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Erdogan: Greek islands ‘used to be ours’

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday has again claimed that several Greek islands in the eastern Aegean “used to be ours.”

Erdogan said that the Treaty of Lausanne which set the borders between Greece and Turkey in 1923, was unfair on his country as it gave many Greek populated areas to Greece.

“I said Lausanne and they got annoyed. Why are you annoyed?” he said, adding that “these islands were ours.”

“We have our monuments and our mosques there [on the islands],” he said.

“Whoever signed [for their passing to Greece] bears the responsibility.”

He made no reference to the innumerable amount of Greek churches on Turkish territory, including the infamous Agia Sofia in Istanbul.

Meanwhile, the Shia-led Popular Mobilization Units in Iraq denounced Erdogan's statement on the Greek islands.

Erdogan in recent times has also claimed that's Mosul is Turkish territory.

Tim Kaine HUMILIATED…What He Just Did In Florida Has Hillary PANICKING!

Hillary and her Dems tried to destroy Trump in every way possible. The audio, the women, the interviews… She really did her best to bury Trump. But, did Hillary succeed in erasing Trump from the political scene? Absolutely not! The Republican presidential candidate is stronger than ever. Voters know this.
The numbers have it all. Trump leads in former pro-Hillary countries. No fraud can ever take this victory from him. Trump’s got the wisdom we need to finally see the light of justice. Hillary is lonelier than ever. Her rallies confirm this.

Via Patriot Journal
 They’ve used rigged poll numbers to portray Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton, with a double digit lead in Florida, attempted voter registration fraud,  had women accuse Trump of sexual abuse and sent paid thugs to disrupt his rallies in their efforts to chase off his supporters. As a matter of fact all of that has convinced many voters just how corrupt and dishonest Hillary really is. 
That, and of course all her other SCANDALS that have been in the news recently!
Well now, it just might be that the Clinton campaign is seeing the darkness at the end of the tunnel. In spite of efforts of the mainstream media to paint Clinton as the winner even before early voting and the November 8 deadline, the rallies have shown a completely different picture.
While Trump’s rallies have steadily had huge numbers of attendees, Clinton’s, on the other hand, have had a very poor turnout in most cases where the rally venue wasn’t a staged media event using green screen technology to make them look much larger and even then they were a mere fraction the size of Trump’s stadium sized events.
Now, an event that was scheduled for Friday at 6 p.m. at Sarasota, FL’s Municipal Auditorium where Hillary’s running mate, Tim Kaine was expected to speak, has been cancelled with no explanation.
From Breitbart:
Without offering a reason, Democratic vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine cancelled an event that was scheduled for Friday at 6 p.m. at Sarasota, FL’s Municipal Auditorium.
Although the event is still listed on the Hillary Clinton’s campaign website, the page reads, “This event has been cancelled. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.”
We know why, don’t we?  Hillary’s crowds have “mysteriously” evaporated!
Kaine’s West Palm Beach, FL appearance had so few attendees to turn out that it was a non-event where the media made up the bulk of the crowd of and estimated 30 people!
A whole 30 people!  Yet, according to the mainstream media, polling data shows Hillary with a 12 point lead in Florida. They must have all been dead and unable to attend the rally!
The media can come up with everything, but people know the truth. We’re not blind. Hillary can’t gather more than 30 people. How sad is this? Well, that’s fair enough.
DEVELOPING: New headaches for VP nominee Tim Kaine as alleged mistress comes forward with tape of threats, verbal abuse. h/t 

REMAINS of 274 TROOPS DUMPED in Virginia LANDFILL Connected To Obama And Hillary Clinton

The Pentagon on Thursday pledged “utmost care” for the remains of fallen soldiers following a report that the remains of at least 274 troops were dumped in a Virginia landfill.

The report, in The Washington Post, revealed that the Air Force used the landfill far more frequently than had previously been acknowledged. The practice was ended three years ago.

“The secretary is aware of this media report and remains committed to the utmost care for our fallen heroes and their families,” George Little, spokesman for Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, said in a statement.

