tirsdag 31. januar 2017

School in Makeyevka shelled by Ukraine on Monday morning - Video Report

On Monday 30 January a school full of pupils was shelled by Ukrainian forces in Makeyevka, Donetsk People's Republic.

"I am in School №32, Makeyevka, the Chervonogvardeisky district. During a class children and teachers heard a clap and saw a smoke outside where a Ukrainian shell hit the ground. Everyone went down to a bomb-shelter in an organized way. Now everyone is in a safe place", said Mikhail Andronik, a war correspondent of the DPR People’s Militia Office’s press service.

Lyudmila Kharchenko, director of comprehensive school №32, Makeyevka, told to journalist about shelling.

"At about 9 a.m. or several minutes past 9 a shell-hit happened somewhere very close to us. The shell fell in a close proximity to us. They said it burst out near the hospital and a service station. The burst wave even damaged our plastic window. It was an extremely loud and strong explosion, children got frightened, began to cry," said Kharchenko.

"Three heavy explosions happened very close to us. In general, there were many of them, but only three in the close proximity," she continued. 

DONi News Agency
Video: DPR Ministry of Defense, 30.1.2017

mandag 30. januar 2017

The world must see what is happening here.

2 killed, hospital, apartments, & school damaged in today's huge a artillery attack on Donetsk 


Published on Jan 30, 2017
On the second day of the Ukraine forces biggest attack this year on the Donetsk area at least 2 civilians have been killed with more injured. 

A hospital & homes were hit. A school full of children took some shrapnel damage and the school was evacuated..

onsdag 25. januar 2017

Guantanamo Guard: ‘CIA Killed Prisoners and Made it Look like Suicide’

A former Guantanamo Bay guard has spoken for the first time about what he claims was a CIA murder of detainees, covered up as a triple suicide.

Army Staff Sergeant Joseph Hickman [pictured left] was on guard at the Cuban prison camp on the night they died, and calls the official version of events “impossible”.

“They would have had to all three tie their hands and feet together, shove rags down their throats, put a mask over their face, made a noose, hung it from the ceiling on the side of the cellblock, jumped into the noose and hung themselves simultaneously,” the ex-Marine told Vice News in an explosive video interview.

“In a cellblock where guards are ordered to check on detainees every four minutes.”

There had also been an inspection of the cellblock only a few hours earlier, Hickman said, and guards had found nothing detainees might use to make the nooses and rags.

Hickman tried for years to put the nightmare of his time at Guantanamo behind him, but eventually he was forced to confront his past.

He has now written a book, Murder at Camp Delta, which he hopes will be a step towards finding out the truth.

“I was trying to put Guantanamo behind me. I didn’t want to remember it. It was like a bad dream I was trying to put in the past,” he said.

Hickman says the CIA took three prisoners out of the camp and killed them.
Hickman says the CIA took three prisoners out of the camp and killed them. Source:AP
“Then I saw in news that another detainee had hung themself. I had to face it and see what really happened.”
On the night of June 9, 2006, Hickman was on guard at Camp Delta when he says he saw a paddywagon return to high-security Alpha Block three separate times, each time picking up a prisoner and taking them out of the camp.

He claims he watched the paddywagon take a left outside the checkpoint ACP Roosevelt, which he said would only lead to one of two places — the beach or Camp No, which we now know was a secret CIA holding facility.

“Between 11pm and 11.30pm I witnessed the paddywagon come back to Camp Delta,” he said.

The former Army Staff Sergeant says these detainees regularly incited hunger-strikes, which blocked interrogators from doing their jobs.
The former Army Staff Sergeant says these detainees regularly incited hunger-strikes, which blocked interrogators from doing their jobs.Source:AFP
“Instead of Camp 1, it went to the medical detainee clinic. About 10 minutes later, all the lights come on, like a stadium, and sirens are going off — it’s chaos.”
The prisoners were dead.
The three men were Salah Ahmed Al-Salami, 37, from Yemen, Mani Shaman Al-Utaybi, 30, from Saudi Arabia, and Yasser Talal Al-Zahrani, 22, also from Saudi Arabia.

Al-Zahrani had been imprisoned at Guantanamo since he was captured at 17. None of the men had been charged with a crime.

It’s thought that Guantanamo inmates were regularly tortured and abused.
It’s thought that Guantanamo inmates were regularly tortured and abused.Source:Reuters

After their deaths, Rear Admiral Harry Harris took the unusual step of attacking them in his announcement of their apparent suicide.

“They have no regard for life, either ours or their own,” he told Reuters. “I believe this was not an act of desperation, but an act of asymmetrical warfare waged against us.”

But why would the authorities want to kill these men and make their deaths look like suicide?

Hickman says it’s because the three were regular hunger strikers, who incited others to do the same.

“They had a policy that if a detainee is hunger-striking, he cannot be interrogated,” said Hickman. “In 2006, they were doing roughly 200 interrogations a week, so any massive hunger-strike would, what they consider, cripple the intelligence value.

Hickman questions how the inmates would have found the materials and escaped detection in order to hang themselves.
Hickman questions how the inmates would have found the materials and escaped detection in order to hang themselves.Source:News Corp Australia
“I believe the number-one mission in JTF-GTMO (Joint Task Force Guantanamo) at the time was, stop the hunger strikes at all costs.
“I think you get rid of the people that provoked the hunger strikes and you get rid of the problem.
“After the deaths there were no hunger strikes for a long period of time.”
The ex-sergeant has spent the years since his time at the prison camp independently investigating what happened that night, and first approached the US Justice Department in 2009.

His claims, and that of others from his team, were first reported by Harper’s Magazine in 2010, provoking a major backlash, in which authorities said Hickman would have been outside the perimeter and not even able to see the entrance to Alpha Block.

