lørdag 25. mars 2017

Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 03/25/2017

The situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic remains tense.

Over the past 24 hours, there were registered 85 occasions of ceasefire violations by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The following localities underwent the most intensive enemy shellings with application of weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreements: Gorlovka, Yasinovataya, Krytaya Balka, Dokuchayevsk, Kominternovo, Sakhanka, Spartak, the area of the Airport and the Petrovsky district of Donetsk. In total, 20 Republic’s localities were shelled with the AFU’s heavy artillery of 152mm and 122mm calibre, tanks, mortars of 120mm and 82mm calibre, as well as IFV and armoured personnel carriers’ arms, antiaircraft guns, grenade launchers, and small arms.

As a result of the bombardment on the Ukrainian army’s part, two residential houses were damaged. One in the locality of Trudovskye at the street Shestakova, 35 and in Dokuchaevsk down Lenina St., 102. Fortunately, civilian casualties were avoided.

Losses among the servicemen of the People’s Militia amounted to one perished and one wounded.

We have already talked about the arrival in the so-called 'ATO' zone of the unit of the Ukrainian volunteer corps "Right Sector" – "Witches," consisting of female snipers from different countries, known for their crimes against the population of Donbass. The death of the DPR Armed Forces serviceman became another evidence of the unit's crime. In this regard, I address to our servicemen who are serving in the forefront to be extremely vigilant and do not underestimate the enemy who, in his cunning and inflicting savage blows, is not inferior to the Hitlerite fascists.

The next fact of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' offensives against civilians living in the territory under their control has been detected. Thus, servicemen from the 501 battalion of 36 separate marine brigade beat Valery Kashnitsa, a resident of Mariupol, after his refusal to provide financial assistance to buy, according to them, "essential supplies for the servicemen of the armed forces of Ukraine in combat positions".

I want to note, the People's Militia continues to render all possible assistance to the population of the Republic. In particular, today the DPR People's Militia together with the humanitarian fund for Donbass assistance "Not a step back", handed the Republican Center for Maternity and Childhood Protection in Donetsk over 50 thousand systems for blood transfusion.

Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency