torsdag 12. januar 2017

Detaining Journalists: Europe bans truth about MH17 - TV Report

Two and a half years ago, Ukrainian antiaircraft missiles brought down a Boeing 777 above Donbass. Many foreign citizens, who are fed up with recently announced fetched outcome of the investigation, are attempting to still know the truth. But Europe is not ready for the truth. Dutch police arrested two journalists who conducted an independent investigation at the crash site of the Malaysian Boeing.

Stefan Beck and Michel Spekkers spent eight days in Donbass. Over this time they made several interviews with the beholders of Boeing’s crash. They also collected plane fragments that were left in the area of the plane’s crash. However, having returned home, they were arrested in Amsterdam’s airport. All data storage devices were taken out. 

"We had not only information about MH-17, but also many interviews of people who didn’t want to show their faces on the TV because they have reasons to worry. That’s why we’re concerned that this information will be given to the wrong places," said Stefan Beck, independent Dutch journalist.

The journalist worries that the data collected will be shared with Ukrainian security service, which will use this witnessing to prosecute people who agreed to talk to the journalists. 

In turn, Dutch police quickly justified their actions: "We had an impression that journalists were not going to deliberately give into government’s hands all the pieces relation to the investigation. That’s why their baggage was restrained and boarded at the airport." 

We recall that the crash of Boeing 777 took place on July 17, 2014. However, still nobody has been accused of it. There’s little information about it.

"MH-17 flight crush is the result of reentry vehicle’s explosion, which happened outside the plane.  The missile was fired from an area of 320 sq km in the east of Ukraine," said  Tjibbe Joustra, the Chairman of the Dutch Safety Board.

Now investigators have a list of a hundred of suspects connected with the crash. Meanwhile, the time of investigation is limited to January 1, 2018. 

Report by: Victoria Melnikova, Panorama, UNION TV

DONi News Agency