tirsdag 10. januar 2017

For the Sake of Peace, Obama Must Surrender His Nobel Prize

Barack Obama with the Nobel Prize medal and diploma during the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony Dec. 10, 2009. [Whitehouse photo]
With only days remaining in his presidency, Barack Obama is continuing to escalate a potential world war confrontation with Russia, while the deadly chaos of his regime-change wars in Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan continues to get worse.

In addition to a new, rapid deployment of 6,000 more U.S. troops to the borders of Russia with full ground- and air-combat arms, Obama and his Pentagon chiefs have started forming a 2,000-strong "killer unit" training to assassinate North Korean leaders. Obama has initiated, helped start, or continued nine separate wars while President, all without Congressional authorization or even significant consultation. He is the only President in U.S. history to be at war every single day of two consecutive terms in office, as Rep. Ron Paul pointed out on his website Jan. 9. His drone killings have dwarfed those of George W. Bush, and his published drone-war policy puts essentially no limits on Presidents' powers to kill by drone anywhere in the world.

Some of these actions, like Obama's massive, $115 billion arming of Saudi Arabian air forces to bomb and invade Yemen, have had virtually genocidal consequences; some foster more terrorist groups; others threaten an all-out war with Russia or China. For this war-President to boast a Nobel Peace Prize is an abomination, and a threat to peace, in the Syria civil war and worldwide.

On Jan. 9, Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche demanded that President Obama return the Nobel Peace Prize which was awarded to him in 2009, shortly after his taking office. The Pentagon had just announced the "killer unit" in Korea -- an outgoing President together with a Korean government which is itself being removed by impeachment! -- and the large new forces deployed to "stop Russian aggression" in Europe.

It is necessary to respond to such escalating war actions in Obama's final days in office, with a call that he should immediately give back his Nobel Peace Prize; and that this be circulated internationally, continuing after he leaves office. If Obama has to surrender his ill-gotten Peace Prize, his administration's attempt to compel the incoming Trump team to continue these wars and great-power confrontations, will be cut down. His last-minute escalations are creating as much chaos and confusion for his successor as possible.

The wars and threats of war can take on a life of their own, unless visibly and forcefully rejected.
For the sake of peace and development, Obama's peace prize must be revoked or surrendered.