mandag 6. mars 2017

Ukrainian Nazi's held torch-lit march in Lvov [Video]

Far-right activists alongside ultranationalist Azov battalion fighters have held a torch-lit march commemorating a Nazi collaborator and late leader of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, as well as contemporary “heroes” who lost their lives in Ukraine's civil war in Donbass. Event was reported by RT News.

The torchlight procession dubbed, “Remembering the heroes,” marched through the streets of the western Ukrainian city of Lvov late on Sunday. Chanting “Glory to nation – death to the enemies” and “glory to Ukraine,” the ultra-nationalist activists carried flags of the National Corps party alongside lit torches and flares.

The march culminated with a rally in front of the monument to the Fighters for Freedom of Ukraine. The crowd with lit flares read an “anthem of Ukrainian nationalist” to commemorate the WWII-era Nazi collaborator Roman Shukhevych, as well as contemporary “national heroes,” who have died in the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.

The Ukrainian National Corps party was set up in October last year on the basis of a civil platform for the Ukrainian extreme right movement, Azov Civil Corps. Many of its members are veteran militants of the Azov Battalion, one of the ultranationalist paramilitary units which were organized and incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard following the 2014 coup to pacify the rebellious Donetsk and Lugansk regions.
DONi News Agency