A detainee is carried on a stretcher before being interrogated.
A detainee is carried on a stretcher before being interrogated.Source:News Limited

There are many questions over what has gone on at the controversial facility, which still holds about 150 prisoners.

It is considered illegal under human rights law to detain people without charge, and many people say the reality of Guantanamo is the opposite of its motto: “Safe, humane, legal, transparent.”

Former inmates say the CIA regularly used torture techniques described in the recent Senate report when questioning them. They have alleged systematic abuse and former guard Brandon Neely said violence and degrading treatment was commonplace.

Hickman rejoined the army after September 11, believing it was his duty to help. “I thought Guantanamo was needed, warfare was changing and we needed a safe place to hold and interrogate them.”

Hickman believes others are afraid to speak out.
Hickman believes others are afraid to speak out.Source:AP

The reality he discovered was very different.
“They scare you when you get there; they tell you you can never talk about this, it’s a classified facility. Everyone’s afraid they’re going to get in trouble.”
While Hickman has not named any alleged murderers in his book, he hopes that it will trigger a close investigation into what really went on.
“I can’t name names. I keep it vague at the end for that reason,” he says. “I say it was murder, this is the reason why.”

tirsdag 24. januar 2017

Ukrainian heavy artillery shells Yasinovataya outskirts – DPR Command

Donetsk, Jan 24 – DAN. Ukrainian army shelled Yasinovataya outskirts with 122mm and 152mm artillery on Tuesday evening, a Republic’s Operations Command source told Donetsk News Agency.

“Ukrainian forces opened fire at Yasinovataya outskirts with 122mm and 152mm artillery at 4:50 p.m. They also shelled the area with 82mm mortars,” the officer said adding that the shelling stopped at 5:40 p.m.

Overall the enemy fired 60 artillery and mortar rounds in less than an hour. Ukrainian forces also used grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms. No casualties have been reported.

Earlier on Tuesday, a report said Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire 1,278 times over the past 24 hours. *jk

GREAT Russian TV Report on Notorious Neocon McCain From Vietnam (Video)

Russians grapple with the question why McCain hates them so much
A great report from Russian TV on McCain. Russian journalists traveled to Vietnam and spoke to his captors, the man who shot him down, and many others.

It shows how Russians see the duke of chaos, and has some great info from when his career as war criminal was interrupted by a Soviet missile and Soviet-trained men.

Propaganda i beste sendetid

Av Erling Grape
Fredagens Skavlan på NRK 1 var et selsomt skue. Med i sendingen hadde Skavlan fått med seg et kvinnelig medlem, Gardenia,  i «The White Helmets» (De Hvite Hjelmer) eller Syria Civil Defence. Gjemt bak et slør som dekket ansiktet unntatt øynene og panneluggen, fortalte denne kvinnen litt om de vanskelighetene hun og familien opplevde og opplever i krigens Syria. Bakgrunnen for det dekkende sløret var at hun fortsatt har familie i Syria.

«The White Helmets» påstås å være en hjelpeorganisasjon som opererer i opposisjonelle områdene med å hjelpe og redde ofrene for brutal bombing. 
De påstår at de er rundt 3000 medlemmer i organisasjonen som etter eget utsagn skal ha reddet rundt 80 000 mennesker. «The White Helmets» er finansiert av USAID, Storbritannia og noen andre vestlige land. Stifteren, en leiesoldat, James Le Mesurier , tidligere ansatt i det beryktede leiesoldatfirmaet Blackwater, nå Olive Group og «vice President for Special Projects». 
Dagens leder av «White Helmets», Raed Al Saleh, er nektet innreise til USA på bakgrunn av terrorfrykt. 
Det hindrer dog ikke USA å bruke organisasjonen i sin propaganda.

Foran fjorårets Nobels fredsprisutdeling ble det kjørt en intens kampanje, ikke bare i Norge, men i mange vestlige land, for å få gitt denne organisasjonen fredsprisen. De var en av favorittene, blant andre hos flere NGOer (ikke-statlige organisasjoner), som PRIOs direktør, Kristian Berg Harpviken. Også Flyktningehjelpens generalsekretær, Jan Egeland, går god for organisasjonen, uten å konkretisere dette nærmere.

Blant avisene ledet Aftenposten an i propagandaen for «The White Helmets». Allerede i mai 2015 hadde Aftenposten en reportasje fra treningssenteret i Tyrkia. Medlemmene håndterer moderne redningsutstyr, med tidsriktig verneutstyr, splitter nye kjeledresser med prangende logo og de selvfølgelige hvite hjelmene. Husk at dette er en nystartet organisasjon knapt året gammelt, bestående av frivillige lærere, snekkere, bønder, bankansatte, altså helt vanlige folk, fra det krigsherjete Syria, men langt bedre utstyrt enn noen norsk sivilforsvarsgruppe.

I alle filmsnuttene til organisasjonen, opptrer redningsmannskapet med strøken påkledning og plettfrie hvite hjelmer. Alle filmsnuttene som skal dokumentere deres redningsinnsats, er merket med deres logo, de har en oppegående hjemmeside, Twitter-konto, Facebook-side, god internettforbindelse hvor de kan oppdatere sine YouTube-snutter.

Dessverre har enkelte filmsnutter havnet litt feil. På disse kan en se den samme jenta bli reddet tre ganger fra 3 ulike steder, se personer ikledd deres uniformer og hjelmer, viftende med våpen de fyrer av i lufta mens de roper «Allahu akbar». En av videoene viser en mann i ruinene liggende helt stille, fast i ruinene etter et bombeangrep. Rundt han står avventende redningsmannskap. Så blir endelig lyden klar, mannen ynker seg og redningsmannskapet trår til for å redde han.

«The White Helmets» påstår at de er en nøytral, humanitær organisasjon. De opererer dog bare i jihadist-kontrollerte områder, områder kontrollert av al-Nusra, som altså er en al-Qaida-gruppe.

Da Aleppo ble frigjort, evakuerte også de hvite hjelmene med de grønne bussene. Knapt noen i det frigjorte øst-Aleppo hadde sett eller hørt om «The White Helmets» eller stod fram i takknemlighet til organisasjonen som påstår at de har reddet titusener av liv. Utenom innslaget i Skavlan, er de stort sett borte fra nyhetene.

Den Sør-Koreanske presidenten klarte i sin tid å kjøpe seg Nobels Fredspris . Skavlan er litt sent ute. Fredsprisen er utdelt, skandalen ble unngått, verken al-Qaida eller «The White Helmets» fikk fredsprisen. Innslaget i Skavlan føyer seg likevel pent inn i propagandakrigen.

Aftenposten har vært desidert ivrigst i Norge, Dagbladet, VG og NRK fulgt godt opp. Til Vårt Lands ære, så virker det ikke som om de har deltatt i denne kampanjen.

Hvem husker sykepleieren som etter Iraks invasjon av Kuwait, stod gråtende fram på amerikansk TV og fortalte hvordan Saddams soldater rev de kuwaitiske nyfødte ut av kuvøsene og og lot de dø på det kalde gulvet. Amnesty gikk god for innholdet i denne historien. Problemet viste seg en stund etter. ”Sykepleier Nayirah” viste seg å være Nijirah al-Sabah, datter av den kuwaitiske ambassadøren og hele historien var oppspinn.

Historien om «The White Helmets» minner om ”Sykepleier Nayirah”. Den avisen i Norge som har vært ivrigst i kampen mot «fake news», er kanskje den avisen som i størst grad har presentert slike «falske nyheter». Her er de i godt selskap sammen med velrenommerte engelske The Guardian, som nylig to ganger er knepet i det samme. Ironien består i at det ikke er slike det jaktes på. 
Den jakten retter seg mot alternative media, debattinnlegg  og kommentarer på Facebook og i andre fora. 
I EU lages det index over ikke godkjente- media. Aftenposten, NRK, The Guardian havner neppe på den lista, uansett.

mandag 23. januar 2017

Massive Movement To Overthrow George Soros Explodes In Macedonia

Stop Operation Soros (SOS) to stop billionaire globalist

a new initiative called stop operation soros  sos   a movement dedicated to stopping the evil of billionaire globalist  geroge soros
© press
A new initiative called Stop Operation Soros (SOS), a movement dedicated to stopping the evil of Billionaire Globalist, Geroge Soros

A new initiative called Stop Operation Soros (SOS), a movement dedicated to stopping the evil of Billionaire Globalist, Geroge Soros, has now launched in Macedonia.

The SOS founders called on citizens around the world to “fight against one-mindedness in the civil sector, which is devised and led by George Soros.” The movement has been set up to expose the 'subversive activities of all of George Soros's organistaions. Hungary has also taken to steps to clamp down on Soros funded organizations by banning them from the country. 

RT.com reports: According to Nikola Srbov, a columnist for pro-government news portal Kurir and co-founder of SOS, Soros-funded NGOs have monopolized civil society in Macedonia and used their position to suppress dissenting views.

“We've witnessed the takeover of the entire civil sector and its abuse and instrumentalization to meet the goals of one political party. That is unacceptable and goes beyond the principles of civic organizing,” Srbov said at the press conference.

“The Open Society Foundation, operating under the Soros umbrella, used its funding and personnel to support violent processes in Macedonia. It has monopolized the civil society sector, pushing outside any organization which disagrees with the Soros ideology,” he stated.

Another co-founder, Cvetin Cilimanov, editor-in-chief of the state-run MIA news agency, accused Soros’s Open Society Foundations of undermining Macedonian sovereignty by working not only with the opposition center-left SDSM party, but also with outside interests. By cooperating with foreign embassies and organizations such as USAID, Cilimanov believes Soros-backed groups have interfered in the political process of Macedonia.

“This is unacceptable and has largely contributed to a feeling in the public that the traditional relations of partnership Macedonia enjoyed with some countries are being undermined,” Cilimanov told journalists.

Soros Fund Management Chairman George Soros (AFP Photo/Eric Piermont)George Soros makes hush-hush trip to Kiev

A third founder of the initiative and editor-in-chief of the Republika news portal, Nenad Mircevski, declared that the group would work towards the “de-Soros-ization” of Macedonia, echoing a speech made by former prime minister and leader of the ruling VMRO-DPMNE party Nikola Gruevski in December. In the speech, Gruevski accused foreign powers and Soros-backed organizations of meddling in Macedonian politics.

Opposition figures have expressed concern at the rhetoric used by Gruevski, fearing the start of a crackdown on dissent and advocacy groups.

The Open Society Foundation (OSF) was set up by Hungarian-born Soros between the mid-1980s to early 1990s with the stated aim of helping former Eastern bloc countries transition from communism. However, aside from its support for progressive causes such as drug policy reform, the OSF has also been involved in political activities and Soros publically supported the violent overthrow of the legitimately-elected government in Ukraine during the ‘Euromaidan’ revolution. This has earned him the ire of Russian authorities, which in 2015 banned Soros and his foundations as a threat to national security.

