fredag 31. mars 2017

Israeli Air Force Trains to Take on Russian-Made Missile Systems

Israel's Air Force will train in drills designed to help pilots deal with Russian defense systems which are already operational in Syria and Iran

Training to take on Russian-made systems in Iran and Syria
Training to take on Russian-made systems in Iran and Syria

Thu, Mar 30, 2017

The Israeli Air Force is participating in an extensive international exercise in Greece alongside pilots from America, Greece, Italy and the UAE, according to reports

The drills are designed to help pilots "deal" with Russian-made defense systems, including the S-300, which is currently operational in Syria and Iran. 

The exercises will run from March 27 to April 6, and are taking place in Greece. According to Sputnik, Greece acquired a S-300 system from Russia in the late 1990s and is the only member of NATO which has the system in service. 

Although similar drills have been held before, they take on special significance considering the heightened tensions between Israel and Syria:
Israel has acquired technical data about the S-300 system, which is capable of hitting aerial targets at a distance of 150 kilometers, and an altitude of up to 27,000 meters.
The maneuvers were aimed at testing out different tactics against the S-300, in simulated attacks against ground targets protected by S-300 batteries.
Fred Johs:
Sorry Israel ... but there is zero chance that their fighters escape an S-300 or S-400 missile when the system is locked on target with radar. The planes will be "dead ducks in the air" ..

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