søndag 23. april 2017

Kiev blasts OSCE patrol to raise "armed mission" issue [Pics, Video 18+]

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (CMM) car’s being blasted by Kiev forces is a provocation aimed at raising the issue of an "armed international mission" introduction to Donbass.

For the record, according to a local military expert, the first on-site picture evidences that the destruction was most possibly caused by a controlled claymore mine. Thus, the preliminary information on another Ukrainian provocation seems to be proved.
"Assassination of the OSCE Mission’s car is an unprecedented step by Kiev’s armed formations, cynically violating the international observers’ immunity and flouting the international law. This provocation may well trigger a new round of the military confrontation, at which there are no more internationally recognized authorities," stated the LPR representative to the political subgroup, Rodion Miroshnik.
"This provocation clearly fits into Kiev's long-standing desire to introduce an armed international mission, to which LPR representatives unequivocally object. Having faced the lack of support for this initiative at the negotiating table, Kiev proceeded to provocations," highlighted the LPR representative.

Photo, Video materials provided by News-Front 
DONi News Agency