Soros and his foundations have come under scrutiny elsewhere as well. In an interview with the internet portal 888.hu in December, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that 2017 would bring about “the extrusion of George Soros and the forces symbolized by him.” Orban has accused Soros of undermining European borders and values by helping facilitate the flow of refugees and asylum seekers from the Middle East and elsewhere. During a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange also blasted the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, funded by Soros, for focusing “exclusively on negative stories about Russia and former So

søndag 22. januar 2017

Trump’s Declaration of War

President Trump’s brief inaugural speech was a declaration of war against the entirety of the American Ruling Establishment.  All of it.

Trump made it abundantly clear that Americans’ enemies are right here at home:  globalists, neoconservatives and other unilateralists accustomed to imposing the US on the world and involving us in endless and expensive wars, politicians who serve the Ruling Establishment rather than the American people, indeed, the entire canopy of private interests that have run America into the ground while getting rich in the process.

If truth can be said, President Trump has declared a war far more dangerous to himself than if he had declared war against Russia or China.

The interest groups designated by Trump as The Enemy are well entrenched and accustomed to being in charge. Their powerful networks are still in place.  Although there are Republican majorities in the House and Senate, most of those in Congress are answerable to the ruling interest groups that provide their campaign funds and not to the American people or to the President. The military/security complex, offshoring corporations, Wall Street and the banks are not going to roll over for Trump. And neither is the presstitute media, which is owned by the interest groups whose power Trump challenges.

Trump made it clear that he stands for every American, black, brown, and white.  Little doubt his declaration of inclusiveness will be ignored by the haters on the left who will continue to call him a racist just as the $50 per hour paid protesters are doing as I write.

Indeed, black leadership, for example, is enculturated into the victimization role from which it would be hard for them to escape. How do you pull together people who all their lives have been taught that whites are racists and that they are the victims of racists?

Can it be done?  I was just on a program briefly with Press TV in which we were supposed to provide analysis of Trump’s inaugural speech.  The other commentator was a black American in Washington, DC. Trump’s inclusiveness speech made no impression on him, and the show host was only interested in showing the hired protesters as a way of discrediting America. So many people have an economic interest in speaking in behalf of victims that inclusiveness puts them out of jobs and causes. 

So along with the globalists, the CIA, the offshoring corporations, the armaments industries, the NATO establishment in Europe, and foreign politicians accustomed to being well paid for supporting Washington’s interventionist foreign policy, Trump will have arrayed against him the leaders of the victimized peoples, the blacks, the hispanics, the feminists, the illegals, the homosexuals and transgendered.  This long list, of course, includes the white liberals as well, as they are convinced that flyover America is the habitat of white racists, misogynists, homophobes, and gun nuts.  As far as they are concerned, this 84% of geographical US should be quarantined or interred.

In other words, does enough good will remain in the population to enable a President to unite the 16% America haters with the 84% America lovers?  http://brilliantmaps.com/2016-county-election-map/ 
Consider the forces that Trump has against him:

Black and hispanic leaders need victimization, because it is what elevates them to power and income. They will turn a jaundiced eye toward Trump’s inclusiveness. Inclusiveness is good for blacks and hispanics, but not for their leaders.

The executives and shareholders of global corporations are enriched by the offshored jobs that Trump says he will bring home. If the jobs come home, their profits, performance bonuses, and capital gains will go away. But the economic security of the American population will return.

The military/security complex has a 1,000 billion annual budget dependent on “the Russian threat” that Trump says he is going to replace with normalized relations. Trump’s assassination cannot be ruled out.

Many Europeans owe their prestige, power, and incomes to the NATO that Trump has called into question.

The financial sector’s profits almost entirely flow from putting Americans into debt bondage and from looting their private and public pensions. The financial sector with their agent, the Federal Reserve, can overwhelm Trump with financial crisis. The New York Federal Reserve Bank has a complete trading desk. It can send any market into turmoil. Or support any market, because there is no limit on its ability to create US dollars.

The entire political ediface in the US has insulated itself from the will, desires, and needs of the people.  Now Trump says the politicians will be accountable to the people.  This, of course, would mean a big drop in their security in office and in their income and wealth.

There are a large number of groups, funded by we-know-not-who.  For example, RootsAction has responded today to Trump’s forceful commitment to stand for all of the people against the Ruling Establishment with a request to “ask Congress to direct the House Judiciary Committee to open an impeachment investigation” and to send money for Trump’s impeachment.

Another hate group, human rights first, attacks Trump’s defense of our borders as closing “a refuge of hope for those fleeing persecution.”  Think about this for a minute. According to the liberal-progressive-left and the racial interest group organizations, the US is a racist society and President Trump is a racist. Yet, people subject to American racism are fleeing from persecution to America where they will be racially persecuted?  It doesn’t make sense.  The illegals come here for work. Ask the construction companies. Ask the chicken and animal slaughter houses. Ask the vacation area cleaning services.

This list of those on whom Trump has declared war is long enough, although there are more that can be added.

We should ask ourselves why a 70 year old billionaire with flourishing businesses, a beautiful wife, and intelligent children is willing to give his final years to the extraordinary stress of being President with the stressful agenda of putting the government back in the hands of the American people.  There is no doubt that Trump has made himself a target of assassination.  The CIA is not going to give up and go away. Why would a person take on the grand restoration of America that Trump has declared when he could instead spend his remaining years enjoying himself immensely? 

Whatever the reason, we should be grateful for it, and if he is sincere we must support him.  If he is assassinated, we need to take up our weapons, burn Langley to the ground and kill every one of them.
If he succeeds, he deserves the designation: Trump the Great!

Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and any other country on the CIA’s hit list should undersand that Trump’s rise is insufficient protection. The CIA is a worldwide organization. Its profitable businesses provide income independent of the US budget.  The organization is capable of undertaking operations independently of the President or even of its own Director.

The CIA has had about 70 years to entrench itself.  It has not gone away.

lørdag 21. januar 2017

Obama’s Secretary Of State: Trump Is Responsible For Obama’s Foreign Policy Failures

Kerry defending the King of Denial Obama's disastrous foreign policies, planning to blame Trump!
Kerry defending the King of Denial Obama’s disastrous foreign policies, planning to blame Trump!

John Kerry is probably the worst secretary of state, besides Hillary, in US history, and yet he has the audacity to tell President-elect Trump what to do? Or perhaps his “carefully” coded words are setting up yet another blame attack to avoid admitting the massive failures of their King of Denial, Obama.

Kerry’s latest rhetoric comes on the heels of a Trump interview in which staying true to “The Donald’s” bold style, basically told it like it is, which Europeans found “shocking.” In particular, Trump went after Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, for her disastrous “refugee” program calling it “catastrophic.”

In response to Trump’s remarks during a CNN interview, Kerry unbelievably and without batting an eyelid “frankly” said:

“I thought it was inappropriate for the President-elect of the United States to be stepping into the politics of another country in a quite direct manner.”
Youtube course loyally supported disaster president and his chief clown John Kerry, by deleting youtube account and thus the video that shows how pitifully small Kerry is
Seriously, only a con artist or sociopathic liar could spout such hypocrisy with a straight face. This propaganda, coming from King of Denial’s handpicked man to “step into” other countries’ politics as a profession. And “step into” is what Obama, Crooked Hillary, and Israel hating Kerry did in a major way.

Have the buffoon trio, which will be the “anointed one’s” true legacy, forgotten their much touted “Arab Spring”? A “stepping into” designed to create social chaos and political upheaval in Arab states. A “stepping into” that gave their beloved terrorists, The Muslim Brotherhood, and a foothold to create ISIS that has led to a massive terrorist network on global proportions.

A “stepping into” that led to Benghazi and the death of an American ambassador and brave soldiers as Obama and Hillary looked the other way. They didn’t even have the decency to send an American plane to get the survivors and Ambassador Chris Steven’s body, they were flown out on a Libyan passenger jet.

But as the trio’s mantra of “fake news” and blame game goes, they don’t talk about those “insignificant” details of their monstrous failures by “stepping into” the politics of other countries. No, their “meddling” just created global chaos and the huge security threats of “those other countries,” including their own US.

King of Denial Obama and dethroned Queen Hillary "stepped into" Arab nations politics creating global chaos!!!
King of Denial Obama, and dethroned Queen Hillary “stepped into” Arab politics creating global chaos!!! 

Kerry is busy “covering up” for the terrible twosome setting up a Trump blame game.

Their “stepping into” policies has spearheaded the largest US and NATO forces buildup on the Eastern European front since Reagan ended the Cold War. A newly created military aggressive front much closer to the Kremlin than ever before while Obama has repeatedly attempted to antagonize Russian President Vladimir Putin into starting WWI, even threatening “military attack.”

But Putin is far superior diplomatically, strategically and militarily than the trio of stooges, Obama, Hillary and Kerry. Opting to negotiate and deal with a man of “peace through strength” President-elect Trump.

Yet, by large, their biggest and most dangerous “stepping into” which led to the betrayal of all betrayals is what Islam loving Obama and his minion Kerry did to our most loyal ally, Israel. Hillary gets a pass on this one since she was off somewhere sucking down wine and licking her wounds from her humiliating defeat in the presidential election.

Obama and Kerry intentionally “stepped into” the powder keg of the Middle East, which by most expert’s opinions, could be the spark to ignite WWIII. And for what? Israel building settlements on land it legally owns and was deeded to by the very UN who now seeks to take it back for Palestinians.

Obama and Kerry’s proven conspiracy against an ally the US is contractually bound to protect against aggressive acts of the UN, has opened the door for hostilities to escalate against Israel not only from terrorists group like Hamas, but more seriously by Iran. A now nuclear Iran thanks to Obama and Kerry.

Their “stepping in” at the UN security council has left the tiny Jewish nation isolated and surrounded by wolves who have waited years to slaughter the lamb; the chosen people of Almighty God. A higher protection, one not of this world, in the end will be Israel’s only “savior,” regardless of the arrogant claims by King of Denial Obama that he has furthered the “peace process” with his betrayal.

Trump just told German Chancellor Merkel how it is!!!
Trump just told German Chancellor Merkel how it is!!! Your “refugee program is catastrophic!

What has rattled these “leaders” are Trump’s comments in an interview with the London Times and German publication The Bild. Trump simply stated Merkel’s refugee program of allowing millions into her country is “catastrophic” and that she should have “never took so many.”

It is not the fault of President-elect Trump that Germany’s “refugee” program has been a catastrophic burden and danger to the German people. Merkle chose to follow the Soros progressive movement of allowing millions of unvetted Syrian refugees to flood into her country only to discover these “victims” of ISIS and Syrian dictator Bashar Assad are Islamic terrorists.

Terrorists who are raping Germany’s women and young girls, kidnapping them for sex slave trade. Sodimizing young boys to the point some have died. Spreading their vial idealism of hate and world domination of enslaving ALL people to sharia law.

They are breaking the German treasury with their demands of more money (money used for bombings), mandatory free housing, a Muslim diet and forced indoctrination of Islam onto the people through educational systems.

The same goes for other European countries experiencing this nightmare. They are suffering from the spillover of her irresponsible actions with illegal entries across borders overwhelming small nations like Sweden who never needed large police or military protection before this crisis knocked down their peaceful doors.

Trump also pointed out the truth concerning NATO. Why is the US bearing most of the financial burden of protecting European countries? It is time for them to pay their fair share or the US needs to pull out.

He also called out the useless and ineffective NATO. Exactly what has NATO done to combat terrorism? Putin has pretty much been fighting the war against ISIS single handedly.

NATO was created on the heels of WWII to prevent the rise and domination of another Hitler. As the Cold War heated up between the US and Russia, it evolved into an allied force against a perceived Russian threat against Europe and the US. Trump understands the Cold War is over;  there are new alliances and threats to world peace and US national security. Threats the US and Russian need to join forces to battle, such as the war on aggressive terroristic Islam.

A Trump Putin alliance? ISIS and Islam better take cover!!!
A Trump Putin alliance? ISIS and Islam better take cover!!!

Kerry in his yet another, “final interview” chose his coded words carefully saying Trump “will be responsible for that relationship.” What relationship? Is Kerry laying the groundwork for another blame tactic for the mess Obama, he and Hillary created in Europe? As they blamed Bush for years, it may be Trump will be the next to take the heat off the “anointed ones” eight years of failures.

Kerry also defended Merkel and her “policies”, calling her a strong and courageous European leader who is one of the “most important players in respect to where we are heading.”

Not with Commander-in-Chief Trump at the helm leading his band of “deplorables”, and there are many more “deplorables” than you know, though Progressives should have learned from the outcome of the presidential election. Even their millions of illegal “votes” could not overthrow the vast number of  “deplorables” who are the majority in this country.

Kerry, Obama and the corrupt Clintons can have their Soros New World Order but don’t think the US will ever be a member.

As Trump tweeted in response to nuclear missile threats of  N. Korea’s “little man” tyrant Kim Jong Un:

“It won’t happen.”

torsdag 12. januar 2017

Ukrainian army lost seven soldiers killed, wounded attacking DPR positions near Donetsk

Donetsk, Jan 11– DAN. DPR servicemen thwarted Ukrainian army attack on its positions in vicinity of Spartak industrial area north of Donetsk, said DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin.

“Yesterday Ukrainian armed forces command attempted to take over our positions positions in vicinity of Spartak industrial area north of Donetsk. DPR units thwarted the attack and stopped the enemy. As to our knowledge, Ukrainian army lost two killed and five wounded.”

Earlier DPR Command said that at 6.45 p.m. January 10 Ukrainian troops up to 30 people supported by 122mm artillery attacked the DPR defense line positions in vicinity of Spartak industrial area. *ot

Ron Paul Sums Up Nobel-Peace-Prize-Winning President Obama In One Short Sentence


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Following our discussion of the unprecedented bombing-fest that has been undertaken during President Obama's reign...

Seven years after being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples," despite having been in office for less than one year and having pretty much no actual, tangible foreign diplomacy accomplishments at the time, President Obama will depart the White House having dropped 26,171 bombs on foreign countries around the world in 2016, 3,027 more than 2015.

According to an analysis of Defense Department data from the Council on Foreign Relations, a non-partisan think tank, the majority of Obama's 2016 bombs were dropped on Syria and Iraq.  Meanwhile, Afghanistan, a country President Obama vowed U.S. troops would evacuate completely by the end of his Presidency, was also bombed over 1,300 times, a 40% increase over 2015.  Per McClatchy DC:
The U.S. dropped 79 percent of the anti-Islamic State group coalition bombs in Syria and Iraq, totaling 24,287. That figure, along with others analyzed by CFR, is likely lower than the actual number dropped because one airstrike can involved multiple bombs.

Obama did authorize a troop surge in Afghanistan — a conflict he pledged to end during his campaign — where the U.S. dropped 1,337 bombs in 2016. There are currently 8,400 U.S. troops left in the country, more than Obama initially wanted to keep there at the end of his term. The U.S. only dropped 947 bombs in Afghanistan in 2015.

The U.S. also dropped more bombs in Libya in 2016 than it did in 2015. Nearly 500 bombs were dropped in the North African country that has essentially been ungoverned since the fall of dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. He was captured and killed during the Libyan Civil War, kicked off by the Arab Spring protests that also began the Syrian conflict.
Bombs Dropped

Dutch journalist: MH17 plane fragments can still be found at Donetsk crash site

A lot of plane fragments and possibly human remains can still be found at the site of the MH17 crash in Ukraine’s Donbass, Dutch journalist Stefan Beck said on Tuesday after he visited the region. Visiting the crash site was not the main aim of the trip he made together with another journalist, Michel Spekkers, the journalist wrote in his blog. Statements was reported by TASS News.
"Our stay in Donbass mostly focussed on showing how people in the region experienced the conflict, their attitude towards Ukraine, Russia, Donbass," the journalist wrote.
"It was only on the last day of our stay that Michel Spekkers went to the MH17 crash-site together with local journalists. What he found there was shocking; it seemed as if the whole region was never thoroughly searched as pieces of the plane could still be found everywhere," he went on.
"Moreover, not only was the material found in fields, where it might have been incidently overlooked by previous searches, it was also found still lying around in a shed formerly used for wreckage storage," the independent journalist said. "However, this material was never collected. More so, even some material which might very well be human was abandoned by previous investigations," he added.
Continuing the story, Beck said that Michel Spekkers had decided to bring home part of the materials for his own investigation, but he failed to do this. Dutch law enforcement agencies detained both at the airport upon their return home on January 7, confiscating all materials gathered on the MH17 crash, as well as cameras, cellphones and notebooks.

The journalist said they had initial contact with authorities and were ready to meet with them, but they believed "the handover would be voluntary" and "there should also be a possibilty to refuse". Instead, the police confiscated all materials without any questions, only issing a receipt for the confiscated items.

