torsdag 8. desember 2016

Putin rewarded 'Doctor Liza' for human rights activities in Donbass and Syria

By the decree of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, the State Award of the Russian Federation is given with a title of laureate of State Award of the Russian Federation for outstanding achievements in the sphere of human rights activities to Elizaveta Glinka, executive director of international public organization «Fair help»

Elizaveta Glinka thanked for the first award and referred President`s acknowledgement to all colleagues protecting human rights. 
"The main right is a right on life. In this challenging time it is ruthlessly violated. It is very hard for me to see killed and injured children of Donbass, ill and killed children of Syria. We are human rights activists and we are apolitical. We are on the side of peace, dialog and cooperation with all people. I cannot but mention killed doctors in Syria, about killed doctors from Donetsk, about hundreds of killed Donbass children, and thousands of children, buried in Syria. We cherish the memory of them", doctor Liza said.
Glinka's statement is seen in RT News video in time 3:44.
"Tomorrow I will fly to Donetsk, and then to Syria. As well as dozens of other volunteers involved in the humanitarian activities. We are never sure that we would return back alive, because war is a hell on earth. And I know what I am talking about.  But we do believe that goodness, compassion and mercy are more powerful than any kind of weapons", doctor Glinka said.
DONi News Agency