søndag 4. desember 2016

He asked me, "Who are the White Helmets?
From the heart of eastern areas of Aleppo controlled by terrorists, **supposed** White-Helmets (al Qaeda) land. This post is about a resident who has NEVER heard of these creatures, nor has anyone he knows (and also the cruelty of the west's "moderates" in denying medical care to a dangerously ill woman):
"I am trying to help a sick women in a TERRORIST controlled hospital in East Aleppo. 

I asked her husband on the phone if the WHITE HELMETS were the ones who transported her to the hospital today. He asked me, "Who are the White Helmets?" 

I explained quickly who they are. 

He stated, that as of 2 1/2 years of life in East Aleppo under terrorist occupation, he and his neighbors, and the whole neighborhood have never seen anyone in a White Helmet, or anyone helping save people, or any one pulling people from rubble, or any ambulances of any type.

He said he had never heard of any White Helmet group in East Aleppo, and since he has no electricity he can not see them on TV, or on CNN or BBC or on Facebook. 

He told me repeatedly, that I must be dreaming, because there is no such thing as White Helmets. 
He thought I was delusional, dreaming up a factious group, who don't exist except in the Western Media, and the Noble peace Prize committee. 
He is begging the terrorists to allow his wife to be transported to a Razi Hospital, but they refuse."
Written by -Lilly Martin Sahiounie 


Eva Bartlett
When I was in Aleppo, I asked people and doctors if they had heard of the WH (al-Qaeda with a facelift) and the answer was a resounding NO... except for a couple of cases wherein they had only simply due to researching the propaganda and lies...