mandag 24. april 2017

Jihadists Mourn After Russia Bombs Their Favorite 'Underground Hospital' in Syria

Russia accused of war crimes after bombing a cave from the Bible

a 'hospital'
a 'hospital'
Russia successfully vaporized an Al Qaeda training camp in Idlib Province, Syria, earlier this week. 
This is of course completely unacceptable. 

Now the 'moderate rebels' have harnessed the power of Twitter to spread stories about Russia barrel-bombing Idlib cat sanctuaries. 

The latest allegation: Russia bombed an underground 'hospital', according to very unreliable sources. 

Elizabeth Tsurkov
Russian jets directly targeted the hospital in 'Abideen, southern Idlib. 3 of the doctors were reportedly killed, many injured.

The hospital was built 10 meters underground to protect it from strikes. Russia reportedly employed bunker busters to reach the hospital.

That's an interesting hospital design. To be honest it looks more like a network of terrorist tunnels, or an underground terror HQ. But we're sure that's just a strange coincidence. Twitter knows best. Especially pro-head chopper Twitter. 

Luckily there are still a few sane humans who use the internet. 


 Maybe cares to explain how a "underground bunker-hospital" comes with a window?

Two possible theories:
  1. This is an Al Qaeda bunker that got what it deserved.
  2. This is a UNESCO heritage site used by Al Qaeda that got what it deserved.