mandag 13. mars 2017

French Journalist Very Confused After Learning Syria Is Sovereign Nation

Wait...does this mean the League of Nations doesn't exist anymore? sacré bleu!
A very sad baguette
A very sad baguette
We've spent the last six hours digging through a treasure trove of amazing Assad interviews. 

Just about every week a self-righteous European EU stenographer comes to Damascus to "grill" Syrian President Bashar Assad. And each week they never learn. 

For example, late last month the Syrian president ate two Frenchies for breakfast.

After Assad confirmed ("100 percent") that Russia and Iran are promoters of peace, and western nations are promoters of war, the two sad baguettes/journalists followed-up with a question about Lord Voldemort himself, Vladimir Putin

"Is Putin the 'real decision maker' in Syria?"
This is an actual question, asked by actual French journalists who flew all the way to Damascus to ask it. 
After calmly reminding his French guests that Syria is no longer a colony of any nation, Assad praised Russia for its peculiar respect for national sovereignty:
[Russia] respects our sovereignty. Every step they took, whether a strategic or tactical step, it was in cooperation with Syria. They never [took] a single step without us.
They build their politics on values, and on their interests — especially in regards to fighting terrorism.
What a novel concept.  It's almost as if the French can't understand how brown, mostly-Muslim people could have their own country. 

We're sure there's no historical precedent for this confusion. 

Starts around the 1:40 mark: