tirsdag 16. mai 2017

Call to action: Donetsk children's hospital needs your help to save lives [VIDEO]

Help save children's lives in Donetsk. The children's hospital pediatric needs a Holter Monitor, which is a necessity in diagnosing pediatric heart disease. 
The children of DPR will be able to get these tests done for free. The kids really need this and it will really help to save lives, calls american freelance journalist Patrick Lancaster.
"I have spoken with a incart.ru rep. The best option, from the doctors point of view, is the model KT-07-03(12) as it has 12 channels for a superior diagnoses of heart problems.
The KT-07-03(12) before a discount is priced at $4,700, on final invoice after hospital info is processed a discount of up to $704 is subtracted depending of how they assess the need of the hospital," Patrick Lancaster says.
"We have allready collected a little over half $2,500 thanks to 1,200 Euro from "Spendenaktionen für Novorossia" via Fränzi Konrad, and the rest donated directly to my humanitarian accounts," Lancaster said. 
"We need to get this done ASAP so the kids can start getting the help they need."

You can donate via credit card in the link below or via
 Paypal to address: helpvictimsukrainewar@gmail.com

And to Sberbank Russia Card number 4276 8801 9017 1656

All being donated will count towards our goal, please write a message: "Save Children's Lives in Donetsk Hospital"

All Donbass humanitarian missions by Patrick Lancaster are direct support for Donbass people and transparently documented in public media channels.
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