fredag 17. februar 2017

Truth lies with Donetsk – Kiev forces' Major defects to DPR and explains his reasons

A former AFU soldier came to fight in Donbass, he was terrified by what he saw, and switched sides.
In a conversation with Izvestiya newspaper’s reporter, the Major informs that his name is Alexander, he is a former AFU soldier and in Ukraine, where his parents live, there was initiated a criminal case against him. 
"I came here accidentally, though disapproval of the rising red-and-black movement had been growing inside me for a long time. And I gave the oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people. I said that I was obliged to defend Ukraine’s people no matter where.
I came as a soldier with my battalion to the ‘ATO’ zone in 2014. And I saw with my own eyes that this was a place where Ukrainian people were being killed. Then I found a common ground with the DPR army and switched sides.
Now I am fighting here because the truth is here, because Donetsk civilians are being killed. I have brought my wife and children here. But now I don’t know what will happen when all this is over. In Ukraine a severe punishment is waiting for me.
However, I believe that I can visit my parents without the fear of being arrested," said the soldier.
The officer pronounced the last words in whisper, and dropped his eyes. 
DONi News Agency