tirsdag 14. mars 2017

Ukrainian TV: Kiev forces shelling cities under their control [TV Report]

Ukrainian TV channel has revealed something what have been seen as total failure of the Ukrainian propaganda. In TV report came clear that Ukrainian armed forces (AFU) are shelling in Donbass also cities, which are under their control.

The Ukrainian TV report was made in Avdeyevka, near the contact line, controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The journalist told about consequences of the town’s bombardments.

But who are behind these attacks? Local Avdeyevka residents answered this question of Ukrainian journalists.
- What can we do if you don’t love Ukraine?
"What has it do to with it? Why should I love it? For the AFU (Ukrainian Armed Forces) shelling our cities?", resident of Avdeyevka said.
- So you think it is the AFU?
"Of course, you can ask anyone, anybody will tell you that it’s the AFU shells the town," he continued.
This video is now actively discussed in the social media. Users are convinced that this is a total failure of the Ukrainian propaganda.
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Video: OPLOT TV, 03/14/2017