tirsdag 22. november 2016

'WTF White Helmets': Bizarre ‘mannequin challenge’ in Syrian warzone (VIDEO)

White Helmets forgot to cut the beginning of this staged video where the actors wait for the sound effects

A video that appears to show members of Syria’s White Helmets partaking in the popular “Mannequin Challenge” with an injured man is causing confusion online after going viral. 
With over 200,000 views on Facebook the video has left many bewildered as to its authenticity. Two men wearing the logo of the White Helmets, a western-funded civil defense network in Syria, are filmed in a frozen pose along with the man, whose legs are covered by debris.
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Similar to the popular online craze in which participants remain still throughout the video, the camera spins around the scene with the three men featured not moving. Unlike the viral trend, however, the men then suddenly break into movement as the man is removed from the rubble.

The video was first posted online by the Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office (RFS), an anti-Assad media outlet. #MannequinChallenge was in the video’s title along with “edge of death.”

The audio track used in the first 24 seconds of the video differs from the natural sounds heard after that point with multiple voices and sirens audible. It is not clear how the audio has been edited.

The RFS has not revealed the location where the video was filmed, nor the date it was recorded.

Comments on Twitter claimed the video as proof that the White Helmets are “pure theatre,” with one user saying “don't know if they deserve the Nobel prize or an oscar.”

The video was not shared on the White Helmets' social media pages and has since been removed from RFS social media.

Controversy has surrounded the organization which independent researcher and journalist Vanessa Beeley told RT were “a fraudulent shadow-state construct created by NATO to simply propagate the propaganda that will demonize Assad’s government and also demonize Russian legal intervention in Syria.”

The organization, which claims to be “non-governmental” and “neutral,” admitted to RT that their funding comes from several western states including the US, UK and Germany.

RT contacted RFS for comment on the video but no response has yet been received.