Little added that Panetta supports “the current practice of placing subsequently identified remains at sea, which has been the policy of the department since 2008.”

According to the Post, incinerated partial remains were dumped at a King George County landfill in Virginia. They were cremated between 2004 and 2008.

The report was based on database information at the Dover Air Base mortuary, where the remains of most war dead return. The revelations came after a four-year inquiry by the widow of Sgt. Scott Smith, who was killed in July 2006 as part of a bomb-disposal unit. She kept asking about where his remains were placed and eventually got the answer.

The families of the dead authorized the military to dispose of the remains respectfully and with dignity. They were unaware of the landfill dumping, and Air Force officials told the newspaper they have no plans now to alert the families.

Military policy or regulations did not formally authorize the practice. The mortuary has handled the remains of more than 6,300 troops since 2001.

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Iraqi forces block ISIL’s escape route to Syria

DAMASCUS, SYRIA - The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (Hashd Al-Sha'abi) began their military operations in the western countryside of Mosul on Saturday, targeting the vast area between the provincial capital and Syrian border.

Backed by Iraqi airstrikes, the Popular Mobilization Units managed to liberate 7 villages encompassing nearly 35km of territory in western Mosul, leaving the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) without a proper exit route to Syria.

With the Popular Mobilization Forces' assault on Saturday, the Islamic State is now forced to find an alternative route to Syria via Mosul.

While the PMU attack Mosul's western flank, the Iraqi Armed Forces positioned at the southern and eastern outskirts have halted their military operations in order to consolidate their gains, the Iraqi Ministry of Defense reported on Friday.

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FBI reopens Clinton investigation as new emails found ‒ Comey

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton © Carlos Barria
The FBI has learned of more emails involving Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she headed the State Department, FBI Director James Comey told several members of Congress, telling them he is reopening the investigation.
“In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of email that appear to be pertinent” to Clinton’s investigation, Comey wrote to the chairs of several relevant congressional committees, adding that he was briefed about the messages on Thursday. 

“I agree that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation.”
FBI Director Comey, in letter to members of Congress, says FBI is investigating additional emails in Clinton private server case

The FBI director cautioned, however, that the bureau has yet to assess the importance of the material, and that he doesn’t know how long that will take.

In response to Comey’s letter, Hillary Clinton has called on the FBI to release whatever information it has about the newly obtained emails ‘without delay.’

I’ve now seen Director Comey’s letter to Congress. We are 11 days out from perhaps the most important election of our lifetimes, voting is already underway — so the American people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately,the presidential candidate said at a press conference during a campaign event at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Iowa.

The director himself has said he doesn’t know whether the emails referenced in his letter are significant or not. I’m confident whatever they are will not change the conclusion reached in July [when FBI decided against prosecuting Clinton due to lack of grounds]. Therefore it’s imperative that the bureau explain this issue without any delay,” Clinton stressed.

Following the FBI investigation and interviews with Clinton in July, it was decided she will not be prosecuted as there was not sufficient evidence to indict her. James Comey at the time called Clinton “extremely careless,” but said there were no grounds to prosecute her. 

Clinton noted that the FBI had not yet contacted her with regard to this new information, and that therefore she was unaware what facts became known to the bureau that forced it to reopen the investigation against her.

We have not been contacted by anyone. First we knew about it is, I assume, when you knew about it, when this letter sent to Republican members of the House was released. So we don’t know the facts, which is why we are calling on the FBI to release all the information that it has,” she urged once more.

FBI Dir just informed me, "The FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation." Case reopened

Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-Virginia), chair of the House Judiciary Committee, praised the decision to reopen the case.

“Now that the FBI has reopened the matter, it must conduct the investigation with impartiality and thoroughness,” he said in a statement. “The American people deserve no less and no one should be above the law.”

Almost 15,000 new Clinton emails were discovered in September, but it's unclear if the announced investigation relates to them or other correspondence. The newly discovered emails are not related to Wikileaks or the Clinton Foundation, law enforcement sources told CNN’s Evan Perez. 

