søndag 2. april 2017

NATO Pilot Beaten in Swiss Restaurant after Boasting of Bombing Serbia in 1999
Friday, 31 March 2017


 Serbian media reported this weekend a British RAF pilot who took part in NATO's agreession against Serbia in 1999 was beaten in a Swiss restaurant while dining with a local politician in Zurich.

During the discussion the British RAF pilot boasted to the local politician that he took part of NATO's 72 day air campaign in which he bombed Serbian cities.

Unfortunately for him, a Serb identified by media as Rade S. was seated at a nearby table who overheard the conversation and approached the table of the British pilot. 

Rade S.

When Rade S. received confirmation again that he indeed bombed Serbia, an altercation occured which ended quite badly for the pilot. The Royal AirForce pilot ended up in the hospital with bloodied face.  

Rade S told the pilot "Next time you see your broken face in the mirror, you'll remember all the innocent Serb kids you killed".  

Serbian media reports Rade S. left Zurich after the incident.