fredag 24. mars 2017

DPR accepts children with disabilities abandoned by Ukraine

The specialized school of the DPR adopted a group of children with disabilities who had previously lived in the territories of the Donbass controlled by Ukraine, and with the outbreak of the civil war they were virtually without state support.
This was stated at today's press conference in Donetsk by the Minister of Education of the DPR Larisa Polyakova.
"There are first results of the humanitarian programme on the reunification of the Donbass people concerning the provision of educational services by organizations of special education.
For example, 28 children with disabilities from the territories of the Donetsk region controlled by Ukraine study at the boarding schools of the DPR. Ukraine cast the children adrift, and in the DPR they found care and attention, which were deprived of. Our boarding schools are ready to receive other children from the territories of the Donetsk region that are controlled by Ukraine, who need special education," Larisa Polyakova stressed.
DONi News Agency