lørdag 26. november 2016

Breaking: AFU try to break through in DPR

Today at 10 am the adversary has attempted to attack our positions in the area of Vodyanoye, near Kominternovo, using up to 3 personnel squads, armored vehicles, under the cover of fire from 82 and 122mm mortars from the settlement Shirokino.

During the firefight the adversary was stopped and setback to the initial positions. The adversary losses have amounted to 5 killed and 8 injured. The Ukrainian forces`APC was destroyed.

The fact is obvious of an attempt of the National Guard of Ukraine to follow the directions of the Minister of Internal Affairs Avakov on the so-called liberation of Donbass, and also on destabilization of the situation in the Republic by way of committing the terrorist attacks on its territory.
We warn that such attempts will be suppressed and for the Minister of Internal Affairs, instead of giving criminal orders, better to prepare explanations to the Ukrainian mothers on the fact of their sons death.
DONi News Agency