torsdag 30. mars 2017

'No' to independent Srpska - EU Army preparing intervention in Bosnia

Recently boosted new EU Army (EUFOR) is preparing for a military intervention in Bosnia if violence is resumed and the Republic Srpska takes steps towards independence. Western leaders have given warnings and accused Russia of having caused the regional problems, which Kremlin denies.

European Union military forces warned Bosnian leaders on Tuesday, that it was prepared to intervene at short notice with larger EU-forces if instability kept rising in the region.

"A lot has been achieved but a lot can be lost again," Major General Anton Waldner said at a ceremony in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo marking his takeover of the command of EUFOR, which has 800 troops deployed in Bosnia.
"There is still an executive mandate which allows significant reinforcement at short notice of (EUFOR). I will not hesitate to call (on) these reserve forces if needed. You, political leaders, have the most powerful key in your hands," Waldner said.
EUFOR's new operations chief, General James Everard, said there were "external influences" at play in the wider Western Balkans region, and in Bosnia, (that) have the potential to challenge progress. For its part, NATO had said that in case of any violent flare-up in Bosnia, it could quickly deploy military assets, mainly from Italy and Germany.

Western leaders have accused Russia of seeking to exploit diminishing EU leverage in the Balkans by manipulating political events in the region. Russia denies such allegations.

The Republic Srpska government, ruling the ethnic Serb-dominated region, has been warning the central Bosnian government against moves against their autonomy, saying that they intend to organize a secession referendum as soon as 2018.

The secession move centers primarily around questions about the judiciary, with the national Constitutional Court countermanding rulings from the autonomous region’s judiciary. Austrian diplomat Valentin Inzko has warned any secession attempt would lead to international intervention, and that the world would never accept an independent Srpska.

DONi News Agency
According to: Reuters, Anti-War