coup to the National intelligence organization of Turkey (MIT).

However, the Kremlin was unable to confirm information published by FARS. "I do not have this information," - said the press secretary of the president, Dmitry Peskov. A Kremlin spokesman also said he did not know which sources were cited by the Iranian news agency.

However, the day before rumors that Moscow warned Ankara about the coup, the Turkish Armed forces officially stated that the national intelligence organization received information about a coup in the country a few hours before it began. Heads of the General staff were informed about the impending rebellion.

Turkish foreign Minister: Putin and Erdogan will meet in August, before the G20 summit

Cavusoglu also confirmed that the meeting between Putin and Erdogan will be held in August. "Before the G20 meeting in August there will be a meeting of the presidents of Turkey and Russia, where important topics will be discussed. There are some economic sanctions, there are also various assumptions in connection with the incident surrounding the downed aircraft", - said the head of Turkish foreign ministry on TV channel Haberturk.

Earlier, the press secretary of the president of Russian Federation said that Putin and Erdogan will meet in the first week of August in one of the Russian cities. It was noted that the exact date and place of the meeting are still being discussed.

mandag 25. juli 2016

Washington Bans Moscow From Joining US-Led Coalition Against Daesh in Syria

 US troop stands guard in front of a line of jet fighter aircraft at the US-led coalition's Bagram Air Base north of Kabul (file photo)
© AFP 2016/ SHAH Marai

Brett McGurk, a Special Envoy for the US-led coalition against Daesh radical group, also known as the Islamic state or IS, has claimed that Washington does not trust Moscow and will not allow it to join the 45-country military alliance.

McGurk is now on a visit to the United Arab Emirates to discuss with the country’s authorities the “cooperation and engagement to further the [US-led] coalition’s campaign to ensure a lasting defeat of ISIL [Islamic State] in Iraq and Syria.”
 The anti-Daesh military alliance was created in 2014 and consists of 45 member-countries. Russia, who has operated outside the coalition, launched a separate military campaign last September after Daesh claimed to have down the Russian passenger Airbus A321 over Sinai Peninsula. Since then, the sides have continuously attempted to coordinate their actions in the Middle East.

Talking with Sky News Arabia on the issue, the envoy said that the US has ruled out Russia’s participation in the ongoing campaign. He explained that Washington “does not trust” Moscow, as it supports Syrian government “materially and militarily” in the conflict.

Meanwhile, Americans back so-called “moderate” rebels, armed factions that have struggled to oust the legitimate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since the breakout of hostilities in the country in 2011.
  McGurk noted that Americans do coordinate airstrikes with Moscow including on positions of the al-Nusra Front militant group, labeled as terrorist organization by a number of countries including Russia.

However, he went on, Russia must press the Syrian leadership to obey the ceasefire agreement that is now in effect. According to the envoy, the government forces of the country violate the truce on a regular basis.
The ceasefire was brokered by the US and Russia on February, 27, 2016. Daesh and al-Nusra Front have not agreed to observe the silence regime, routinely attacking heavily populated residential areas in the country.
Josephine Bailey
Ban Russia???? They and whose army? 
Russia does not need the permission of a corrupt government of a failing Nation and their pathetic puppets to do anything they damn well want to. 
Poor Yankees - outwitted, outmanoeuvred, outsmarted, outmatched, outflanked. 
Bad move Pentagon.

US-led coalition chiefs put troops at risk by failing to share data – Russian MoD

A Russian Air Force long-range bomber TU-22M3 seen here bombing ISIS targets near the towns of es-Sohne, Arak and al-Taiba in the Syrian province of Homs © Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation
The responsibility for US-led coalition special forces being present in areas targeted by Russian airstrikes in Syria lies on their top commanders, the Defense Ministry in Moscow said. It also urged Western partners to disclose the location of moderate opposition units. 
"The responsibility for the troops of the special forces of the anti-IS coalition in Syria being at risk of finding themselves in areas targeted by Russia’s Air Force lies solely on their military leadership,” said Major-General Igor Konashenkov, the spokesman for the Russia’s Defense Ministry.
The statement comes after the Wall Street Journal reported that on June 16 the Russian planes bombed the At-Tanf garrison camp near the Jordan border, which was used by the US and UK commandos.

The newspaper said that there were no coalition troops at the site during the airstrike, with 20 British troops leaving the camp a day before.

Russia is using all available channels to call on their Western partners to finally provide information on the location of the so-called “moderate opposition” units under their control, Konashenkov said.

“But instead, after the actual event, we hear the reproaches and accusations that the Russian aviation shouldn’t have carried out airstrikes on some areas or targets,” he said.

Even after the At-Tanf incident, the US military told their Russian counterparts: “You shouldn’t strike the area which you just struck,” the spokesman recalled.

Konashenkov ridiculed the claims in the Wall Street Journal article that the Russian pilots were to “guess the presence of the Western special forces servicemen among the militants by the blocking sand bags, which are typical for American and British bases, from the height of several kilometers.”

The Defense Ministry spokesman said he’s confident that there is an easier way of solving such problems, which is “for our partners to move beyond words to joint actions against the international terror groups in Syria.”

According to Konashenkov, it’s the only way to avoid incidents like the one at At-Tanf and put the US-led coalition servicemen in Syria out of harm’s way.

An unnamed US official familiar with the issue told Radio Liberty that the At-Tanf bombing, in which four militants were killed, was a “very, very serious” incident, which could have well led to US and Russian jets engaging each other.

A Russian military source told Interfax that Russia has warned the US-led coalition that it would carry out airstrikes in At-Tanf.

“The Russian side has already given a full explanation on this matter" during a specially organized video conference,” the source said.