The messages were not found on the private email server in the Clintons’ New York residence, a government source told Reuters.

The emails were apparently discovered as part of the sexting probe into former Representative Anthony Weiner (D-New York), the New York Times reported. His electronic devices, as well as those belonging to his wife, senior Clinton aide Huma Abedin, were seized during that investigation.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) renewed his call for Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to “suspend all classified briefings for Secretary Clinton until this matter is fully resolved.”

“Yet again, Hillary Clinton has nobody but herself to blame,” Ryan said in a statement. “This decision, long overdue, is the result of her reckless use of a private email server, and her refusal to be forthcoming with federal investigators.”

Kellyanne Conway, Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign manager, applauded the decision.

“That is superb. That is extraordinary news for the American people,” she told Yahoo News. "A great day in our campaign just got even better," she tweeted.

campaign manager hears news of new FBI probe into emails live during our intv

“They are reopening the case into her criminal and illegal conduct that threatens the security of the United States,” Trump said in Manchester, New Hampshire, 10 minutes after learning about the reopening of the case. “We must not let her take her criminal scheme into the Oval Office.”

“I have great respect for the fact that the FBI and the Department of Justice have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made,” he said. “This was a grave miscarriage of justice that the American people fully understand, and it is everybody’s hope that it is about to be corrected.”

“With that being said, the rest of my speech is going to be so boring. Should I even make the speech?” he joked before turning to his prepared remarks.

The “FBI reopening investigation isn’t an October surprise, it’s an October nuclear explosion,” conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro wrote as part of a tweetstorm, adding that “Comey [is] trying to cover his a** 11 days before [the] election” and wondering if a “pre-emptive impeachment of a president elect” is possible because “the odds on President Tim Kaine just rose substantially.”

An ‘October Surprise‘ is a major event that happens in the month before the election that affects the outcome of the vote.

In response to the announcement, the Democratic Coalition Against Trump filed a complaint with the Department of Justice against Comey.

“It is absolutely absurd that FBI Director Comey would support Donald Trump like this with only 11 days to go before the election,” Scott Dworkin, senior advisor to the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, said in a statement. “It is an obvious attack from a lifelong Republican who used to serve in the Bush White House, just to undermine her campaign. Comey needs to focus on stopping terrorists and protecting America, not investigating our soon to be President-Elect Hillary Clinton.”

Stocks fell after Comey’s announcement, CNBC reported.

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The Clinton Scandals Overwhelm The Campaign, Media Can No Longer Hold Back The Floodgates

Wikileaks Explodes! MSNBC/WSJ/NYT/WashPo! Media Blackout Ending! Chelsea Comes Clean!

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B y Project Clarity
The Clinton corruption is now being covered by MSM. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Bloomberg , and Washington Post. 
The tide has turned. 
Wikileaks has finally burst the Clinton bubble. 
There is no turning back now. 
There has been a media blackout for months while the MSM kept blaming everything on the Russians. 
Seems that barrier is now broken and the truth is coming out big time. Trump will be all over this in his rallies. 
Even if Hillary becomes president, the Clintons are going down. 

She should withdraw and go into hiding!
UN Expert Warns EU, Canada Against Signing CETA Deal Without Referendums 

© REUTERS/ Yves Herman  29.10.2016
The EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is deeply flawed and should not be signed or ratified without a referendum in each state, a United Nations rights expert said. 
MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The CETA deal is set to be signed on Sunday at an EU-Canada summit.
"The corporate-driven agenda gravely endangers labour, health and other social legislation, and there is no justification to fast-track it … Civil society should demand referendums on the approval of CETA or any other such mega-treaty that has been negotiated behind closed doors," Alfred de Zayas, the UN Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order, said Friday, as quoted by the UN Geneva Office.
According to de Zayas, the European Union should have taken notice of expert warnings regarding the deal, as well as the opposition of the civil society to it.
"CETA – along with most trade and investment agreements – is fundamentally flawed unless specific provision stipulates that the regulatory power of States is paramount and must not be impacted by a regulatory chill." 
CETA aims to establish a free trade zone between Canada and the European Union. In 2013, Ottawa and Brussels reached an agreement on key elements of the deal. European critics of CETA claim it would undermine standards and regulations on environmental protection, health and safety and workers' rights. 
The agreement was at first blocked by Belgium’s French-speaking region of Wallonia but on Thursday Prime Minister Charles Michel said that the parties had finally managed to reach consensus.

