mandag 15. mai 2017

Europe has much to learn from Donbass – German journalist

Europe has much to learn from Donbass, said Manuel Ochsenreiter, director of the German Centre for Eurasian Studies, Editor-in-Chief of Zuerst magazine, at a meeting of the Russia-Donbass Committee in Donetsk.
"I believe that the problem of international recognition of Donbass is important not only here, but throughout Europe. I was here in 2014, and in 2015, and I realized that there were three important principles. The first one is direct participation of the people, direct democracy. This is the principle that does not exist in Germany, as the government is experiencing a real fear of the people's participation in these processes.
The second principle is the one of sovereignty. My country is not sovereign. My country is the largest airport for US aircraft.
The third principle is the desire of every person to participate in the process. It means struggle for the first two principles I've voiced.
My country deploys its soldiers to different parts of the world for them to be involved in conflicts, but does not send them to their own borders.
If these principles, of which I spoke, are even more enhanced, then Europe really needs to fear Donbass. And I would like to say that Germany should learn much from Donbass," said Ochsenreiter.
DONi News Agency