tirsdag 7. mars 2017

Tory Majority Could Be ‘Wiped Out’ as Police Send Electoral Files to CPS

There is considerable unease within the Conservative Party today after it was confirmed that the Police have sent files to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) this weekend after completing their investigations into claims that Tory MP’s broke the rules on election expenses at the 2015 general election. 

The investigation goes right to the very top of the party, including one of Theresa May’s closest aides, and initially involved enquiries into 24 results.

MP’s are accused of spending more money on their campaigns than legally allowed, with the South Thanet seat that UKIP Former Leader Nigel Farage narrowly lost being one of those under scrutiny.

Senior Conservatives are said to fear that in at least six of the seats, including South Thanet, there is a very real threat that the results could be declared void, forcing a rush of by-elections. They have also been told that it is likely that criminal prosecutions of certain individuals will follow.

Mr. Farage has long claimed that there were irregularities in the Thanet vote and has also indicated that he is likely to run again if there is a subsequent by-election.