Intelligence Director “Wouldn’t Put It Past” Russia to Fire at U.S. Aircraft in Syria

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Hillary Clinton has proposed establishing a no-fly zone in Syria, but Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Tuesday that such a move could lead Russia to shoot down U.S. planes.

“I wouldn’t put it past them to shoot down an American aircraft if they felt that was threatening to their forces on the ground,” Clapper said during a talk at the Council of Foreign Relations.

Russia recently deployed mobile S-400 and S-300 missile batteries to Western Syria, which are capable of shooting down aircraft and cruise missiles. Clapper signaled that they posed a threat to American planes should the U.S. try to institute a no-fly zone in Syria.

“The system they have there is very advanced, very capable,” said Clapper, “and I don’t think they’d do it – deploy it – if they didn’t have some intention to use it.”

In the past, Clinton has called for “safe zones” and “no-fly zones” in Syria. During the third presidential debate last week, moderator Chris Wallace asked Clinton whether she would fire on Russian aircraft that were violating a U.S.-imposed no-fly zone. 
She did not answer the question, saying only that a no-fly zone “would take a lot of negotiation,” and that she thinks she could “strike a deal” where Russian planes would avoid no-fly zones.

General Joseph Dunford, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a Senate panel last month that for the U.S. to “control all of the airspace in Syria, it would require us to go to war, against Syria and Russia.”

President Obama dismissed calls for a no-fly zone last year, calling the idea “half-baked.”

George Soros meddles in Russian politics, calls on Russians to “stop Vladimir Putin” to save Syrian Jihadis

Openly meddling in Russian politics, George Soros calls on Russians to rise up against Vladimir Putin to save Jihadis in Syria.
Billionaire investor, George Soros, has criticised Russia’s operation to fight ISIS in Syria, accusing President Vladimir Putin of “exploiting a power void in the White House ahead of the upcoming U.S. presidential elections.”

On the website of his Open Society Foundation Soros called on Russians to stop Putin:
“I appeal to the people of Russia, Europe, and the rest of the world not to stand idly by, but to spread the word and voice their outrage. An outpouring of public opinion could induce President Putin to put an end to his heinous crimes against humanity.”
So far, the outrage in Russia is about Soros and his meddling in Russia, Georgia and Ukraine.

While Soros’s foundations closed their offices in Russia in 2003, Soros continued to disburse grants to a number of civil society groups.

In July 2015, two branches of Soros” charity network – the Open Society Foundation and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation were banned in Russia for the activities, which were deemed to be “a threat to the foundations of Russia’s Constitutional order and national security.” Russia’s General Prosecutor’s Office added the two groups to Russia’s list of undesirable foreign organisations.

Two Soros’s foundations were among the other 12, so-called “patriotic stop-list,” approved by Russian senators that “required immediate attention over their supposed anti-Russian activities.” 

Other groups on the list included the National Endowment for Democracy; the International Republican Institute; the National Democratic Institute; the MacArthur Foundation and Freedom House.

According to Russian politician, Konstantin Kosachev, these organisations
“…..criticise Russia at any chance and are trying to gain external control over the situation in our country and over our people”.
There is a widely circulating belief in Russia, corroborated by the investigative journalist, Wayne Madsen, that Soros was behind mass protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2011-12 and was planning to overthrow Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Luxury car sales skyrocket in Ukraine's cash-strapped capital

Kiev, Ukraine © Gleb Garanich
Despite the economic crisis gripping Ukraine, sales of luxury vehicles in the capital Kiev have surged by fifty percent this year, local daily Vesti quotes Automobile Manufacturers Association data.
The report says 13,931 new cars were sold in Ukraine's capital, an increase of 55 percent compared to 2015. Sales of Lexus surged 165 percent, Mercedes 90 percent, BWM sales increased by 51 percent. Range Rover and Porsche showed sales growth of 65 percent.

