fredag 9. desember 2016

DONi Video & Report: Ukrainian army deliberately shells civilians settlements in Donetsk suburbs

Yesterday morning DONi News Team went to Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) war torn village of Spartak. An area which is daily under Ukrainian army’s fire. Video and written report describes the situation, while solidarity is organised to help them survive in the middle of winter.

Despite the constant shelling, some locals choose to remain in their homes, while others have no other place to go.

"We travelled to the area with Alyosha and Oleg from a humanitarian fund to delivery candles (240 pieces for 3120 rubles) that we bought, and a huge bag of matches from the humanitarian fund. The people who survive here in the basements have no gas, no water and no electicity. In these conditions, matches and candles are essential goods.

Arriving in Spartak we met the inhabitants at a makeshift building that functions as a kitchen, as people have to live in their basements to survive to the constant shellings. The women told us that they personally use shovels to clear the roads in the area from snow.

While on the road from Spartak we received information about the past night shellings in the vicinity of Spartak, in the Kuybyshevsky district. We decide thus to go there and assess the situation.

When arriving, the damages from the shootings were immediately clear; there were craters on the road, cut electric wires were hanging from the poles, houses had damaged roofs and windows were broken.

According to the DPR authorities 13 houses had been damaged in the shelling and three civilians had been wounded. They further specified that the numerous craters and shrapnels indicated that 152mm artillery shells had been used during this shelling.

While at the area we visited the yard of an old woman, who had had a shell land right in her garden. The impact had destroyed the garden and caused damage to the house, including breaking the windows.

As this old woman stated, the Ukrainian soldiers are “destroyers… People build and repair and they came, bombed, destroyed, they intentionally fire at localities, now it's cold weather and how we should live? Good that my windows at least somehow are repaired and that house is completely destroyed…”
Repair work had already begun at her house and we decided to help by driving back to the town and purchasing plastic sheeting to temporarily repair the broken windows.

OSCE was nowhere to be seen, but they did arrive just as we were exiting the area. Unfortunately, as was reported by Patrick Lancaster, they only stayed in the area for a very short time and did not conduct any investigation on the direction of the shells.

Corroborating Lancaster’s and DPR army's investigation, it is easy to come to the conclusion that the shells were fired from Peski, an area, near Donetsk airport, which is occupied by the Ukrainian army.

This settlement is at more than 5 km front the front line and from the closest positions of the DPR army. Thus the Ukrainian army has deliberately shelled a civilian area, far from any military position, committing once again a war crime, in the middle of winter.

A new war crime on which the Western countries keep oddly silence..."

DONi Press CenterJarmo Ekman and Christelle Néant