onsdag 10. mai 2017

Amnesty International disapproves Ukrainian arrests for Soviet symbols’ demonstration

The organization on human rights, Amnesty International, strongly disapproved arrests of peaceful demonstrators, that took place during the celebration on May 9 in Ukraine, claiming that the government is to “provide the freedom of speech as well as freedom of peaceful meetings for all the citizens,” says the text of the statement, placed on the site of the organization’s Ukrainian department.
“The prohibition of the symbols, connected with the communist party and Soviet past is nothing more than violation of the right to freedom of expression, and the arrest of the peaceful demonstrators is a step towards freedom of speech limiting and peaceful meetings restriction on the part of the Ukrainian government,” believed in Amnesty International.
The rights defenders demanded to release all the prisoners.
“We also demand the effective and impartial investigation of all the violence cases, that took place during the demonstration,” underlined the organization’s representative.
On May 9, dozens of citizens were arrested in a number of Ukrainian cities, including Odessa and Dnieper (former Dnepropetrovsk), for communist symbols distribution. There were also clashes with radicals in Dnieper, which resulted in eight festive events’ participants being wounded.

On the eve of the Victory Day, the national police reported that the citizen of Odessa might be sentenced to five years in prison for Soviet symbols demonstration.
DONi News Agency