Top politicians and businessmen account for the increase in demand for luxury cars, according the head of the Ukrainian Association of Automobile Importers and Dealers Oleg Nazarenko.

“Status as well as necessity to constantly get around using good and reliable cars obliges the owners to upgrade their vehicle fleet on the first failure. These people have neither opportunity nor wish to spare time on car service centers and waiting for a vehicle to be fixed,” he told the newspaper.

Sales of mid-priced vehicles have also increased, according to the association. Renault Logan, Volkswagen Polo and KIA Sportage were the segment leaders.

“People didn’t know what would happen the next day; they watched their money, buying only bare essentials. Businessmen were not sure if they could work in Ukraine or would have to urgently leave. Now citizens are getting adjusted to the new living conditions and spending their savings,” said Nazarenko, stressing the colossal black economy with backdoor salaries is still a regular feature of Ukraine.

Ukrainian gas bills double in exchange for IMF aid

At the same time, Ukrainians’ income fell 22 percent last year, according to the country's State Statistics Committee. Data from the Ukrainian Association of Suppliers to Retail Chains showed that sales of food decreased by 20 percent in the first six month of this year.

Breaking! Hillary Has MASSIVE Meltdown-This Could Be Huge

*Please Share This So Every Voter Can See Who They Are Putting In Charge Of This Country If They Vote For Hillary
According to the technical crew at MSNBC, after Hillary Clinton's interview with Matt Lauer at the Commander and Chief forum on September 7th, she had a massive tirade that she wouldn't allow to be filmed.
The reported: According to an email forwarded to us late last night, which originated from a Comcast email address, the technical crew for NBC which produced the event is now speaking out about what took place moments after Clinton walked off the set – a massive profanity-laced tirade aimed at NBC’s host, Matt Lauer. It turned out that Clinton had been fed all the questions for approval in advance of the forum.
 But then, after the approval, Matt Lauer had had a change of heart and he started his questioning with an unapproved line concerning Clinton’s use of an illegal private server for her sometimes classified, work-related emails. According to a Comcast official (the parent company of NBC Universal) who apparently was quoting those on the set: “When Matt posed the one legitimate question about the FBI investigation concerning her homemade server and the unsecured emails, we could see she was beginning to boil.”
 According to an NBC Associate Producer of the Forum, as soon as Clinton got off the set, she exploded.
 “Hillary proceeded to pick up a full glass of water and throw it at the face of her assistant, and the screaming started.” “She was in a full meltdown and no one on her staff dared speak with her – she went kind of manic and didn’t have any control over herself at that point.” “How these people work with this woman is amazing to me. She really didn’t seem to care who heard any of it.”
 “You really had to see this to believe it. She came apart – literally unglued; she is the most foul-mouthed woman I’ve ever heard … and that voice at screech level … awful!” “She screamed she’d get that f… Lauer fired for this.” Referring to Donald Trump, Clinton said: “If that f – – – ing bastard wins, we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s finished…and if I lose it’s all on your heads for screwing this up"

ECONOMY UPGRADE: Russia’s economic management receives multiple endorsements

Successful eurobond sale in September, credit upgrade by Fitch, and sharp improvement in World Bank Ease of Doing Business ranking, all confirm effectiveness of Russian government's economic policies, amidst strengthening recovery.
As economic recovery in Russia continues to gain hold, Russia has received authoritative endorsement both for its successful macroeconomic policies and for its rapidly improving business conditions.

The US credit rating agency Fitch on 14th October 2016 upgraded Russia’s rating from BBB- (negative) to BBB- (stable).

Normally I pay no attention to ratings decisions by US credit rating agencies, which have been proved repeatedly wrong, and which in Russia’s case are blatantly politicised. 

Back in 2015, during the worst period of the recession, I pointed out how obviously and completely wrong the decisions of the US credit rating agencies to downgrade Russia’s credit rating at that time were.

