onsdag 15. mars 2017

Kiev nationalists pelt Russian Alfa-Bank office with stones

Activists from the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (outlawed in Russia) threw stones on Tuesday at the Alfa-Bank branch in Kiev’s central Kreshchatik Street, Hromadske TV reports.

According to the TV channel, participants in a rally got together at the bank after holding a rally in support of blockade of Donbass in central Maidan Square. Kiev police said nobody had been detained in the action, reports TASS.

On March 7, a group of radical activists splashed with red paint the fa·ade of Alfa-Bank’s branch in the center of Odessa, as well as glued it over with leaflets urging people to withdraw their deposits. The leaflets claimed that the bank is an organization of "an aggressor country" and will be closed shortly.

In another development, Ukrainian nationalists did not let staffers of Sberbank’s head office in Kiev into the office early on Tuesday. They pitched tents in front of the building, made bonfires. On Monday, they bricked up the entrance to the bank, writing Rusbank in big letters on its windows, and painting the national emblem of Ukraine on the central entrance door. Meanwhile, police officers don’t interfere, while the press service of the Kiev police told Tass that no breach of law had been fixed in that situation.

Members of Ukraine’s nationalist battalion Azov and Right Sector (an organization outlawed in Russia) also pledged on Monday to remain on duty round-the-clock at all Sberbank offices in Ukraine to disrupt their activity. Thus they seek to make the National Bank of Ukraine revoke the license, and make the parliament pass a law banning the activity of Russian banks in Ukraine.
DONi News Agency