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Burning of people in Odessa

Angelina Siard sitt bilde.
Angelina Siard 
This is what the #US & co brought to Ukraine and have supported from the beginning.

Young Ukrainian killers prepare cocktails Molotov to burn people alive in the House of Trade Unions.
#Odessa #OdessaMassacre 02.05.2014.

Angelina Siard sitt bilde.

Angelina Siard sitt bilde.

Angelina Siard sitt bilde.

Published on May 6, 2014
02.05.14. Odessa, Ukraine.
Burning in Odessa, 02.05.14 - #2 - Nationalists prepare Molotov's cocktails.
Original video:
Captions: English

In video: Young girls prepare Molotov's cocktails that were used in street fights as well as to the burning of people.

#1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHSLO...
#3 - http://youtu.be/aXrbfjbqTsg
#4 - http://youtu.be/9pxCwUR8_qs
#5 - http://youtu.be/qfFsajINxYU
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#7 - http://youtu.be/yNEvb7LwqUQ
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#9 - http://youtu.be/cKf6N1OFUi8
#10 - http://youtu.be/6RYMlPkcTFA

In May, 2 Odessa city (Ukraine) faced with rude and aggressive confrontation between two antagonist groups. Ukrainian nationalists jointly with football fans "ultras", supporting the temporal government in Kiev, from one side and federalization supporters, defenders of big part Russian-speaking people's rights, who are actually against of existing government due to it's illegitimacy from another side of conflict. 

On the central streets the fights between these groups began (#1). Several people were shot or beaten to death.

In particular, nationalists prepared Molotov cocktailes (#2). 

After that nationalists went to the camp of federalists near the Trade Unions Building. The camp square was the point of peaceful meetings, usually many women and old men were on the square. People broke the central door of the nearest building and took cover inside (#3).

Nationalists entered into the building using the lateral entrance (#4). 
There are many facts pointing out the massacre inside the building (see #10).

Also, the building was burned by nationalists (#5).

People tried to escape from the fire on cornices and windows. Many people felt down. Moreover, nationalists beat people who ran from the building and even who felt from windows (#6).

Nationalists shoot to people that tried to save themselves (#7).

Evacuated people were beaten by nationalists (#8).

To be fair, other nationalists helped federalists to save their lifes. About 100 were led out from the building. They were hospitalized or arrested.
After firefighters extinguished the fire, nationalists returned into the building. They looked for documents of murdered and their contacts with another federalists (#9).

All these actions took place at indifference of officials. Moreover, Odessa governor endorsed actions of nationalists. 

In particular, officials came into the Trade Unions Building until the next day (#10). 
So, there was a lot of time to hide the evidence of massacre inside the building.

Finally, the death of 56 is confirmed, the fates of about 50 are not known. Survived federalists tell that the number of murdered could exceed 100. All murdered in the building, arrested are inhabitans of Odessa.

1. Girls speak in Russian and Ukrainian. Odessa is Russian-language town. The overwhelming of nationalists were not citizens of Odessa.

2. Note the skill of girls. This is not the first case when they make Molotov's cocktails.