mandag 27. februar 2017

Survey: 0% of Crimean Tatars want to move to Ukraine

Fort Russ
February 27, 2017 - Fort Russ News - 
RIA Novosti - translated by J. Arnoldski -

According to the latest polls, Crimean Tatars do not want to move to Ukraine, Igor Barinov, the head of Russia's Federal Agency for Nationalities Affairs, has announced. 

“According to the data of our most recent sociological survey in the Republic of Crimea which targeted representatives of the Crimean Tatar population with the question ‘If given the opportunity, would you like to move to another town in Crimea, another region of Russia, to Ukraine, or another country?’, 0% responded that they would want to move to Ukraine,” Barinov told the newspaper Izvestiya in an interview.

According to Barinov, 82% of Crimean Tatar respondents said that they would like to stay in Crimea, 10% would move to a new town on the peninsula, while 2% are ready to leave for another region  of Russia. As Barinov noted, these figures show that life is changing for the better for Crimean Tatars.

“Especially in order to reduce the statistical error of the results and improve the confidence of interviewees, the role of interviewers was played by representatives of the same nationality, and there was the opportunity to speak in Crimean Tatar,” Barinov explained.