onsdag 23. november 2016

Today's top comedy - Poroshenko: 
Let EU learn from us how to love Europe
Poroshenko's version of; "Day of dignity and freedom "


The President of Ukraine Poroshenko is sure that the Euro-skeptics in the EU should learn the ‘struggle for the European values’ from the Ukrainians.

He said this, speaking in Kiev on November 21, on the occasion of the «Day of dignity and freedom».

‘Looking at the pictures of «Euromaidan» and receiving the polls, we can say that Ukraine is the most Euro-optimistic country in Europe,’ boasted Poroshenko.

‘And when in some EU countries there is Euro-scepticism, let them learn from us how to love Europe, how to fight for the European values ​​and how to reform the state,’ admonished the President of the Ukrainian State.