tirsdag 22. november 2016

Michelle Obama’s Fashion Designer Refuses To “Dress” Melania Trump [Video]

Oh Thank you Jesus !!

Liberals are the most intolerant, low-info idiots on the planet.

These morons do not work with “facts” or live in “reality.”

Dummies like fashion designer Sophie Theallet think border walls and proper refugee vetting are RACIST.

They get their information from FAKE NEWS outlets like CNN, who spread these lies and fake news like wildfire.

Now, this (horrid) designer has penned a dopey “open letter” claiming she will not dress Melania Trump.

Um, ok, but did Melania ask her to?
After looking back at Michelle’s “style” I HIGHLY doubt it……001-mo


Fred Johs:
Does not believe that Melania is particularly upset - Would rather believe she will look at the whole thing as a big relief and deliverance