mandag 5. desember 2016

Azov Leader: Ukraine’s economy destroyed, Donbass lost

The economy of Ukraine is destroyed, and Donbass is lost, oligarchical clans’ war began in the country. Such result three years after the revolution’s ouset was stated on air of the talk-show People.

 Hard Talk by the Verkhovna Rada deputy Andrey Biletsky, the founder of the nationalist regiment Azov.

According to him, current Ukrainian authorities are ready to leave and will dart off once the "ship" leaks.
"There is going on an internal war of all against all – all the political elite, clans, parties, power brokers – all are at war against all, we don't see any consolidation of society. And in this operated chaos the president stays afloat playing off all this.
Thus far we have lost Donbass. We shouldn’t deceive thebselves. We have "victory" in Ilovaisk, "victory" in Debaltsevo, "victory" in the airport. At the moment we observe a loss.
We have been destroying economy during this time, turned into a clan of ‘placeholders’ packed and ready to go if this vessel begins sinking," stated Biletsky.
DONi News Agency