lørdag 1. april 2017

MUST WATCH: Professor Stephen Cohen explains in 5 minutes why RussiaGate is 100% fake news (Video) 

The American public is so stupid, has no agency, that Russian President Putin can manipulate them so easily during a US election.
Russiagate is falling apart and US lawmakers are scrambling to find any strand of evidence, however flimsy, that Russia interfered in the US election.

We even have “Little” Marco Rubio going in front of Congress to say he was hacked by Russia just yesterday. I was hacked by Russia 5 minutes ago. I am sure, you the reader, was also hacked by Russia these last few days as well.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is brave enough to have Professor Stephen Cohen, a real Russia expert fluent in the language, explain in a little over 5 minutes why the entire Russiagate witch hunt is 100% fake news. It is (as Cohen explains in the video below) insulting to the American electorate, irresponsible and very dangerous for the entire planet.

Cohen’s key point…
“This figure 17 [intelligence agencies] is bogus.”
“The one agency that could conceivably have done a forensic examination on the Democratic computers is the National Security Agency. We learned from Snowden, they’re in your computer, mine, our e-phones.”
“Everybody else who signed that report, said they were highly confident. The NSA said it was only moderately confident.”
“You don’t get married based on moderate confidence. You don’t go to war with Russia. You don’t stage this theater that’s going on in Washington, that could destroy a Presidency.”