mandag 13. mars 2017

The British House of Lords recognizes Crimea as historical part of Russia

Ten years ago, residents of the Crimean peninsula wanted to join the Russian Federation.

This was stated by the representative of the Conservative Party of Great Britain, member of the subcommittee of the House of Lords of the UK Parliament on the foreign policy of the European Union Richard Belf.
"I think that anti-Russian sanctions must be weakened, this definitely does not bring benefits to the EU countries. In general, very many countries should update their relations with their neighbors. In particular, we need a new understanding of the world order, fresh views are needed. It is necessary to improve the EU's relations with the UK, the EU and Russia," Belf believes.
He was also asked about the status of the Crimea.
"I believe that the Crimea is a historical part of Russia. I was in Ukraine several times, I was in the Crimea about 8-9 years ago, when it was still part of Ukraine. I was already struck by a huge number of people, including representatives of the leadership, who consider the Crimea part of the Russian Federation. Already almost ten years ago, the inhabitants of the peninsula said that they want to be part of the Russian state. After a while, Moscow realized this desire and returned the Crimea back. And although there are still opponents of the return of the Crimea on the peninsula, the prevailing majority still considers themselves to be citizens of Russia," the British politician noted.
At the same time, the British peer says that it was still too early to speak about the official recognition of the Russian status of the Crimea by London.
"It seems to me that in the next few years the UK will adhere to EU policy on this issue. To recognize the Crimea would be a very friendly decision, but it is necessary to look also at the interests of your country. It's too early to talk about this, "said Balf.
DONi News Agency