The market clearly agrees with me.  Fitch’s Russia rating is only just investment grade, whilst those of S&P and Moody’s actually give Russia a junk rating.  In spite of this – and as I predicted – Russia’s last eurobond issue in September was six times oversubscribed, with almost the entirety of the issue on this occasion sold to US investors.  Even the Western financial media has been finally forced to admit that Russia’s latest eurobond issue was a success.

If I refer to Fitch’s latest upgrade of Russia’s rating, it is not because I agree with Fitch’s rating of Russia (I don’t) but because of what Fitch has to say about Russia’s economic policy
“Russia has implemented a coherent and credible policy response to the sharp fall in oil prices. A flexible exchange rate, inflation targeting, fiscal consolidation and financial sector support have allowed the economy to adjust and domestic confidence to return gradually.
The strength and quality of the policy response stands out relative to those of other oil producers similarly affected by the oil price shock.”
(bold italics added)
In other words Russia has responded to the oil price fall intelligently and successfully – more so than have the other oil producers. 
In his State of the Union address of 20th January 2015 US President Obama famously gloated
“today, it is America that stands strong and united with our allies, while Russia is isolated with its economy in tatters.”
Judging by the success of its latest eurobond issue, and the credit upgrade Russia has just been given by Fitch, neither the market nor even Fitch agree with him. 

Meanwhile Russia’s World Bank Ease of Doing Business ranking continues its rapid rise. 
In 2011 Russia’s ranking was 123 in the survey out of 183.  By 2014 it had risen to 62 out of 189, by 2015 to 51 out of 189, and in this year’s survey it has risen again to 40 out of 190. 

When I discussed last year’s survey I made the point that the dramatic improvement in Russia’s World Bank Ease of Doing Business ranking is simply incompatible with Russia being the corrupt kleptocracy of the West’s imagination
“In corrupt kleptocratic oligarchies courts do not function efficiently, contracts are not performed and enforced, rights of minority shareholders are not protected, and people are not able to register their property easily and do not pay their taxes.”
I also pointed out that the rapid improvement of Russia’s World Bank Ease of Doing Business ranking proves that the claim that Russia is not “reforming” its economy is quite simply wrong.  Russia is not only continuously reforming its economy, but it is doing so successfully
“……the demand for more and more “reforms” simply ignores the fact that reforms are in fact being carried out.
Anyone who reads through the World Bank’s annual surveys will see that they are all about “reforms”. It is precisely because Russia is carrying out “reforms” that its ranking is rising so fast.
To be clear, modernising the court system, introducing a new bankruptcy law, simplifying procedures for connecting to the electricity supply, and passing laws on registering property and on administering bankruptcy, are reforms.
They may lack the drama of breaking up Gazprom, but academic research, historical experience and the World Bank all say the same thing: it is these sort of unexciting reforms that in the end are the ones that make a difference and which produce results.
In other words Russia is reforming, and it is doing so successfully, in a methodical and purposeful way.
Doing so requires hard work and unremitting attention to detail. The Russian authorities deserve credit for successfully doing it, not the criticism for doing nothing that they normally get.”
I also made an extended point about what Russia’s ranking in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business survey says about the overall level of Russia’s society and economy.   
The continued advance in Russia’s ranking to 40th in the world shows that this point remains valid, so I reproduce it here in full
“The second point is that if one looks at what sort of countries now outrank Russia in the survey, it turns out that they are – broadly speaking – the three Asian industrial giants: Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, the two Asian city states of Hong Kong and Singapore, and the traditional and well established industrialised societies of the West: the US, the three rich countries of the British commonwealth (Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and most (though not all) the states of the EU – in sum what was once called “the first world”.
If one removes the one indicator where Russia scores especially badly, Trading Across Borders – for which there are special reasons (see above) – Russia becomes even more clearly aligned with these “first world” countries rather than with those countries that make up what used to be called “the third world”.
The Russian government’s target is to achieve 20th place in the World Bank’s ease of doing business survey by 2018. That may be too optimistic, though it is worth pointing out that the target for this year was 50th, which Russia only missed by one place.
If Russia does achieve a ranking of 20th in the world by 2018 then it will be right in the middle of the “first world” group of countries rather than just outside it. At that point it will also have one of the best business climates in the world.
Even if Russia does not achieve 20th position by 2018, the pace of improvement in the rankings is so fast it suggests Russia will break in fully in terms of quality of its business climate into the list of “first world” countries before long.”
Inevitably, as Russia’s position in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business survey has rapidly improved, some commentators both in the West and Russia have cast doubt on the survey, even though its methodology is rigorous (originating apparently with Harvard University) and even though it is based on thorough field work.   Needless to say these are the same commentators who regularly cited the survey when Russia’s ranking in it was poor.

