søndag 27. november 2016

Map Update: Syrian Army, Kurds continue steamrolling in east Aleppo as rebels mass retreat

ALEPPO, SYRIA - Following a string of advances that had the Syrian Armed Forces capture over half a dozen east Aleppo districts, the Syrian Army supported by the local YPG from Sheikh Maqsoud would proceed to seize control of the Hallak Al-Fukani, Hallak Al-Tahtani, and Bustan Al-Basha districts.

The infamous Liwa'a Al-Quds (Palestinian paramilitary force native to Aleppo) would then proceed to capture Inzarat neighborhood after launching a powerful assault on this axis as reports increasingly suggest that the rebel forces are packing up their presence in the adjacent Haydariyah district that is expected to fall in the coming hours.

This Kurdish-SAA cooperation is not unique to those circumstances. Previously, Kurdish forces have fought along the Syrian Army in the battle for Bani Zaid and Shuqeif Industrial District. 

Notably, there also exists a baseline of coordination in the battles against the Islamic State terror group in Aleppo's eastern countryside where both factions see a mutual danger in the Turkish encroachment on Al-Bab.