"We again want to stress that we fear for the safety of the people who we interviewed. The vast majority of our material was not about MH17, but about how people toughed about the area. Amongst the interviews, were people that did not want to have their faces shown and that might be identified via our material. By voice, photos or recordings," Beck said.

In an interview with TASS on Monday, Beck said he feared that information he and his colleague had gathered at the MH17 crash site in Donbass and that had been confiscated could be passed to the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) and used to persecute people supporting the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics.

"Yes, definitely," he said in an interview, replying to the question whether the Dutch authorities could pass to Kiev information obtained from the equipment confiscated at Schiphol Airport of Amsterdam.
"The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) that is working on the MH17 investigation might very well receive this information," he said noting that "the representative of Ukraine to the JIT is the SBU".

DONi News Agency

Detaining Journalists: Europe bans truth about MH17 - TV Report

Two and a half years ago, Ukrainian antiaircraft missiles brought down a Boeing 777 above Donbass. Many foreign citizens, who are fed up with recently announced fetched outcome of the investigation, are attempting to still know the truth. But Europe is not ready for the truth. Dutch police arrested two journalists who conducted an independent investigation at the crash site of the Malaysian Boeing.

Stefan Beck and Michel Spekkers spent eight days in Donbass. Over this time they made several interviews with the beholders of Boeing’s crash. They also collected plane fragments that were left in the area of the plane’s crash. However, having returned home, they were arrested in Amsterdam’s airport. All data storage devices were taken out. 

"We had not only information about MH-17, but also many interviews of people who didn’t want to show their faces on the TV because they have reasons to worry. That’s why we’re concerned that this information will be given to the wrong places," said Stefan Beck, independent Dutch journalist.

The journalist worries that the data collected will be shared with Ukrainian security service, which will use this witnessing to prosecute people who agreed to talk to the journalists. 

In turn, Dutch police quickly justified their actions: "We had an impression that journalists were not going to deliberately give into government’s hands all the pieces relation to the investigation. That’s why their baggage was restrained and boarded at the airport." 

We recall that the crash of Boeing 777 took place on July 17, 2014. However, still nobody has been accused of it. There’s little information about it.

"MH-17 flight crush is the result of reentry vehicle’s explosion, which happened outside the plane.  The missile was fired from an area of 320 sq km in the east of Ukraine," said  Tjibbe Joustra, the Chairman of the Dutch Safety Board.

Now investigators have a list of a hundred of suspects connected with the crash. Meanwhile, the time of investigation is limited to January 1, 2018. 

Report by: Victoria Melnikova, Panorama, UNION TV

DONi News Agency

Situation abruptly aggravates on front, AFU violate ceasefire regime more than 900 times over 24 hours

The Donetsk Command stated a marked aggravation of the situation on the contact line in Donbass. The Ukrainian military opened fire at the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) more than 900 times over the past 24 hours, the Vice-Commander of the Operational Command of the Republic said. 
“The situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic has abruptly aggravated. The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) violated the ceasefire regime 911 times. A serviceman of the DPR Armed Forces was wounded when the Ukrainian side shelled our positions,” said the Vice-Commander.  
Basurin specified that the enemy had launched twenty-four artillery-shells, eleven tank-shells, two hundred and sixty-nine mortar-shells of 120mm and 82mm caliber and also five hundred and twenty-seven ammunitions with different types of grenade launchers on the Republic’s territory. Besides, infantry fighting vehicles and small arms were used as well. 

The Vice-Commander noted that the AFU kept concentrating military hardware to the south front. Thus, in vicinity of the villages of:

Primorskoye (7km away from the contact line) – there were detected three self-propelled artillery platforms of 122mm caliber ‘Gvozdika’;

Starognatovka (4km away from the contact line) – there was detected howitzer of 122mm caliber D-30 and three cargo trucks with ammunitions. 
DONi News Agency

McCain Admits He's the Lout Who Gave FBI False Intel on Trump and Russia

Caught red-handed

According to a report just published in the Washington Examiner, none other than Sen. John McCain is the source of the most recent report charging that the government of Russia is holding incriminating info on Donald Trump for blackmail use. 

McCain admitted in a statement that he passed a 35 page report to the FBI alleging Russia was capable of blackmailing the president-elect and that Donald Trump's team coordinated with the Kremlin to defeat Hillary Clinton:
"Late last year, I received sensitive information that has since been made public," McCain said. "Upon examination of the contents, and unable to make a judgment about their accuracy, I delivered the information to the director of the FBI. That has been the extent of my contact with the FBI or any other government agency regarding this issue."
Reports surfaced Tuesday night that a foreign contact of McCain's passed along the report detailing alleged compromising information the Russian government has on Trump. That report was published in full by Buzzfeed Tuesday evening, despite being unverified information.
This admission by McCain should be seen as a glaring confirmation of the fact that this entire mass media campaign directed against the incoming president boils down to a political witchhunt by embittered opponents of Trump's nomination and his announced policies. McCain is an old school neocon globalist cuck, who it should come as no surprise is the nefarious brain behind this most recent mainstream fake news offensive.

The Arizona senator has done Trump a huge favor however in outting himself. Trump is becoming more and more aware of exactly who his enemies are.

onsdag 11. januar 2017

US-Led Coalition Destroying Syria’s Infrastructure Abandoned by Daesh – Reports

Anti-ISIL airstrikes
© AP Photo/ Senior Airman Matthew Bruch, US Air Force 09.01.2017
The US-led coalition’s fighter jets are targeting infrastructure in Syria, including that abandoned by Daesh terrorists, Fars news agency reported Monday. 
MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The coalition warplanes hit an oil refinery that had been previously abandoned by Daesh militants, the agency said, citing local sources. 
They also added that the coalition jets pounded a center selling oil and gasoline in Khasham town in Deir ez-Zor, killing nine civilians, injuring several more and setting on fire three oil tankers. 
The US-led coalition of more than 60 nations has been conducting airstrikes against Daesh in Syria and Iraq since 2014. The strikes in Syria are not authorized by the government of President Bashar Assad or the United Nations Security Council.

