lørdag 21. januar 2017

Obama’s Secretary Of State: Trump Is Responsible For Obama’s Foreign Policy Failures

Kerry defending the King of Denial Obama's disastrous foreign policies, planning to blame Trump!
Kerry defending the King of Denial Obama’s disastrous foreign policies, planning to blame Trump!

John Kerry is probably the worst secretary of state, besides Hillary, in US history, and yet he has the audacity to tell President-elect Trump what to do? Or perhaps his “carefully” coded words are setting up yet another blame attack to avoid admitting the massive failures of their King of Denial, Obama.

Kerry’s latest rhetoric comes on the heels of a Trump interview in which staying true to “The Donald’s” bold style, basically told it like it is, which Europeans found “shocking.” In particular, Trump went after Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, for her disastrous “refugee” program calling it “catastrophic.”

In response to Trump’s remarks during a CNN interview, Kerry unbelievably and without batting an eyelid “frankly” said:

“I thought it was inappropriate for the President-elect of the United States to be stepping into the politics of another country in a quite direct manner.”
Youtube course loyally supported disaster president and his chief clown John Kerry, by deleting youtube account and thus the video that shows how pitifully small Kerry is
Seriously, only a con artist or sociopathic liar could spout such hypocrisy with a straight face. This propaganda, coming from King of Denial’s handpicked man to “step into” other countries’ politics as a profession. And “step into” is what Obama, Crooked Hillary, and Israel hating Kerry did in a major way.

Have the buffoon trio, which will be the “anointed one’s” true legacy, forgotten their much touted “Arab Spring”? A “stepping into” designed to create social chaos and political upheaval in Arab states. A “stepping into” that gave their beloved terrorists, The Muslim Brotherhood, and a foothold to create ISIS that has led to a massive terrorist network on global proportions.

A “stepping into” that led to Benghazi and the death of an American ambassador and brave soldiers as Obama and Hillary looked the other way. They didn’t even have the decency to send an American plane to get the survivors and Ambassador Chris Steven’s body, they were flown out on a Libyan passenger jet.

But as the trio’s mantra of “fake news” and blame game goes, they don’t talk about those “insignificant” details of their monstrous failures by “stepping into” the politics of other countries. No, their “meddling” just created global chaos and the huge security threats of “those other countries,” including their own US.

King of Denial Obama and dethroned Queen Hillary "stepped into" Arab nations politics creating global chaos!!!
King of Denial Obama, and dethroned Queen Hillary “stepped into” Arab politics creating global chaos!!! 

Kerry is busy “covering up” for the terrible twosome setting up a Trump blame game.

Their “stepping into” policies has spearheaded the largest US and NATO forces buildup on the Eastern European front since Reagan ended the Cold War. A newly created military aggressive front much closer to the Kremlin than ever before while Obama has repeatedly attempted to antagonize Russian President Vladimir Putin into starting WWI, even threatening “military attack.”

But Putin is far superior diplomatically, strategically and militarily than the trio of stooges, Obama, Hillary and Kerry. Opting to negotiate and deal with a man of “peace through strength” President-elect Trump.

Yet, by large, their biggest and most dangerous “stepping into” which led to the betrayal of all betrayals is what Islam loving Obama and his minion Kerry did to our most loyal ally, Israel. Hillary gets a pass on this one since she was off somewhere sucking down wine and licking her wounds from her humiliating defeat in the presidential election.

Obama and Kerry intentionally “stepped into” the powder keg of the Middle East, which by most expert’s opinions, could be the spark to ignite WWIII. And for what? Israel building settlements on land it legally owns and was deeded to by the very UN who now seeks to take it back for Palestinians.

Obama and Kerry’s proven conspiracy against an ally the US is contractually bound to protect against aggressive acts of the UN, has opened the door for hostilities to escalate against Israel not only from terrorists group like Hamas, but more seriously by Iran. A now nuclear Iran thanks to Obama and Kerry.

Their “stepping in” at the UN security council has left the tiny Jewish nation isolated and surrounded by wolves who have waited years to slaughter the lamb; the chosen people of Almighty God. A higher protection, one not of this world, in the end will be Israel’s only “savior,” regardless of the arrogant claims by King of Denial Obama that he has furthered the “peace process” with his betrayal.

Trump just told German Chancellor Merkel how it is!!!
Trump just told German Chancellor Merkel how it is!!! Your “refugee program is catastrophic!

What has rattled these “leaders” are Trump’s comments in an interview with the London Times and German publication The Bild. Trump simply stated Merkel’s refugee program of allowing millions into her country is “catastrophic” and that she should have “never took so many.”

It is not the fault of President-elect Trump that Germany’s “refugee” program has been a catastrophic burden and danger to the German people. Merkle chose to follow the Soros progressive movement of allowing millions of unvetted Syrian refugees to flood into her country only to discover these “victims” of ISIS and Syrian dictator Bashar Assad are Islamic terrorists.

Terrorists who are raping Germany’s women and young girls, kidnapping them for sex slave trade. Sodimizing young boys to the point some have died. Spreading their vial idealism of hate and world domination of enslaving ALL people to sharia law.

They are breaking the German treasury with their demands of more money (money used for bombings), mandatory free housing, a Muslim diet and forced indoctrination of Islam onto the people through educational systems.

The same goes for other European countries experiencing this nightmare. They are suffering from the spillover of her irresponsible actions with illegal entries across borders overwhelming small nations like Sweden who never needed large police or military protection before this crisis knocked down their peaceful doors.

Trump also pointed out the truth concerning NATO. Why is the US bearing most of the financial burden of protecting European countries? It is time for them to pay their fair share or the US needs to pull out.

He also called out the useless and ineffective NATO. Exactly what has NATO done to combat terrorism? Putin has pretty much been fighting the war against ISIS single handedly.

NATO was created on the heels of WWII to prevent the rise and domination of another Hitler. As the Cold War heated up between the US and Russia, it evolved into an allied force against a perceived Russian threat against Europe and the US. Trump understands the Cold War is over;  there are new alliances and threats to world peace and US national security. Threats the US and Russian need to join forces to battle, such as the war on aggressive terroristic Islam.

A Trump Putin alliance? ISIS and Islam better take cover!!!
A Trump Putin alliance? ISIS and Islam better take cover!!!

Kerry in his yet another, “final interview” chose his coded words carefully saying Trump “will be responsible for that relationship.” What relationship? Is Kerry laying the groundwork for another blame tactic for the mess Obama, he and Hillary created in Europe? As they blamed Bush for years, it may be Trump will be the next to take the heat off the “anointed ones” eight years of failures.

Kerry also defended Merkel and her “policies”, calling her a strong and courageous European leader who is one of the “most important players in respect to where we are heading.”

Not with Commander-in-Chief Trump at the helm leading his band of “deplorables”, and there are many more “deplorables” than you know, though Progressives should have learned from the outcome of the presidential election. Even their millions of illegal “votes” could not overthrow the vast number of  “deplorables” who are the majority in this country.

Kerry, Obama and the corrupt Clintons can have their Soros New World Order but don’t think the US will ever be a member.

As Trump tweeted in response to nuclear missile threats of  N. Korea’s “little man” tyrant Kim Jong Un:

“It won’t happen.”