onsdag 15. februar 2017

Donbass residents: OSCE observers in Donbass not objective, conceal Kiev's crimes

Over 1,000 DPR people gathered today in the center of the republican capital to protest against the inefficient work of the OSCE monitoring mission in Donbass.

Donbass residents gathered in order to protest against the inefficient work of the observers, in particular, Alexander Hug, in Donbass. Participants brought banners reading "OSCE, open your eyes", "Hug - Kiev agent", "Hug, tell the truth." After some time, the representatives of the mission came to the protesters and told them they will hand their leadership all the wishes of the resident.

Protesters shared the view that the OSCE representatives do not record in their reports the obvious facts of crimes commited by Ukrainian security forces and purposely turn a blind eye to what is happening in order "not to blacken the Kiev authorities in the eyes of Western countries." Donetsk residents believe that such observers are not needed in Donbass and must immediately leave the region.
"This mission is here for more than two years, and still there is no the progress in resolving the conflict. I do not understand why they are here if they constantly cover the terrible actions of the Ukrainian law enforcers and do not write about it, accusing us that we shell ourselves. All this is very strange, and it is against this bias I came out today, I can no longer tolerate it, let them go if they don't do their job," a resident of Donetsk said.
After that, the protesters persuaded the observers go to the Trudovskiye locality of Donetsk's Petrovsky district, where on the night of 25-26 January Ukrainian shelling had damaged twenty houses, a fact which was not included in the OSCE report.
DONi News Agency