søndag 27. november 2016

'We Will Not Tolerate Pressure': Greece to Allow Resupply of Russian Warships

 Udaloy class destroyer of the Russian Federation Navy RFS Vice Admiral Kulakov
© Photo: Wikipedia Tech  25.11.2016
Athens will not tolerate any external pressure to deprive Russian warships of refueling in Greek ports.
ATHENS (Sputnik) — Athens will continue allowing Russian warships to resupply in Greek ports and will not tolerate any pressure in regard to its relations with Moscow, a source in the Greek Defense Ministry said Friday. 
 "Everything will be fine with the Russian fleet, they [the Russian warships] will be able to dock and will be properly resupplied in Greece," the source told RIA Novosti. 
"And, of course, we will not tolerate any pressure regarding a ban on refueling Russian vessels. 
 All discussions on this issue have been stopped," the source said.