mandag 13. mars 2017

NATO instructors behind Anaschenko's murder

"NATO instructors trained Ukrainian saboteurs of the 8th special regiment of the Ukrainian army Special Operation Forces, who commited crimes in the LPR," said the LPR Minister of State Security Leonid Pasechnik.
Earlier the Minister said that the the State Security Ministry together with the Interior Ministry uncovered a terrorist network comprising several sabotage-reconnaissance groups connected to the murder of the LPR Colonel Oleg Anaschenko, who was killed in a car blast in Lugansk on February 4. The perpetrator of the murder was identified as Ukrainian army Special Operations Forces Major Sergey Ivanchuk.
"Special Operations Forces in Ukraine are not treated like other soldiers in field, where alcohol and drugs are in abundance. These are the elite trained by NATO instructors. Currently they (the Kiev authorities) rely on terrorist attacks as a mean of bringing the Republics down, as their armed forces have failed. This is the tactics imposed on Kiev authorities by the US special forces. This is the non-lethal aid they provide to Ukraine – teaching them the art of killing," said Pasechnik.
"Instructors from Lithuania, USA and other NATO countries train the 8th regiments and other special operations units in training camps on Ukrainian territory – Yavorovsky training area, Novo-Petrovtsy military base. Names of some instructors have been published by CyberBerkut website," the Minister added.
DONi News Agency