fredag 3. mars 2017

Zakharchenko: Ukraine shelled today OSCE and shot down their drone [Video]

The Head of Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, confirmed on Friday in the press conference, that the DPR Emergencies Ministry combat engineers and OSCE representatives came under Ukrainian shelling, and Kiev troops also shot down the OSCE drone over the Donetsk water plant. 

- As for today’s OSCE visit to the Donetsk water purification installation’s area, and the fact Ukraine shot down the OSCE drone. 

Zakharchenko: "Yes, the OSCE drone was shot down, and our combat engineers and the OSCE came under fire that was conducted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Well, let’s see what the OSCE report says."

- How many times has this visit been disrupted? 

Zakharchenko: "You know, it’s even difficult to count them. Judging by the four-day talks and by the fact Ukraine promised to provide security, we have agreed it about fifty times. I’m not even confident because I have lost count. And in general we don’t trust Ukraine regarding this, and I think this is only made to put a smoke-screen, and procrastinating takes place on purpose."

DONi News Agency
Video: DPR Ministry of Information, 3.3.2017