mandag 13. mars 2017

Ukraine shelled 15 civilian houses in Stakhanov, LPR [TV Report]

The settlement of Stakhanov in the Lugansk People’s Republic toughed out a bad night. The Ukrainian artillery once again engaged fire on peaceful areas. Repair teams are liquidating consequences of the nightly shelling, while residents of Maiskaya Street recall the last night in terror.

Egor, during the shelling, was with his family at home. "At about 4 am we heard projectiles exploding. When dad woke me up, we ran to the shelter. Then dad went outside, he said, the neighbour’s fence and everything else is broken, we have to help him. We went out, performed a first aid", local boy said.

In Nasosny Alley, A large-calibre shell hit a private house’s yard. A blast wave destroyed the outbuildings. Overnight into 11 March dozens of residential houses were targeted.
"Fifteen houses and a gas pipeline were damaged. The shelling targeted the residential area. Purely by chance none of the civilians was harmed," said Alexander Mazeikin, the LPR People’s Militia press service’s chief.
When the bombing was over, OSCE representatives arrived to the shelled area. People mobbed the observers, demanding a fair assessment of the situation.

"Why? There’s nobody here – no soldiers, no weapons, just nothing. Come here, please, and explain. You interact with the Ukrainian side, why all this is happening? Why my children have to see this and suffer? Why did the shelling happened tonight? What are you doing here at night? Why there’re no changed after three years? What is the OSCE mission doing here?", a local woman asked.
"Make a human shield with your bodies, go there and I’ll let you in. Let them shoot you, and not my children. Why children have to shiver at night? Why are you doing nothing here? Get out of here!", she continued. 
The OSCE representatives went away, and people went home. Nobody knows what awaits the LPR residents this night.
DONi News Agency
OPLOT TV, 03/13/2017