There is in fact no reason to think the rapid rise in Russia’s position in the survey does not reflect actual business conditions.  As I said in my discussion of last year’s survey, its results were anecdotally confirmed to me in a meeting I had with a group of local businessmen in Perm. 

A far more authoritative person has now come forward and said the same thing.  This is German Gref, the single individual who is perhaps best informed about conditions for businesses in Russia because he is the CEO of Sberbank, Russia’s biggest bank, which is the national (as opposed to local) bank that small businesses in Russia are most likely to look to for credit. 

Gref stands politically at the farthest liberal end of the spectrum of Russia’s political and economic establishment, and he is far from shy about criticising the government, which he does frequently.  Yet in a meeting with Putin on 4th August 2016 he confirmed the improvement in business conditions in Russia
“I think that the environment that we will have in place by the end of 2016, when all of the legal amendments take effect, will mean that Russia will be offering one of the most interesting and technologically convenient environments for small businesses.”
(bold italics added)
Because of the extremely poor relations between the West and Russia, Russia’s economy and its economic management are continuously and relentlessly criticised in a way which plays well to Western prejudice but which grossly distorts understanding of the country and its government.

Russia’s highly conservative macroeconomic policies emphasising tight budget discipline (the federal budget deficit at the peak of the recession was 3% of GDP, roughly the same as that of the US and below that of Britain during their ‘recoveries’, with the Russian government planning to cut the deficit by 1% of GDP over each coming year), low taxes (income tax is levied at a flat rate of 13%), high real interest rates (currently around 4% above inflation), open financial markets, low debt (government debt in Russia is 17.7% of GDP compared to 104% in the US, 229% in Japan, 89% in Britain, 96% in France and 71% in Germany), low external debt (roughly 20% of Russia’s GDP, compared to 114% of the US’s, 570% of Britain’s, 220% of France’s, 145% of Germany’s and 60% of Japan’s) and floating exchange rate, have in reality enabled Russia – as Fitch says – to adjust rapidly and very successfully to the fall in oil prices.

At the same time the rapid improvement in business conditions shown by the rapid rise of Russia’s ranking in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business survey shows that Russia is also working hard and successfully at getting its microeconomic conditions right.

In other words the people who run Russia’s economy know their job and by and large they do it well. 
That does not mean they are infallible.  In my opinion interest rates are far too high, with the 4% inflation target for next year in danger of becoming a fetish.  

However compared to the appalling mismanagement one sees elsewhere, far from being the collapsing kleptocratic empire of Western fancy, Russia looks like an island of stability and good sense.

The Norwegian traitor, who used to be against NATO, is now in front of NATO 

which has become nothing but a terror organization and the worst threat to piece since Adolf Hitler!!  

As PM in Norway he supported both Obama and giving away hundreds of millions to Clinton Foundation.  

That's how and why he became the Secretary General of NATO.  

Profile photoVidar Myrvold

  Belgium:Oct 27, 2016 
NATO, UK deploying troops, jets to E. Europe 'to prevent conflict' – Stoltenberg

NATO is increasing its presence in the former Soviet-bloc “to prevent a conflict”, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stated from Brussels, Thursday. 

Speaking following a meeting between NATO defence ministers and High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini, Stoltenberg said that "NATO is able to defend all allies against any threat. We have adapted our collective defence, we have increased the readiness and the preparedness of all our forces and we have increased our presence in eastern part of the alliance just to make sure that we, in a more challenging security environment with more Russian military presence close to our borders, continue to deliver credible defence.”

