onsdag 1. februar 2017

OSCE ignores attacks of Ukraine and suffering of civilians

OSCE ignores attacks of Ukraine and suffering of civilians 

UAF took two attempts to break through the DPR positions, the first one was January 29, 5.00 close to Avdeevka industry area.

DPR military forces successfully prevented the attack, the Right Sector started at artillery shelling at Ukrainian military men to provoke them for the next attack, they had 15 losses and 20 wounded, and then they started using heavy armament at populated districts of Donetsk and Makeevka.

The last report of the OSCE is for the January 28, they reported on single cases of shelling and that they heard on January 29 several launches in the center of the DPR’s capital, however, they could not determine the type of the armament from Donetsk not having departed to the place of shelling.

Ukrainian criminal forces tried again to break through the DPR positions in the night to January 31, two more civilians wounded, several districts of Donetsk left with no power, gas, and water. Temperature on the street is -20c.

It is a genocide of civil population.