torsdag 1. desember 2016

Ukrainian Defense Ministry: Russia Massing Troops. Invasion Imminent. This Time for Real, We Promise!

55,000 Russian stormtroopers are massing "near" Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. This can mean only one thing!
They're coming. Again.

They're coming. Again.

It's an established fact that Russia has been constantly invading Ukraine for the last two years. But did you know that Russia has also been "massing" troops on Ukraine's border, presumably as a decoy to distract from the multiple, ongoing invasions? 
Let's review:
We had to limit our list for the sake of time, and personal sanity. But as any thoughtful news consumer can clearly see, thousands and thousands and thousands of Russian troops have been mulling around the Ukrainian border for years, just waiting for the right time to strike.
But this time, it's really serious.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Ihor Dolhov now insists that 55,000 Russian troops have been mobilized and are perhaps moments away from storming Kiev:
"Currently, Russia has amassed about 55,000 servicemen near the Ukrainian border. The presence of the Russian regular army on the territory of Ukraine varies from 5,000 to 7,500 soldiers.
In Crimea, this figure is 23,000 troops, of which 9,000 are on the administrative border," he said at the fifth Tiger Conference in Kyiv on November 29, LІ reported.
You'd think that your vocal cords would snap after crying wolf for two years straight. Think again!

Fred Johs:
The invasion list regarding 2014 from Poroshenko: - 
Russia did invaded Ukraine about 48 times the last 6 months that year....