mandag 17. april 2017

300 NATO-equipped military instructors arrive at Mariupol and Gorlovka areas

The DPR reconnaissance has detected the redeployment of 300 foreign military instructors in Gorlovka and Mariopol areas, committed by the Ukrainian side, reports the DPR Operational Command’s Vice-Commander, Eduard Basurin. 
“The arrival of over 300 foreign military instructors, equipped and armed according to the NATO standards was recorded in the 'ATO' zone,” said the Command’s representative. 
He underlined that some of the foreign instructors were detected at the positions of the 25th separate airportable brigade near the city of Konstantinovka and in the 36th separate marine brigade’s dislocation area near the city of Mariupol. 

According to the Vice-Commander, there is a tendency among some European countries to send military instructors to Ukraine instead of sending real help like weapons and shells. 

In addition, according to the DPR reconnaissance, Kiev redeployed four artillery guns of 122 mm caliber and established three new artillery positions near Donetsk. 

Thus, in the villages of Yasnobrodovka and Netailovo of the occupied part of the Yasinovataya district to 14 and 10 km away from the front line, the reconnaissance detected two automatic weapons Gvozdika and two howitzers D-30. 
In the village of Georgievka, 7 km to the west from the capital, 122-mm towed howitzers were found. 

DONi News Agency