torsdag 23. februar 2017

Russian actor refuses the Hollywood role of 'Bloody Russian separatist'

This person deserves gratitude from Donbass! 

The actor Taktarov would often appear in the Hollywood all-action blockbusters. Most often he played a stupid Russian bandit at the beck and call. He had such a role specialization, as someone should play such characters too. 

But the matter is that Taktarov, even needing money, refused another role in the American movie. This is what Oleg wrote on his Facebook page about this role: 
"Male, Russian, late 40s, Roman is the leader of a group of Russian Separatists, fighting in Ukraine with cunning and brutality. After massacring a peaceful Ukrainian village, Roman and his men go after the downed US planes and the trio of Navy officers who are trying to elude them." 
Generally, Hollywood continues flogging American 'truth' to the world. It's the same as they did to the Yugoslavian conflict, when Serbians were displayed in all American movies as sadists, tyrants, murderers and marauders, while 'Daybreakers' were waging war against them and only shooting villains in the heads and saving raped girls with velvet skin and perfect Hollywood smile.

Donbass wants to tell thanks to Oleg for not having soiled with another propaganda shit, the Hollywood stuffs the whole world with. And we urge the audience not to watch the result of the western fail-scribblers' 'creative toil'. They know everything about this conflict, but will never tell the truth.
DONi News Agency