torsdag 4. mai 2017

LPR People's Militia neutralizes Ukrainian saboteurs squad [PHOTOS]

The servicemen of the LPR People's Militia have neutralized Ukraine’s reconnaissance and sabotage squad in the Debaltsevo area, the LPR People's Militia, Official Representative, Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko states. 
"Yesterday, Ukraine’s squad of four people attempted to cross the contact line discretely through forested areas. They were discovered by the watch post of the People’s Militia. In a short fire exchange three saboteurs were killed, one wounded and escaped,” said Andrei Marochko. 
Three rifles with silencers, TNT blocks, igniters were found on the site, as well as personal mobile phones with photos and videos proving that the saboteurs were instructed and taught to carry out terror acts.
DONi News Agency