torsdag 16. mars 2017

Life under Ukrainian shelling in Luganskoye village, DPR [TV Report]

The citizens of the near front Luganskoye locality in the Donetsk People's Republic South-West are dreaming about the peaceful life. The village is literary burned out with the mortars of 120 mm and 152 mm calibre.  The infrastructure damage and electricity supply cuts, regularly repaired by the local authorities, are taking place quite frequently. 

Luganskoye locality has been constantly shelled by the Ukrainian forces since 2014. The village is situated on the contact line and no peace can be found there neither during the day nor at night. 
"The fence was damaged and our neighbour’s trees were beaten by the shatters. You can also see the shatters all over the yard, over there," said Andrey, the citizen of Luganskoye locality.
This is an ordinary Luganskoye citizen, who holds in his hands the shatters, which powdered the yard and damaged his house. Luckily, the family members were not wounded, but the shelling in the near front locality is ongoing.
"We had the shell-hits in January; the electricity line was also damaged, but we usually handle it quite fast, thanks to all the volunteers and assistants. They walk the streets, detect the de-energized houses and the places where the line was damaged, and the Dokuchaevsk power distribution zone’s employees repairs it," said Arthur Lysenko, the Luganskoye village administration’s Head.
Despite the permanent shelling, the repair of the village’s dilapidated houses is continued. The power lines are regularly repaired and children are going to school.

Luganskoye locality’s population comprises 1100 people, including 115 schoolchildren and 45 children under the school age. The locality is situated in the Republic’s South-West in 20 km away from Dokuchaevsk. Here everyone knows what to do in case of shelling. 
"During the shelling one should sit under the windows and cover oneself with something and if the shell-hits are not far from the house, it’s better to hide in the basement," said Rostislav, the Luganskoye schoolboy.
Unfortunately, such knowledge are quite useful for the Luganskoye citizens, for the locality’s shelling is ongoing. On March 7 there were some shell-hits, and after thet on March 10 we were shelled again
06.26 The shells targeted the Sadovaya Str. the houses 5/1, 5/2 and 7/1, 7/2 were damaged. And then Klubnaya street was targeted.

The local citizens say that AFU are trying to destroy Luganskoye locality. But the DPR Peoples Militia soldiers promise they won’t let it happen, and they are ready to fend the enemy off. Everyone is hoping for the victory and for peace on their land. 
Reportage: Victoria Tsiplenkova, UNION TV, 03/14/2017
DONi News Agency