fredag 14. april 2017

Howard Dean rails against Tulsi Gabbard for wanting peace in Syria (Video) 

Howard Dean's disgusting smears of Tulsi Gabbard who is calling for peace in Syria.
The liberal left attack on Tulsi Gabbard is ramping up. Her crime…wanting a proper investigation of the Idlib province chemical weapons attack before launching missiles on a sovereign nation, and possibly starting WW3.

Democrats are not happy with Gabbard’s thoughtful and logical stance, and want her removed from Congress.

Former US presidential candidate, and former DNC Chair, Howard Dean took to MSNBC to blast Gabbard for her unpatriotic comments.

This is coming from Dean, a military draft dodger, aimed at Gabbard, an Iraq war veteran.

Jimmy Dore blasts Dean in an epic video segment, perfectly calling out Howard Dean as the “warmongering jack off” he has become.