onsdag 29. mars 2017

Yarosh demands to forbid entry for Ukrainians working in Russia

Until Ukraine returns Donbass and Crimea, Kiev must hold the connection with the Russian Federation only through intermediaries, stated the ex-head of The Right Sector, Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada deputy, Dmitry Yarosh in an interview with Krayina magazine, answering the question on the relations Ukraine should build with Russia.
"Before our territories are liberated, there should be no relations, in particular diplomatic ones. Connection should be kept via intermediaries," said the right-wing radical.
At that, in the publication it was noted that in Russia there were over two million Ukrainians.
"If the ‘migrant workers’ had a national pride, they would not go there. If you have some pride, then work in Ukraine or go to the West. We are not at war with the latter. Going to Russia is a collaboration," asserts Yarosh. "I would not let them come back.”
DONi News Agency