American spies would prefer if RT didn’t report the news, thank you very much

American spies would prefer if RT didn’t report the news, thank you very much
For decades, the United States, together with its allies, has enjoyed almost absolute control of the media narrative in the English-speaking world, both at home and abroad. Recently, however, the success of RT, and some other outlets, in attracting an international audience, has punched a few holes in the establishment’s complete command of the news space. 
Audiences have welcomed this, embracing diversity in news, because they gained access to a range of stories and opinions that often reflected the reality around them, yet were inexplicably absent in the bulletins of their local broadcasters. 

It is just that reality, and reporting thereof, with which the chief of American intelligence is now taking an issue. 
For some time now, the media-political establishment has been growing increasingly uncomfortable with the new media landscape. Indeed, a cursory google search of scare stories centering around RT confirms it. The less said about the Washington Post's "fake news" smearing of hundreds of outlets as Kremlin patsies last Thanksgiving, the better for that newspaper's reputation. 
There have been congressional hearings galore into the influence of RT and repeated calls from America’s equivalent, the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) - which oversees Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) and Voice of America (VoA) - for extra money. This despite the BBG already receiving around three times the funding of RT. 

Thursday’s testimony of James Clapper, the outgoing Director of National Intelligence, to the Senate Armed Services Committee, finally proved that his hysteria has reached the highest levels of official Washington. Describing RT as part of a “multifaceted Russian campaign” to undermine America he said it “was very active in promoting a particular point of view, disparaging our system, our alleged hypocrisy about human rights, etc. Whatever crack, fissure they could find in our tapestry, they would exploit it.”

At no point did Clapper suggest that RT’s reporting was actually wrong. Just, that it was wrong of RT to report on anything that might tarnish his country’s shining image. Seems he’d prefer that the American public didn’t notice any possible “fissures.” Move along, nothing to see here.

New Directions, Old Styles

To counter the influence of RT, Clapper lamented how “we could do with having a USIA on steroids to fight this information war a lot more aggressively than we’re doing right now.” For the uninitiated, USIA (United States Information Agency) was the predecessor to the BBG, established by President Dwight Eisenhower, in 1953. At one point, it had a budget of $2 billon annually. 

Apparently, the BBG, with its nearly $800 million annual spending chest, not to mention literally hundreds of internationally accessible digital and broadcasting news outlets parroting the State Department line are insufficient and ineffective against RT’s reporting of inconvenient facts and undesirable opinions. 

This hysteria has also crossed the pond to Europe, where in November the European Union parliament adopted a resolution that calls for a push-back on Russia's media. In Britain, scheduled to leave the bloc shortly, there has been pressure on public figures to break off contact with Russian outlets, lest they be labeled Kremlin agents. Like its brethren across the Atlantic, the British Parliament has held inquiries into the influence of RT and Sputnik. 

The West Is The Best?

For decades, we’ve been informed how, not only is the “western” system the best, but that it’s the singular model for ‘developing’ nations to copy. American and European leaders have advocated openness and plurality of voices.
The West’s mainstream media – naturally, the most uncensored, independent, unbiased, with no-agenda-in-sight yet curiously-homogenous-in-their-take, free press in the world – ravenously jumped on Russia’s every real or perceived misstep (undoubtedly as part of altruistic constructive criticism). They promoted the trope of a “dying bear” during a decade of continuous demographic growth, while lionizing “leaders of the opposition” who have barely any name recognition within Russia itself.  And they called it “good journalism.”

Governments ploughed billions of dollars into state-sponsored foreign media services. RT exists in the same crowded field that includes France24, DW and the BBC, in addition to the aforementioned RFE/RL and VoA – all of them very proudly proclaiming to promote their country’s values (BBC) or vision (Fr24) or foreign policy objectives (BBG). Except for the French network, all the others broadcast in the Russian language.

And now they are ready to pump steroids into Ministries of Truth because a single Russian TV station is apparently threatening the entire worldview by simply talking about what is happening inside their countries.Washington’s maniacal need to control the conversation doesn’t just stand in direct opposition to the principles of the freedom of speech and press. It, more than anything, betrays the exact “fissures” in America’s “tapestry” that Clapper is so concerned about exposing. With his testimony, Clapper declared to the world that the system he and his colleagues so eagerly promote to the rest of the world cannot handle outside scrutiny.

Reflections and Refractions

Clapper’s view is, of course, shared by many, if not most, of the Washington establishment. What’s ironic, is that so much of that establishment – not just the Democrats, but plenty of Republicans too – has spent the last year in a panic over losing touch with the American public. Or rather, over the American public’s receding support of the said establishment. 

After many a losing campaign, culminating with Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, the politicos performed obligatory, pundit-led post-mortems followed by editorial self-flagellation and promises to do better next time. The mainstream media did the same. This included asking themselves what they could have done better, considering months praising Clinton while railing against Trump didn’t work.

But most stopped short of admitting that they failed to comprehend the reality as it was being lived and felt by half of the country. And that, subsequently, the politicians and the media alike failed to make a compelling case to those constituencies (it’s a shocker that calling tens of millions of Americans bigoted, misogynist, racist deplorables didn’t convert them to the Ways of Good).

Barely a month after a game-changing election, the time of self-reflection and self-improvement is over. The blinders are back on, and it’s back to scapegoating-as-usual – now of a Russian TV channel for reporting on American reality. Surely, a winning tactic.