Russian MoD slams UNICEF & West’s blindness to ‘real’ school attacks by terrorists

© Abdalrhman Ismail
After providing evidence that Wednesday’s attack on an Idlib school was apparently staged, Russian military officials have identified several other schools in Syria that have actually been targeted by bombings in the last 24 hours alone.
“On Thursday, a gas canister and a mine landed in classroom in Ḩadaiq al-Andalus, launched from eastern Aleppo, an area controlled by the terrorists. Three students died and ten more children had to be hospitalized,” said Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov.

“At the same time, rebels were shelling a humanitarian aid corridor next to a school in the Al-Mashariq district, which is used to enable civilians to leave the city. Twelve people died, and more than 20 were injured,” he added. “Why do UNICEF and certain members of the UN Security Council [UNSC] persistently refuse to pay any attention to that?”

Shortly after Moscow’s criticism, UNICEF did in fact mention the western Aleppo incident in a statement that condemned attacks on schools in Syria as “simply inhuman” atrocities that “should deepen our disgust and outrage.”

Konashenkov’s words came a day after Anthony Lake, executive director of UNICEF, recited “reports” of the alleged airstrike on a school in Idlib, in which 22 children and six adults supposedly died, and labeled the incident a potential “war crime.” The United States and France, likely the UNSC members referenced by Konashenkov, swiftly declared that the Russian or the Syrian air force was responsible for the incident.

The Russian Defense Ministry issued a report debunking the Idlib attack on Thursday, after it sent out a drone to investigate the site and found no signs of aerial bombardment. 

Moscow also said that a widely-circulated photo from the school belied the allegations, and that video evidence of the strike had been edited together by the White Helmets, a Western-sponsored civil response group with ties to jihadists operating in Syria.

Last week, Russia paused its joint offensive with Syrian government troops on eastern Aleppo, which is held by an assortment of armed groups fighting alongside the Al-Nusra Front, an Al-Qaeda affiliate.

Konashenkov said that Islamist militants were “taking advantage” of the fact that the Russian air force “has not approached a 10 km zone surrounding Aleppo for the past ten days.”

“Using our lack of flights, each day the terrorists are intensifying attacks from artillery and homemade rocket launchers, which have been mounted in the Western [rebel-controlled] part of the city,” he said.

On Wednesday night, despite the ongoing humanitarian pause, terrorists in eastern part of the city once again opened sniper fire on around 40 civilians who were trying to escape the rebel-controlled area.

“The terrorists continue indiscriminately shelling residential districts of the city with makeshift rocket launchers, blocking the civilians from leaving using the humanitarian corridors,” said Konashenkov.

Putin: Russia is not going to attack anyone

Putin: Russia is not going to attack anyone. 59132.jpeg



Russia is not going to attack anyone - this is silly and unimaginable, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking Thursday at the final plenary session of the annual meeting of Vaildai International Discussion Club. The topic of the meeting is "The philosophy of international development for the new world."

According to Putin, the West has been producing a great deal of myths about the "notorious Russian military threat."

"Indeed, this is a profitable activity, as one can obtain new military budgets and bend allies for the interests of the only superpower, one can also expand NATO and take the infrastructure of the alliance, its troops and hardware, closer to our borders," Putin said.

President Putin called NATO an obsolete structure that was established in the times of the cold war. One does not see any adaptation of the alliance to new conditions, even though they talk about it all the time, Putin said.

He also noted that there are continuous attempts being made to make the OSCE a tool to serve someone's foreign policy interests, despite the fact that the organization still remains an important mechanism to ensure European and transatlantic security. As a result, this mechanism works for nothing, the president said.

Putin stressed out that Russia did not aspire to global domination and expansion.

"There are many countries in the world that, like Russia, can rely on thousand-year history. We have learned to value our identity, freedom and independence. At the same time, we do not seek either global domination, expansion or confrontation with anyone," Putin said.